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Monday Night Blog Brawl#1

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the most exciting show that has debuted on EWN since the EWN Championship. Welcome to Monday Night Blog Brawl. Ever since my latest blog being the EWN Championship where we saw TGO pull it out against some stiff competition, I have been thinking a lot about another creation. Well without further anticipation, welcome to the inaugural Monday Night Blog Brawl.
We start off the evening with a special guest who writes amazing blogs on the website; ComingToCinemas. He is the creator of #YYYTRR which is an amazing catch up for bloggers and readers wanting more gossip and news about the following Raw. While please welcome ComingToCinemas!

AB: Welcome!
SJ: Hiya, first off, I'm trying to drop the ComingToCinemas name. I'd love if people referred to me by my Twitter handle, SpringerAJ. Okay, the serious bit is over lol.
AB: Okay, everyone introducing SpringerAJ!
AB: First off, why do you write Raw Reviews?
SJ:The reason I write YYYTRR is very simple and a combination of two things. I've been a huge WWE fan since 1998 and have shown no signs of going as far as moderating my indulgence of the product (the only real time I boycotted the product was in 2006, through the John Cena vs. Edge storyline (I did eventually catch up), once TNA started to really interest me - I then stopped watching TNA in 2010 after Hogan and Bischoff decided to kill what I loved about TNA until recently). the second reason I write YYYTRR is related to my degree. I want to write for a living (I do hope to be paid at some point, if my audience would be willing), and my niche is WWE. I like to think I know a great deal about the history of WWE, and I find that writing a blog on their flagship show is a great way to get my writing "addiction" out there.
AB: A love that could not die; while are you planning to write other blogs instead of #YYYTRR in the future?
As far as writing other blogs, I wish I could say that I have plans to expand my writing to other aspects of pro-wrestling. Sadly, working takes up a lot of time for me lately. I have looked into writing specialist blogs on things such as the resurgence of British wrestling and independent promotions such as RoH (I'm not a regular viewer of RoH, but the emergence of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan does make me well aware that RoH is a very important promotion in regards to the future of pro-wrestling) and Chikara (I have been known to YouTube Chikara clips for their comedy value alone). I am known to take suggestions on smaller blogs which I could write from my readers, however.
AB: Are you planning to join Night of Bloggers this September?
I've never actually heard of Night of Bloggers, but it sounds like something I'd be willing to give a go. I'm looking for exposure, and it could be a great stepping stone, and a lot of fun.

Assassin Blade: While I would like to thank my guest SpringerAJ for being on the show and a huge props to him for coming out weekly to give his thoughts on the following Raw Review, as I am looking for the upcoming #YYYTRR in the future.

Next: Blade's Experience (Summerslam Match Card 2013)
Later: Interview with EWN Champion

Blade's Experience: Welcome back to the show ladies and gentlemen. As we all know by now, I have decided to put Blade's Experience in the Monday Night Blog Brawl so it is more suitable and easier for the readers to catch up to my weekly Blade's Experience. It is a topic that everyone has been talking about, so I will make my own match card, Summerslam 2013!

Summerslam 2013
Staples Arena
25,000 Packed Audience

1) Free For All: The Shield vs Mark Henry and Uso's: This is a free for all match for both the U.S Titles and Tag Team Championship. Henry is looking for redemption after he was triple power-bombed by those three man;Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Telling you the truth, Henry and Uso's will lose with either Uso's being pinned, the bigger question is if it means Henry is a full pledged Face or his devious loss will lead him to attack one of the Uso's?
Winners: The Shield
Duration Time: 15 Minutes

2) Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston: A match where Ziggler wants Double payback on A.J and Langston. The match has back and fourths with Ziggler coming back with Zig Zag!
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Duration Time: 15 Minutes

3) Bray Wyatt vs Kane: Redemption! Kane is is looking for redemption against Bray Watt after falling victim to the devious team and comes back fully blown to fight. Match ends with a distraction of Luke Harper letting Wyatt win the match.
Winner: Bray Wyatt
Duration Time: 10 Minutes

*** Miz Hypes up Summerslam ***

4) I.C Title Match: R.V.D vs Curtis Axel: Curtis Axel needs an opponent in which he can grow and mold into a superstar. A former "Heyman Guy" steps up to the plate and takes on the champion. R.VD indeed wins the champion with Heyman trying to distract the ref but instead costing his own superstar to lose!
Winner: R.V.D (New I.C Champion)
Duration Time: 15 Minutes

5) Big Show vs Ryback: A monstrous proportion goes into effective as Ryback tries to trade blows with Show. The monster maniac with the meat hook knocks Show out and wins solidifying himself the new monster of the WWE.

