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Is It Wrong For Fans To DESPISE John Cena?

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The following blog is a response to a column here on ewrestlingnews. It is titled "WWE's John Cena And Why He Deserves More Respect" which I will summarize quickly with the following quote down below.


A man of great integrity, passion, dedication and a love for the sport he became accustomed to at an early age. His road to WWE and during the courses of nature, he became the face of the company. To which many disregarded him as someone who couldn’t handle being the top dog. A lot of criticism came his way and never did he give up.

It is more than just a saying on a t-shirt, but a way of life. This is why John Cena is and should be to everyone as one of the most respected men in the entire industry for many years to come. Is he a great wrestler like a HBK, CM Punk, or Daniel Bryan? No. Is John Cena a man who I would put a wrestling corporation the head of? Absolutely. At the end of the day, wrestling is all about business.I'm not the biggest Cena supporter. He is number-nine on my list of favorite superstars, which includes TNA and WWE. There have been times I hated Cena and others, in which I supported him to the heavens. Whatever the case may be, Cena sells out crowds, sells merchandise, loves the business and is the business.

Like it or hate it, John Cena is sports entertainment.

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In general, he feels John Cena should be more respected by fans. Before I delve into this blog, I want to make two things clear. First off, I don't hate John Cena. I respect the man outside of the ring. I believe he has a heart of gold and is a great role model for children. I will also concede and say he contributes handsomely to the business through merchandise sells and many other venues. When he needs to have a good match, he always delivers. Cena deserves all the respect he fans he has and all the admiration that goes along with it. Now, let's take a look at some definitions of respect:

"Willingness to show consideration or appreciation."
"The state of being regarded with honor or esteem."
"A feeling of appreciative, often courteous regard."

After reading all of these pretty accurate descriptions of the word Respect, you'll notice that all of them at no point refer to having to "like" someone. It simply means to give credit where credit is due. Should fans give credit to John Cena for contributing to the business? Absolutely. Should fans respect Cena for his positive effect on our children nowadays? Absolutely. Should fans respect the heart of gold Cena has? Absolutely.

Does this mean fans have to LIKE Cena? Absolutely ... NOT!

This is where the dilemma comes in with John Cena. Although he may be a great person outside the ring, as a ON SCREEN TV persona, it's an entirely different story. From this fan's perspective, the John Cena character is one of the blandest, stalest, repetitively predictable and boring promo producing wrestlers we have today. Yes, he may be a good hearted human being in real life -- and that's great -- but him outside of the ring is the LEAST of my concern. What I care about is his ON SCREEN wrestling persona and, quite frankly, it is one of the worst things about the WWE for me.

At this point in time, I've heard all the arguments and read every single attempt to get fans to "respect" Cena. Let's be real. Cena has respect. 90% of the fans that boo him on a regular basis are very aware of his contributions to the business and his media attention. Most of them, I guarantee you, are thankful for it. Does that mean they have to say he's the greatest of all time, or ONE of the greatest of all time? No. That just means what it means. Thank you Cena for the media coverage and getting my children to watch wrestling. Unfortunately, for some Cena defenders (not all but a lot) that isn't enough. They don't just want fans to respect Cena, they want fans to love and adore Cena like he was a Stone Cold or The Rock. They want him to get that rockstar reception he used to have as the Doctor of Thuganomics. What's funny is, they hardly ever talk about his ON SCREEN persona to back up their argument, they always seem to use the business side of things. They say he sells merchandise, does make-a-wish, does Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Awareness, Talk Shows, Movies, and all kinds of positive stuff for the wrestling. Do they talk about how awesomely hilarious his promo was last monday? Oh wait .... it wasn't. Do they talk about that spectacular match he had with the Rock at Wrestlemania? Oh wait ... wasn't really that spectacular was it? His matches with CM Punk are great though .... and the rest were decent. What about all those memorable 13 world titles runs he's had? Cause I remember all of -- actually I remember some of ... okay, I only remember two out of the thirteen.

Don't get me wrong. Again. Can Cena have a five star match? Yes. Can he cut a great promo if he wants to? Yes. Do I quote on quote "respect" him for what he does? YOU BETCHA! Does that mean I have to LIKE Cena necessarily? No. Guess what? I don't like him. I haven't liked him since 2007 and I still don't like him now. Does that make me a Cena hater? In terms of his TV persona, probably. All I know is, he is not my cup of tea and I literally get tons of pleasure seeing him get his ass beat ... when he's suppose to be a "good" guy and this guy the WWE universe LOVES and admires, according to WWE. Obviously something is amiss and I don't think I'm at fault here.

Wrestling fans will always have their opinions, just like John Cena will always have his fans. You think he's a legend? Fine. Fact is, Cena is one of the top things I cannot stand about WWE today. Sure, he puts on a great match from time to time and when he does, he gets props from me. Other than that, the very sound of his music makes me roll my eyes and I always end up telling myself, "Here we go again ... " And if other fans feel this way, why should they pretend they don't? As a regular viewer, spending hours of my life watching your product, if I don't like something you do, I am entitled to talk about the things I DON'T like as much as the things I DO like. Comes with the territory of being in the entertainment business.

Now, is it all necessarily Cena's fault why fans don't like his TV persona? No, I think most of the blame falls on WWE for propping him up as this Godsend from the heavens and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. It falls on the shoulders of Michael Cole who constantly praises him and claims him to be the best damn thing walking God's green earth. Sorry, I'm not buying into that statement just yet. The more people continue to play him up as the greatest of all time, the more I'm contempt to despise his guts. Whether WWE knows it or not, they are soiling the name of Cena by overplaying him as something he is not. The fact that he is a 13 time world champion is ridiculous enough, but the fact that he's been portrayed to be better than people like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, HBK, HHH, and many other legends? That's a slap in the face to the sport of professional wrestling.

In conclusion, there is absolutely, positively, NOTHING wrong with despising John Cena .... as an on screen character. The purpose of a TV character, especially a LEAD character, is to make a connection with the audience watching and get them invested into their daily struggles and routines of a show. If Cena isn't doing that and, like me, you're sitting on your hands during most of his matches, rolling your eyes at his promos, and waiting for that CM Punk promo -- don't lie to yourself and pretend you like it cause Cena is "good for the business" or is a "good person in real life." Be honest. Say you don't like him, but you respect him. That's absolutely fine! What isn't fine are Cena defenders condemning Cena Haters for not liking him, just like it's even as stupid for Cena haters to condemn Cena Defenders for liking him. So what if the majority of the audience doesn't like Cena? Oh well, that's just how it is. Unless Cena changes something up to their liking, get use to it. Cena gets enough respect as it is. Sadly enough, the man in real life is not the TV character, and all the aspects of his TV character lead to one conclusion for me ....

Cena sucks. End of story.

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  1. TimfromRangerObserver's Avatar
    I like Cena as a person. I just don't like the character/gimmick/wrestler that WWE has him portraying post Wrestlemania 21.
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