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Booking the Best Possible Summerslam

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Hey everyone, this will be my personal/realistic booking of WWE summerslam 2013. In my opinion wwe has potential to put on an excellent ppv that could end up being the ppv of the year. I'm basing the card off recent storylines, online rumors and what the fans would like to see. Since Jericho is taking time off to tour with fozzy he will be left off the card.


Triple Threat Match for the Divas Title: AJ Lee (c) vs Kaitlyn vs Layla
Layla turns on kaitlyn and gets inserted into the divas title picture. In the end AJ Lee wins after kaitlyn spears layla and lee steals the pin. Unfortunately I see this match being on the preshow due to time constraints and more important matches.
Winner: AJ lee

The Main Show

1) Singles Match for the WHC MITB Briefcase: Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes
This match could steal the show if given 10-15 minutes. Rhodes is super over with the crowd and I actually see sandow losing the case to Rhodes. WWE is in need of credible babyfaces to challenge del rio for the whc now that ziggler is out of the title scene. Cody will win clean and capture the briefcase in the opening contest of the ppv
Winner: Cody Rhodes

2) 6 Man Tag Team Match (Winner Takes All): The Shield (c) vs Mark Henry and the Usos
I was skeptical at first of the Henry face turn but so far its working at pretty well. Simple tag match here that will have a hot finish with the Shield retaining all their titles and entering Night of champions with all the gold.
Winners: The Shield

3) Singles Match: Ryback vs Big Show
With news that Big show is returning on Raw I cant see him being left off wwe's secong biggest show of the year. Also with Jericho taking some time off, Ryback needs an opponent. Not much of a storyline here, just two guys who need a match at Summerslam. Ryback MUST go over cleanly to get back on track, and what better way than shellshocking the worlds largest athlete in the middle of the ring for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Ryback

4) Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston
Not a big fan of this feud to be perfectly honest but we'll see where it goes. I would much rather see Dolph in the world title picture but what's done is done. Anyway given 10 minutes they can put on a decent showing. I see ziggy keeping is momentum and rolling up big e for the win.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

5) Singles Match: Bray Wyatt (w/ Luke Harper and Erik Rowan) vs Kane

I'm absolutely loving the Wyatt Family and their subliminal messages towards the big red machine. I'm really interested in watching Bray's in ring style and ability. As far as the finish goes Bray should decisively get the win to solidify himself and his "brothers" as major threats in the WWE.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

6) Fatal 4 Way Match for the WHC: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs RVD vs Christian vs Sheamus
On raw, Brad Maddox announces a triple threat #1 contenders match for the whc between Rvd, Christian and Sheamus. During the match the wyatt family runs interference which results in a no contest. All three competitors are furious that their chance at ADR's title is gone. Maddox asserts that while none of them won the #1 contenders match, none of them lost either. Therefore, Maddox makes a fatal 4 way match at Summerslam. Given 15 minutes this match could be awesome with everyone hitting their. In the end ADR retains after making captain charisma tap.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

7) Unsanctioned Match: Cm Punk vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)
Holy shit am I hyped for this match! And based on what we saw on raw it makes me believe that a stipulation will be put into place. Seeing that this feud is so personal I hope an unsanctioned match in announced for the first time since HBK/Y2J in 2008. I'm really torn on how this match will end and who will emerge victorious but im gonna go with punk. Then Brock will win at HIAC in a HIAC match and there will be a rubber match at Survivor series.
Winner: CM Punk

8) Singles Match for the WWE Title: John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan
I haven't been this excited for a match since punk/cena fom mitb 2011 which ended up exceeding my expectations. These guys can definitely put on a 5 star classic if given 25-30 minutes. I really hope the bellas don't play a big role in the feud or match itself. It's unnecessary. As far as the finish goes I would have Bryan make Cena tap out cleanly and win the wwe title. But wait! Randy Orton's music hits and he's cashing in. Orton hits the rko but D-bry kicks out and eventually locks in the yes lock forcing orton to tap out. This would solidify Daniel Bryan as a top guy in the company by beating orton and cena in one night for the wwe title. It also sets up a triple threat match at the next PPV for the wwe title.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

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  1. Josh Shepard's Avatar
    I really like your card and your builds here. The only one I would disagree with would be the Cena/Bryan match. I would love to see Bryan win here, but I wonder if it is too soon for Cena to drop the belt. Considering how many combined reigns Cena has to his name, I don't see him getting too many more, so the bookers might be looking to have him keep the belt for longer periods to prevent Cena from reaching twenty reigns or more.

    But that's just me. It would suck to give Bryan this incredible push just to stonewall him, but I wouldn't put it past the WWE.

    All in all, I really like what you have here, especially your use of Maddox and the Wyatt Family in the WHC build.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like everything except for the WHC match.
  3. Anthony_Eckman's Avatar
    Basically everything will happen like this. I like Ryback and Big Show but that only works if Big Show returns as a face obviously. I actually do like your WHC match. I don't think the buildup will happen like that, I just think it will be like last year at Over the Limit when Randy Orton and Jericho just got pushed into the WHC match with Sheamus and Del Rio to make it more interesting.
  4. dashkatae's Avatar
    I like everything except I would have Daniel Bryan win the WWE title, get props from Cena and then have Cena head towards the back. Suddenly Randy Orton comes into the ring from out of no where, hits the RKO, cashes in and pins Bryan. Cena tries to run in to stop Orton but it's too late, Randy wins the title.
    With that scenario, you instantly turn Orton heel since Bryan is one of the most over guys right now. And it leaves you open to have Cena turn heel down the road if need be. Have Bryan chase the title for the next few months and eventually win it decisively.
  5. AWyatt's Avatar
    I'm a huge D Bryan fan, however, I see him beating Cena cleanly only to get screwed by Orton. This would immediately cause a heel turn. I like Orton too, so wouldn't be bad in my eyes.
    Can you imagine the reaction from the crowd when Orton comes to the ring, the boos!
    Daniel Bryan will eventually pick up the title after cashing Orton.
  6. grundel69's Avatar
    Pretty accurate, except I think it's going to be a singles match RVD versus Alberto del Rio for the world heavyweight title. And I actually think Kane is going to join up with the Wyatt's And maybe he will wrestle Sheamus
  7. CMRyder's Avatar
    I think you're right on! Only match I'm not sure about is Ryback vs. The Big Show and honestly hope it doesn't happen. I hate they screwed up Ziggler by taking him out of the title picture. And the World tittle match ending, no, just no. Get Del Rio out of here already. Have Christian pull surprise win.

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