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The Great(?) White Hype – Dissecting Sheamus

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Note: I hope people like titles that reference obscure movies, cause that mission is a go.

I’m about to delve into the world of increasingly unpopular opinion; I like Sheamus. I do. I think he’s pretty good. Not great, not face of your company worthy, but good. Unfortunately he, with a little help from creative, has been digging a hole that will become increasing hard for him to claw himself out of. He’s walking a path that’s more likely to lead to irrelevance than stardom. And if he ever hopes to maintain that spot as a top star, some changes will have to be made.

The men and women behind the scenes at WWE obviously believe they have something with Sheamus. He meets nearly all the requirements of a top star. He’s got the size (6’4, 267 lbs), he’s solid in the ring, he can talk, he can be effective as a face or heel, he’s good looking (yes, that matters), and he’s willing to do the rounds on the press circuit. He’s what you would get if HHH and Cena had an Irish baby. He has it all. So why does it feel like his stock is dropping by the day?

Let’s start with the positives and look at Sheamus’s most underappreciated quality; he’s one hell of a physical worker. I mean he hits dudes hard. And he’s had a number of diamond in the rough matches. The problem is he’s fallen into that John Cena category of last guy to get credit if a match is good and first one to get blamed if it’s a clunker. But let’s break both guys down. Cena will always be the guy who meets an opponent at their level. If you’re a good worker, the match will be good, if not, it won’t. He’ll never be able to elevate talent with his in ring work but he’s better then people like to say. As for Sheamus, he needs a certain type of opponent in order to shine. He needs a guy who is willing and able to give as good as he gets (and yes, I know how that sentence comes across). He needs a hard hitter. A Barrett, or Cesaro, or Bryan. If he’s facing a guy like Fandango (who I generally like), whose strikes are pretty garbage, the match will accentuate that.

So now the negatives. They are seemingly vast in number and range from nit picky to legitimate gripes. The more troubling issues tend to stem from the very nature of the character and what it represents.

Part of the problem is the fact that Sheamus has, in fact, turned into the Irish Cena. He’s a guy who likes to crack wise before telling you that it’s time to cut the crap and come to blows. He’s a guy who can play the serious card well, but never utilizes it to the degree that he should. The smile is just a little too big a little too often. Plus, he’s become (with all due respect to Bray Wyatt) the eater of mid carders. Heads up for anyone holding the IC or US titles, you should prepare to have a bad time.

Here’s the thing about Cena, while he’s had his share of detractors for a long time, his heat has always been relative to the strength of his stardom. That is to say, as the pops have increased in volume, so too have the boos. Part of the reason Cena is hated so vehemently by some is because he is loved so passionately by others. Sheamus has his share of fans, but how many of them are loyal to a fault? His crowd reactions as of late have ranged from lethargic to passively hostile. He doesn’t get the Cena heat, but he doesn’t get the Cena pop either.

Maybe he’s just too straight laced, too built around the traditional WWE philosophies. Maybe his push up the card is viewed as being forced instead of organic. Maybe fans just don’t want to see a top star that was born outside the US. Perhaps his Irish accent is a turn off to fans that miss the days of the all American Hulk Hogan and the Texas bred Stone Cold Steve Austin. Maybe fans think the WWE missed the boat by not having him managed by Hornswoggle [jokes].

Whatever the problem, it’s too early to write Sheamus off as being another example of unrealized potential. Granted, father time is bearing down on him (he’s 35), but it’s not too late to teach this Irish lad new tricks. Let’s see him show that fire, that passion. Maybe lead the newest incarnation of Evolution with another veteran. Whatever he ends up doing, let’s hope it proves successful. I, for one, am holding out hope that the best has yet to come.

Thank you for Reading. Feel free to leave praise, constructive feedback, or troll. If you're going to troll though, please have some style.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I think people are like me, find him boring, and find his jokes terrible. I have enjoyed some things during Sheamus face run such as Big Show/Sheamus and his finisher getting banned. I have no reason to dislike him, I like him. I just find him boring. Heel turn would be cool....I really enjoyed it when him and Cena used to go at it.
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    If anyone other than Orton needs new life, its Sheamus. Im not giving up on him (like im starting to with Del Rio). There HAS to be something there to go with. He looks like nobody else on the roster now or ever for that matter, he has charisma, he is a pretty decent worker, he takes some stiff bumps and he can cut a promo. Theres no reason this guy should not be a bigger deal than he is. Ever since the babyface turn, its been the same thing over and over and I think the biggest reason why people are having issues, is that he never loses. Not just the champs but EVERYONE has been losing to Sheamus since WM28 until DB beat him. The extent of his angles too are, essentially, im going to beat ya fella. Theres no other dimension. But if they can crack the code, Sheamus will be just fine. Personally, and im sure the IWC will gasp in unison, I think in a bout a month or two when The Sheild becomes completely stale and sheamus is on life support, id go that route.
  3. Joker's Avatar
    I like Sheamus. The Smarks don't. His run started as a heel and after he turned face I can't see him going back for a long time. He is like Cena now. He's kid friendly and that's a role the WWE wants for people like him, Cena, Kofi, etc.

    I think he's in a position now to work with mid carders, have big pay per view matches, giving time for others like Bryan, Ziggler and Del Rio to have those title shots. His turn will come again.

    Don't look for a heel turn any time soon.
  4. stynesy's Avatar
    Really enjoyed the blog as I feel it gave a really balanced approach to the Sheamus issues that people have.

    I've always been a big Sheamo fan and love his work ethic. As a heel, he could put on his crazy face while brogue kicking you, but as a face it is tough to do.

    But is being an Irish Cena a bad thing? You need people to fill certain roles in the company and I think Sheamus is excellent in the Cena/positive P.R. capacity.

    But I'm also certain that we'd love to see him in another Jamie Noble moment!

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