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The Saratski

My absurdly early Wrestlmania 30 card.

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WM 29 was good in my opinion. However I thought it was catered to the newest and oldest wrestlers in the business. Those in the middle kinda got lost in the mix. WWE will need and want to pull out all the stops for WM 30 and I believe they will. I will leave out the belts as that is too difficult to predict who will have them let alone who will win them. As far as the matches go, here are my predictions.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Brothers
I would love to see this match. I am a big fan of both trios. However the Shield has not been wrestling much these days in three on three matches. Usually they are getting split up somehow. The Wyatt brothers have lots of potential but still have a lot to prove being so new. The only problem I see here is you have two heel teams fighting each other. But the Shield attacks pretty much anybody so this still works for me.
Winner = Shield

CM Punk vs HHH

Yes its true that everybody wants to see Punk vs Stone Cold here. But I think Stone Cold with his age and injuries would not want to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all. And HHH needs to inject himself in WM30 somehow and I see this as the best solution. I also see this as having the potential for being a great match.
Winner = Punk

Big E Langston vs Ryback

I feel these two would match up well together. We have seen enough of the Big Show and Mark Henry. Time to let some other larger wrestlers shine at wrestlemania.
Winner = Ryback

John Cena vs Who Cares

At this point in Cena's career, who is left for him to wrestle that we haven't already been there seen that? Please don't bring back the Rock for another boring match vs Cena. Maybe they do Cena vs the Undertaker but I think that will go another direction.
Winner = Who cares?

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

This match has been building up for years. Brock and Undertaker have wrestled before and put on a fantastic match. This should be a Hell in a Cell Match. The Undertaker is getting old and beat up. And his WM matches are always predictable. But this will happen anyways.
Winner = Undertaker (as usual)

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

I am a big fan of both these wrestlers. Both of them are hard workers and put on consistently great matches. This could be a falls count anywhere match.
Winner = Ziggler

Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

Two more hard workers in the ring going at it. I believe these two wrestlers would match up well against each other. This match could steal the night if the buildup is done right. This should be a submission match.
Winner = Bryan

Damien Sandow vs Wade Barrett

This could be a very interesting match. In my opinion Wade Barrett has been misused lately and deserves a bigger push. A win at wrestlemania would put him back on track. However Sandow has been getting a big push lately so this one is difficult to predict.
Winner = Barrett

Fandango vs RVD
Here is another match that could steal the show. But I just don't see Fandango winning twice in a row this early in his career. Perhaps make this a ladder match?
Winner = RVD

Some Divas Match (who cares)

I see the Bella Twins and AJ Lee being involved somehow. Maybe a three on three match of some sort. Maybe if the match and buildup is any good it will be great filler for a pre show.

There you have it folks. I know I left plenty of wrestlers off the card (Ortin, Jericho, Axel, Rhodes, Christian, etc...). But when you have a wrestlemania as stacked as this with TEN huge matches, that will make up for who is not going to be on the card. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Don't put 'who cares' in your match listings and expect positive feedback.
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Epic Fail you dumb dipstick
  3. Dayle234's Avatar
    Pre-show? Motives? Storylines? Chronological order? Heck, the most important mention, championships?! Nearly every listed match is pointless and would achieve nothing, especially with the lack of theoretical build. All seems thrown together with minimal thought and reasoning.

    Sheamus is a boring character IMO so seeing him at WM, likely as it is, would definitely be my piss break. Same applies to Del Rio.

    "Cena vs Who Cares" sums up the blog. The fact that the only thing Cena has changed in the past eight years is the colour of his shirt makes me hate his character just as much as the next guy. Nor am I a fan of his in-ring ability. However, stick him in a match with the right opponent and the guy has been known to have some good, if not great, matches. Take his fairly recent bout against Punk, for example; the one where Punk delivered the 'dreaded' piledriver. The match lasted nearly 30 minutes and proved that if the right opponent is there, the guy can pull it off. That's all he needs for WM is the perfect opponent to carry the match and your pathetic "Who cares" becomes "Wow, surprise match of the night!"

    Finally, the other "Who cares" in terms of the divas division. People like yourself are the reason this once-fantastic division is failing. It's not given the chance. Look at the recent Kaitlyn and AJ feud; it was good! Some good matches and AJ's promos were really gripping. Yet idiots like yourself still treat these segments as piss breaks. All this division needs is a chance and a little encouragement to become what it once was. But if people won't take the chance, WWE won't offer it.

    All in all, ridiculous blog.
  4. Veer's Avatar
    Man this card is bad, most of the matches we have already seen, are not even wrestle mania material. I did a WM30 card sometime back and after posting it i realized myself that it was not upto the WM mark, you really have to put a lot of thought into a card, so guys do give your cards a read at least twice or thrice before posting!!!
  5. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Awful card
  6. Funaki's Avatar
    This has got the be the worst Wrestlemania of all time. You're talking about the 30th Wrestlemania and you simply put vs "who cares" ? Where is randy orton?

    If Austin and Rock are returning, this should be the card

    Steve Austin vs CM Punk

    The Rock vs Randy Orton

    John Cena vs The UnderTaker

    Chris Jericho/Christian vs The Shield vs Wyatt Family (Tag Team Titles)

    Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Title)

    Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus

    RVD vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Alberto Del Rio ( WHC Title )

    I have no idea where to put HHH, Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show and Ryback on the card. I also don't see Orton vs Rock happening but would love to see it. I'd take Orton vs Lesnar too.
  7. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Hey with this sort of quality card you may get picked up by Bischoff.
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