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The Impact:7/18/13

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Ladies and Gentleman( and children of all ages), welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!!Last we witnessed a free pay-per-view on Thursday so it leads me to call it a free- per- view. If you haven't seen Destination X yet or haven't seen the spoiler I advise you to top reading.

Opening Promo: We had Bully Ray demanding to see his wife and Brooke comes to the ring. They argue about Brooke wanting to end the marriage and then Hulk comes out and says it's all over between them and they walk out.
Okay Promo:4 out of 10 Stars
Aftermath: I think this may be leading to a Hulk vs Bully match sometime in the future.

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode
Pretty good match up, Roode and Aries competed for Bound For Glory points.Aries won with a brainbuster.
Pretty Good:7 out of 10 stars
Prediction: I don't see either of these men winning the BFG Series. But I do see them maybe becoming a tag team.

Homicide vs Sonjay Dutt vs Petey Williams:
I think, as most Impact fans do, that the new X divison concept is a joke. I mean really come on triple threat every match and weight limits. Ok match with Sonjay Dutt winning.
Bathroom Break Match:2 out of 10 stars

Manik vs Kenny King vs Chavo
We saw a Free-per-view premiere of Manik, aka Sucicide. Saw alot of back and forth of course, but Manik won with an awesome gut buster and pinned King.
Going out on a limb:7 out of 10

Main Event Mafia Mayham:
A promo was cut in the ring by Sting's "family". Bottom line they go backstage after Aces and Eights. Mafia members are locked in a room and Kurt is thrown into a truck.
Good Moments:6 out of 10

Rubix vs Greg ? vs Rockstar Spud
Haven't heard of 'em don't worry. Rubix may be known better as Jigsaw and guess who crossed the line into TNA, Trent Barretta. I think Trent did alot better in one match of TNA then all of his matches in WWE. He picks up his first win in pro wrestling in a while.
Good:6 out of 10

Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray
I don't know what happened. Don't get me wrong I sort of like Sabin but I would rather have people like James Storm or Angle as given a shot. Ok anyway pretty good match then the ref gets knocked. Out comes Aces and Eights and you get the trademarked hammer. Bully goes to strike the kid and Chris blocks it taking the hammer from him and striking the bad man. Chris Sabin, New Champ
Oh, why not:8 out of 10

What I hope will happen: Now what I want to see as the aftermath not a 100% this will happen. I hope we see Mr. Anderson get a shot at Sabin's title. Anderson is in my top 5 fav in TNA right now and I hope he becomes the new champ. If he does I think 3 things could happen.
1.Mr. Anderson leaves Aces and Eights and becomes Face
2.Mr. Anderson is elected the new President of Aces and Eights
3.Aces and Eights crumble when the team is split between Bully and Ken.

Which Was Better This Week Raw or Impact: Raw, gotta hand it to RVD vs Y2J. Is Brad Maddox the new Mike Adamle???

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  1. sgtcyborg's Avatar
    I don't normally watch t-n-a since it seems to m
    e as half assed WCW writing mixed with the ramblings of a mad man since the hogans came in. but I kinda liked the thurs. night show. even though it had its predictable outcomes and otherwise nonsense( I will elaborate in a moment) I still thought it was a step in recovery...which as anyone with 1% of a brain knows they haven't done well lately. my only problem was the above mentioned predictableness

    starting segment: bully calls out brooke... they could have gone so many routes to help end the show like a nut shot or something like a kiss to distract but they went with big hulk showing up before little broke says two words to bully
    you gane it: 4/10 I kinda have to go with 2/10 cause she coulda been more of an insert rather than eye candy
    aftermath: I hope Hogan stays the hell outta the ring, but he won't ,so sadly your prolly right

    Austin Aries-vs- Rick Roode: the match was predictable frome the start cause even after teamind with A.A. Roode still said "fluke" and he lost to the exact same move
    score you 7/10 me 5/10 I believe it woulda been nice to see a ref downed the Roode beat Aries with a chair and force a tap for +10 pts. cause he's already a heel why not give him a dirty win against the guy who beat him 1 year ago?
    prediction: your right here they will both fall to the wayside and rejoin their tag team ambitions
    all 3 x divisions were a joke cause it was not only horrible to ruin purity but super stupid to show guys no one cares about wining
    score overall: you 15/30 me 1/30 the fans deserve better than all 3 of these matches point blank
    M.E.M/A&8'S segment: dude this was a drop the ball and lose super bowl moment and I don't watch football
    score: you 6/10 me 0/10 the better way to do this was to make the "mafia" stay their ground and let Angle to go back alone only to be ambushed as he entered the curtin and when the rest of the mafia wen to help the got locked inside a stadium freezer while watching curt being carried to the truck from the tiny window
    Bully Ray -vs- Chris Sabin: good turn the tables match but not good for writing. here's why, how did both A&8'S get out of the backroom and why did they let M.E.M. out as well. the ref allowed the apparent destruction of all protection for nothing. the ref got knocked out and the crews didn't cause/brawld the whole time...not till Anderson passed a hammer to Bully who convienatly lost it to Sabing then kick him back and pick him up fore a power bomb forgetting he had the hammer. then the ref magically wakes up and dose a fast 1,2,3
    score:8/10 me 5/10 only cause if they had done the fake out lock up moments prior instead of 30 mins. before hand it would have been more exciting of an outcome...think about it A&8'S come out and trip and trick the ref while bully and others beat on Sabin then the mafia comes out as the ref is knocked out so Sting and C.O. not only beat on A&8 but bully too then bully finds the hammer misses. Sabin hits the finisher but the ref misses the 3 count as Sabin tries to wake the ref bully finds the hammer only to have it used against him and get pinned as the groggy ref dose a slow 1---2--3
    I won't go into the future cause though I am a fan the hogans have made me stop watching

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