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Monday Night Blog Brawl #2

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Monday Night Blog Brawl. Last week, we saw countless vignettes from yours truly and TheGreatOne speech. This week will be another swerve as it will be a dedication to Video games and WHC. While fasten your seat belts as the #1 show for the fans, from a fan, and forever for fans will begin momentarily. Welcome to Monday Night Blog Brawl #2.

Blade's Experience:
Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Blade's Experience. In this week edition, I will be blogging about the retirement of the WHC. This topic has been on my mind lately for one reason; the lackluster matches the championship has been given us, the WWE universe. Secondly, the belt is not respected as it used to be. Do not give me that crap that it is because Alberto Del Rio is champion, the reason for the lackluster bull is that creative does not have enough time to invest to the belt and they push it to the side for mid-carders to have. WWE this is not a game of hot potato, it is the WHC with a hundred year history in the NWA, WCW, and WWE.
The question remaining is what should be done with the belt that legends such as Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, The Undertaker, and The Rock have held. While WWE I am giving you a storyline which should not be forgotten and if captivate by the WWE fans can send the WHC to the sunset after a rich history and prestigious holders of the WHC. It will begin at WWE Summerslam where John Cena and Danial Bryan battle their assess off to climb to the top and win the WWE Championship. Cena wins the match and Bryan gets pissed and does a post match attack on the champion. After, Orton picks the right spot and cashes in the MITB contract. Randy Orton is crowned the new WWE Champion and remains supreme with the championship. When the Royal Rumble 2014 is set in motion, WWE allows the WWE Champion Randy Orton enter the fray; in which he wins. Randy Orton who does not want to wait until Wrestlemania 30 cashes in his right for the championship on now champion Cody Rhodes and wins the WHC. Orton becomes the unified Champion and to set in motion a battle royale in which Cena wins would determine the contender for the Unified Championship.
Wrestlemania is looming closer and closer as weeks go by. As we reach the pinnacle of sports entertainment, John Cena and Randy Orton battle it out for the championship in a 30 minute main event. John Cena wins and becomes the unified champion and is the has a proper send off for the WHC which was had classic battles between countless superstars but Wrestlemania 30 would be the night to let the championship ride away in the sunset.
Now; competition gets stiffer as there is only one World Championship. The next night on Raw, we see the future arise in such names as Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Danial Bryan. One remaining question on the minds of the WWE universe, is if the Cena/Orton rivalry is over?

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Main Event: Vignette from Assassin Blade

Blade's Vault:
Wrestling games were an addiction to WWE fans around the world that gave joy and fast paced against right on your PS2 and PSP. I have promised this for a long time, in the first edition of Blade's Vault, I will explore my personal favorite game: Smackdown vs Raw 2006. Words cannot express what I feel about this game, even my profile picture could not explain the excitement that I had about Smackdown vs Raw 2006. Back then, WWE was at it's greatest stage since the Attitude Era with a Smackdown vs Raw rivalry going on for a battle of brand supremacy made this game awesome. It came out for two of the best Sony systems Ps2 and PSP. When the video game was sold to the fans, I was always a fan of the Slobberknocker match. It was an amazing match where I would spend hours upon hours playing with either Batista or John Cena. Another amazing feature of the game was Title Matches. Smackdown vs Raw 2006 was the first game that let you the fan decide the factor of championship inside the game such as the WWE and WHC Championship. It was amazing joyride giving a superstar such as Paul London or Scotty 2 Hotty the WHC championship.
The game also had an amazing season mode which I played mutiple times for brand supremacy. It was a scary thing hearing the Undertakers music in the games as you no that you must press your triangle button; so you could run from the 299 pounder from Death Valley. It also brought out a dream that anyone not matter size, race, ethnicity could live a dream being a WWE superstar.
Smackdown vs Raw 2006 brought the realization of how the WWE used to be. It was an fun and fascinating time which saw amazing superstars being brought up in the WWE and a time in WWE which saw classic matches in the ring and outside in Smackdown vs Raw. Blade's Vault rates this a classic game that everyone should play, go ahead play SVR 2006!

Blade's Vault: 10/10

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The Vignette:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the halls of the greatest blogger alive, Assassin Blade. For past weeks, I have offered a challenge to any blogger that wants to vs me at Blog Brawl. While I have not gotten a challenger, so I am opening challenge to the EWN Champion; TheGreatOne for the EWN Championship next Monday Night. While, hope readers and bloggers could be there. Follow the best!

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  1. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Ok concept, horrible execution. This blog is trying to do too much & it comes across as a jumbled mess.
  2. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    I picture you doing this on the set of the old Merv Griffin Show! Just horrible all around.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    Just do the thing where 2 people blog against each other, that was amusing. Everything else is just boring filler.

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