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My view: Raw 1000 Flashback

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A year ago, Raw 1000 aired. So? It is time to give a year in review. Review Raw 1000 a year later. Why a year later? Everyone else did so last year. Point is to look back at the big episode, talk about the feuds it led to, and to look at the progress WWE has made since this point. So I'm calling this blog Raw 1000 is the review:

*I summarized it as much as I could. Bolded the wrestlers involved in every segment to help you out if you didn't want to read it all.

It started off with Vince thanking fans and announcing 1000 episodes of Raw. Introducing DX!! Only HHH/HBK came out like usual reunion shows in the past. Most people including myself was hoping for something different especially for the 1000 episode. We wanted the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac to join the crew as DX reunion happened. Wasn't there more of us? DX music hit as fans erupted!! We got "Ladies & Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages!! D-Generation X, proudly bring to you is the former WWE tag team champions of the world!! The Road Dogg Jesse James, The Badass Billy Gunn....the New Age Outlaws!! HBK/Billy Gunn argued over who would get to say the line, if you arn't down with that we got 2 words for ya, but Damien Sandow interrupted. Sandow received a sweet chin music along with a pedigree after a DX huddle up.

6 man tag, Jericho, Del Rio, and Ziggler vs Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio. Ziggler/Jericho combination didn't work out well. Ziggler attacked Jericho and Jericho received a brogue kick by Sheamus for the victory. Only intensified Jericho/Ziggler rivalry going into their Summerslam match. Del Rio vs Sheamus for the world title happened yet again, but I found that boring just like I find both characters boring. However, I did enjoy it when Otunga got involved trying to ban the brogue kick. AJ was backstage brushing her getting ready to get married. Layla asked her if she was sure about going through with this? She said why does everyone keep asking me that and why do people keep saying she is mentally unstable. Just look at the Raw lockerroom. See humorous segments with Hacksaw, R-Truth, and Mae Young along with her hand all grown up. Best part of that segment obviously was Mae Young with the hand. LOL!

Clay vs Swagger in a 10 second match. That along with the return of Dude Love. Cool to see Dude getting some love after all these years of absense. HHH and Trish yoga session in the back to find some humor after their segment years back when Steph walked in when Trish was taught wrestling holds. DX walked in this time laughing. I was beginning to think at this point, how many times will HHH be on Raw 1000 with his Brock Lesnar challenge still to come?

Next came the wedding of AJ/Daniel Bryan. Of all the weddings that have happened in the WWE. I believe only one has went well which of course was at Summerslam 91 when Macho Man/Elizabeth tied the knot. You knew and were waiting for something to happen. Slick was the master of to see him back. She answered with YES to the question before Slick could announce them husband and wife, she announced she said yes to someone else. Vince's music hits as fans go nuts. We know the history of Vince and Divas. To my surprise, it was a business proposal. It was to be the new Raw GM as AJ skips her way to the back as the new Raw GM screaming YES! YES! YES! Fans join in as Daniel Bryan screams NO! They also had WWE Universe vote if she should go through with it and they voted no like 77% of the vote.

Daniel Bryan didn't leave the ring as CM Punk's music hits. We all know the history between AJ/Punk which ended not too long before this episode. The Rock comes out afterward. The reason he is out there is to state he will be challenging whoever is the WWE champion at the Royal Rumble this year. Punk claims he will still be WWE champion come the Royal Rumble. Face to face Rock/Punk Daniel Bryan screams NO! Rock says he is sorry about what happened with the wedding situation, but he did bring him a gift. Daniel Bryan receives a Rock bottom. Built a entertaining feud between Punk/Rock. Daniel Bryan/wedding started the great anger management stuff which was some of the best segments we have seen in years. Ended up teaming with Kane forming Team Hell No!

Bret Hart ring announcer for this match for the IC title: Christian(C) vs Miz. HORRIBLE!! Miz wins only to have a short reign that didn't help get him back to main event level after all those losses. Miz lost the title to Kofi. Both including Christian had a forgettable IC title reign. I was wanting Ryback to take the title off the Miz at Survivor Series or Hell in a Cell. Instead, gets pushed to main event way too soon. Loses every ppv up til just Sunday's MITB ppv. I liked the use of Bret Hart making the match seem meaningful. Disappointing when you look back on it.

HHH comes out demanding Brock come out and accept his challenge at Summerslam. Get Heyman instead as he refuses to accept the challenge. Makes it a bit personal talking about HHH's kids. Stephanie comes out and slaps him. Eventually accepts the match only for Lesnar to come out. Didn't have much physically which was expected knowing we will have to wait and see that at Summerslam. Led to the big bout at Summerslam obviously with HHH losing to Lesnar only to cry on TV and announce his retirement. Only to come out of it after Lesnar F5s HHHs old man and he unretires as expected to announce yet another rematch for Mania. HHH won of course.

Heath Slater challenge any WWE legend to accept a match vs him. Lita accepts along with help of APA beat the crap out of him as fans go nuts along with other legends in the middle of the ring who he faced in recent weeks. Some expected bigger things from Slater after him being put against all those legends. He does have his own group now called the 3MB, but they lose like every week. I enjoyed seeing old guys return to Monday Night Raw for 1 match vs Heath Slater. 1 of my fav things back a year ago of Raw. Raw is a helluva lot better today than it was a year ago if you ask me.

Kane vs Jinder Mahal turned into a bunch of jobbers coming out with Mahal. Unfortunately, Taker made his return as well. Brothers of Destruction destroyed everything in their path. Only thing missing was Paul Bearer who did miss for some reason. I forget what it was. However, my favorite segment of the show was seeing these two monsters back as a team. Did nothing for storyline purposes, but it was cool segment with them finally back together as a team.

The main event: CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE title!! Big Shows involvement attacking Cena while ref is down. Punk pins him and Cena still kicks out. Reverses GTS into a STF only to be attacked once again by the Big Show. Match ends in DQ and Cena is the first to cash in not to win the world/WWE title. Show continued to attack Cena while Punk watched from a far. The Rock stuck his nose in and gave Big Show a spinebuster. Only for CM Punk to clothesline The Rock to everyones surprise. Punk's heel turn which gave a lot of enjoyable shots at the Rock during promos following this. Also causing a rivalry with Jerry Lawler. Let me state this, I hate anymore when announcers get involved in storylines. STAY at the announcers desk....stop holding back young talent!!

Overall to be honest, Raw 1000 really didn't live up to its bill if you ask me. The wedding lasted about 5 minutes, DX segment was a love/joke fest til Sandow came out until the expected beat down. I didn't even know the IC title would be defended on the show nor did I believe any of those matches were booked besides the WWE title match which ended up as a joke involving the Big Show. Big Show is one of the most boring character on WWE for years always looking for something to do. Same goes for Kane. They always find something to do whether it be in the tag division or something stupid. Half the time, you don't even know they are still around. I expected the wedding to last longer than it did. Which was around say 5 minutes and Rock's return....ugh!! I'm challenging for the WWE title at Royal Rumble....bye!! HHH/Lesnar, not that great especially with Stephanie involvement I didn't like. So, it was memorable, but mediocre as well. Leaving some disappointment in your mouth after watching it.

What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with how I feel about Raw 1000? What did you think of Raw 1000? Did it live up to the hype? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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    well written but a bit pointless. Get what you tried to do though

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