6) MITB Contract on the line: Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes: Rhodes could off went to super-stardom but his former friend had other plans winning the briefcase and beating the young superstar and his dreams and it happens a second time with a heel move!
Winner: Damien Sandow
Duration Time: 10 Minutes

7) Randy Orton vs Sheamus: The match was planned on for Summerslam according to EWN. This match could still have the possibility of happening with Sheamus wanting a fight with Orton. Orton comes out victorious.
Winner: Randy Orton
Duration Time: 20 Minutes

8) Filler Match: Christian vs Jack Swagger: Swagger pledges for a real america and Christian wants to show him the real america with bright lights and earning your spot in the WWE!
Winner: Christian
Duration Time: 5 Minutes

9) WHC Championship: ADR(c) vs Rey M.: Rey is back and wants the WHC. ADR has different plans and shows Rey that he has to earn his spot back with Rey using his arsenal with no prevail.
Winner: ADR
Duration Time: 15 Minutes

10) WWE Championship: John Cena(c) vs Danial Bryan: Bryan has earned the shot to vs the champion and has earned victorious props from superstars in the back to win the match but the heart and determination of John Cena would not let it happen.
Winner: John Cena
Duration Time: 30 Minutes
*Wait... Bryan is furious and wants to become WWE Champion. He uses his arsenal against the my favorite arsenal with Orton picking the opportunity to cash in and win the WWE Championship.
Winner: Randy Orton (New WWE Championship)
Duration Time: 5 Minutes
*Orton and Bryan have a stare down as it hints something to come.

Pre Show Match: A.J Lee vs Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn looks for revenge against her former friend but A.J prevails.
Winner: A.J Lee
Duration Time: 10 Minutes

Night of Champions Lead Ups:
Dean Ambrose(c) vs Mark Henry
WWE Championship: Randy Orton(c) vs John Cena vs Danial Bryan
Jack Swagger vs Rey M.
ADR vs Christian or Sheamus
(Other card for Monday Night Blog Brawl #2)

Next... Assassin Blade's Vignette
Later... TGO Championship Speech

Commercial: On the next Monday Night Blog Brawl, TGO will have a non title match against ???

Assassin Blade: Welcome back to Monday Night Blog Brawl. My name might be echoed in the halls of history as one of the best bloggers in the industry. Well where credit is due, I am that damn good. Why am I out here you ask? While I have an open challenge for any bloggers to take me on next week on Monday Night Blog Brawl!

Next.. TheGreatOne Championship Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the EWN Champion TheGreatOne.

1) What are your emotion winning the EWN Championship?
TGO: It is an honor to be the first EWN champion. It just feel right knowing the best was crowned as the first. The prestige of the championship will be more than any title in wrestling after I hold it longer than CM Punk held the WWE title.

2) You are the EWN Champion, any words for upcoming challengers?
"Best me if you can, Survive if I let you"-Taz

3) Speaking of upcoming challengers any challenger in mind?
simply want to face the best. No one really comes to mind other than myself!

Thank you TGO for the excellent interview and time for being the EWN Champion. For any upcoming challenger, TheGreatOne is waiting.

While ladies and gentlemen, that is our show. Thank you for reading and please join me in the next Monday Night Blog Brawl #2.

Monday Night Blog Brawl #2:
Challengers for TheGreatOne
Vignette with Assassin Blade
Blade's Experience
Night Of Champions 2013

Assassin Blade would like to thank TGO and AJSpringer for the inaugural edition of Monday Night Blog Brawl.

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  1. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Ladies and Gentlemen, this was an segment that I wanted to add in the EWN Monday Night Blog Brawls. Here is TheGreatOne exclusive speech about winning the EWN Championship.

    1 great man once said, to be the MAN, you gotta beat the MAN! That man was talking about me, WOOOOO!! I beat everyone Blade put up against me. You had everything from 1 competitor voting against himself. You had another creating multiple accounts and to vote for himself. He still couldn't beat me. The other wasn't even competition for me. This EWN championship makes me what I am, the absolute best! Sure, I get criticized for being predictable such as saying what is true, John Cena is the superstar of the past decade. What do you want from me? If I was asked a question about the best of all-time in baseball, do you want me to give a name other than Babe Ruth? I'm not going to choose some guy who never main evented a single WM and proclaim him the best superstar of the decade. When I say something, their is no blind hate or love affair I have with some wrestler we are talking about. I'm not going to color some fantasy picture that isn't there. I'm telling you like it is, the way I see it. You don't like the way I see it, too damn bad because the plan is to be the only EWN champion. Which means, I won't be beaten. Days go by, challengers fall, championship prestige rises. You don't like like predictable blogs, I plan on giving predictable results. That is the cycles folks, so you had better get used to it!! By the time this reign is over(I retire), "We are the champions" song will have been changed to "TheGreatOne is the champion!!"TheGreatOne era has begun with no worthy challengers. I'm the EWN champion!! Jealous? STAY JEALOUS!!" -TheGreatOne

  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I am a bit confused... Are you trying to make this a Blog Wars series or are you just playing "Be the Booker" by using the blog page rather than the interactive page on the forums?
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    Man, I can't follow these things for shit
  4. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    That was total garbage.
  5. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    This was dissapointing i excepted better

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