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TNA: Pro's & Con's recently

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This year, I've seen some good PRO'S & bad Con's that TNA has made this year. I'll start with the Con's first.

1. Picking up on the X-Division this late in the year. The X-Division always deserves spotlight, and not by the same few guys like Kenny King ( decent but not a top-3 guy in the division in my opinion), Manic (get rid of this bum), and off-and-on Aries.
2. Getting rid of Matt Morgan. Matt Morgan's character and in-ring ability is better than Bully Ray's, my opinion thou. Morgan would have been a way better powerhouse heavyweight champion than Bully Ray. TNA needs a real giant in their heavyweight division, and with Abyss not getting used I don't think they'll have one anytime soon.
3. Not using the T.V. title often. I know the title has been a joke but TNA needs a mid-card division. If TNA developed a mid-card division and used the T.V. title 1-2 weeks, than guys like terry.jpgRob Terry, Chavo, Eric Young ( this guy used to be very good and has potential), Jay Bradley,Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, and Ace's & 8's guys would get used while sitting on the sideline to the heavyweight division.

1. TNA's tag team division has never been better. I know none of the tag teams are no Beer, Money, Inc. But Bad Influence is a good tag team that'll grow on you. Gunner & Storm is decent, their character's match each other. Chavo & Hernadez are good, but Hernadez should be wrestling in the heavyweight division by now. Rude & Aries are probably the biggest hitters right now B/C they are great single wrestlers by themselves.

2. MMagnus.jpgagnus. I'm a fan fav. of Magnus now. TNA is finally developing a talent that hasn't won the heavyweight title yet. I see Magnus as TNA's future heavyweight champion face, and a centerpiece to the company.

3. AJAJ.jpg Styles turning heel, or mixed ( whatever you want to call his actions). I think by AJ Styles new look and heel , he'll last longer in the company. Most great wrestlers has turned heel at one point.

: Just a couple today.

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  1. realwrestling's Avatar
    The x-division needs to stay cruiserweight only. get some quality tag teams from gutcheck and bring back generation me please!!!!!
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I think you need to watch some more film of TNA to see what it once was before claiming something has "never been better", but you don't have a "horrible" list on the Cons.

    (1) I thought the X Division was going strong until Zema lost the belt to RVD @ BFG ‘12. Once this happened, mixed with the announcement of the Destination X PPV no longer existing, it killed a bit of momentum going into 2013 for the Division. We saw them work on it here and there by adding the 3 on 3 stipulation and bringing some older guys back randomly, but they just started highlighting it this late in the year, which is sad. With all the time between PPVs, the King/Ion/York match from Lockdown could have had more build, but I give them credit for at least having a storyline for Sabin/King going into Slammiversary.

    (2) Matt Morgan asked for his release so I wouldn’t say TNA “got rid of him” as much as they “failed to use him enough” when he was there. Yes, the WHC needs more powerhouse, but I am not going to fault TNA when a talent requests their leave, nor am I going to fault Morgan if he chooses to pursue a chance at WWE.

    (3) The TV title should have been used more; I agree. It seemed like they forgot about the weekly defenses almost immediately and once Devon got it back, it’s time was limited. I am glad they dropped it and hope that they create a new Mid-Card title so that people can drop the stigma of the belt being “Booker T’s Toy” that seemed to follow it. Hopefully, the first owner of that title will be EY and they drop Rob Terry’s contract. The guy has the size and while he’s shown improvement (and character) since breaking away from Robbie E, he just isn’t someone I’d pay to see in a WHC match.

    As for your pro’s list;

    (1) This was a bad choice on your part. Yes, I love the team of Dirty Heels and Bad Influence, but the Tag champions won at Slammiversary, had a 6 man match with Sabin, lost to the Bad Influence (granted it was a BFG Series qualifier), then beat a newly founded team. I remember when it was a shock to not see MCMGs or Beer Money featured on a weekly episode of Impact. Stories were built and centered around LAX vs. Styles/Daniels. If this is what you’d call the best in TNA Tag Team Division history, you need to watch more film.

    (2) Magnus has been refreshing thus far. I enjoyed his work in MagnaJoe and he has improved since day one with the British Invasion. I can see him becoming the face of TNA and it would be a solid note to have him there as some of the greatest TNA fans are from Europe. This is a pro I totally agree with.

    (3) This heel AJ character is getting more traction with me than any of his others. He has been a heel when he was with Plumtree, Tomko, and Flair so this isn’t his first round as a heel. This is, however, the first time I am seeing him as a stand-alone heel. I like how they are now separating him from the Crow Sting by making his gimmick of “No One” focused on winning for himself and nothing else (where as Sting’s was about retaking the company). I loved the promo with him talking about Heroes and if TNA/Styles were smart, they’d make this a center focus for his current character.

    All in all, I say good effort on the blog. I think you have some good info on your list, but I can also see some things I do not agree with, but I think this wasn’t intentional and is more of a reflection on you not knowing the entire TNA history or inner workings of the company; I won’t fault you on this because we as fans all started somewhere, right?
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