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Kyle Fitta

Thoughts on Money in the Bank 2013

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For you information: This was posted before Raw. It just took a long time to be approved. I might do a Raw report too, but if I don't, I'll just say it was one of the best Raws ever.

Smackdown Money in the Bank:

When I first saw this match on paper, I thought it would never work because it would end up turning someone babyface. I thought that they should have added one popular babyface, so that the fans would root on the babyface to overcome the odds. I never thought that they would use this match to turn someone into a great babyface because of phenomenal booking. It was evident that they wanted to turn Cody Rhodes babyface, and I don't think they could scripted out a better reaction than what he received from the crowd.

The story telling was just brilliant. Rhodes was designed to look like the hardest worker and accordingly deserved to win the most. Due to his flashy offense and determined effort to win, the fans made him their favorite. But right when he was about to win, his former partner Damien Sandow, who did almost nothing in the match, pushed Rhodes off the ladder and retrieved the MITB briefcase. From this, Rhodes turned into a flashy and hard working sympathetic babyface, while Sandow added more sleaze to his heel persona. Terrific booking, which could lead to a fun feud over the MITB briefcase.

The match had other great moments as well. Even though the execution was not perfect, I thought this had several inventive spots. It also had a good amount of false-finishes, as I thought for sure Dean Ambrose and Wade Barrett were going to win at one point. That, was what made the match very interesting. Going in, everyone had a realistic shot of winning, and it felt as if everyone had a chance of winning at some point or another. And most of all, the match just kept constantly moving.

The Miz vs. Curtis Axel/ AJ vs Katlyn/ Ryback vs Chris Jericho:

Granted, I worked 12 hours 11am-11pm last night, but during these matches, I was falling in and out of sleep. I did re-watch them, though. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel was fine from a fundamental standpoint, but it severally lacked intensity, heat, charisma, and anything that would make you believe actual humans were actually fighting/wrestling. It felt too rehearsed, and that is one of my biggest pet-peeves in wrestling. I hate when it's way too obvious wrestlers are working together, in contrast to against each other. AJ and Katyln couldn't top their previous match. And Chris Jericho vs. Ryback was decent, but Ryback showed a lot of his green colors during it.

World Heavyweight Title Contest:

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio worked hard, but a terrible finish screwed them over. They had a lot of back and forth action and believable near-falls, along with a strong dose of intensity and urgency. The only thing that was missing from it was a climaxing sequence. The detrimental finish replaced the ending sequence. I understand that they want to extend this feud. However, not only did the finish hinder something that was on the peak of being great, it was also very stupid.

Speaking of stupid, Ziggler's character development as a babyface has been nothing but. Yet again, WWE disremembered what made Ziggler popular in the first place. It was his hard work in the ring; his natural athletic ability demonstrated in a showoff fashion, and his malicious bumps and capability to harvest empathy by way of selling.

WWE Title Match:

Mark Henry is doing the best work of his career by putting it all together in the ring, on the microphone, and with his gimmick. His hoax retirement single handedly made this one of the most anticipated matches of the year. I mean the crowd was electric and on their feet before the bell even rang. Henry's initial facial expression of determination foreshadowed exactly what he was throughout this entire match. The announce team did an effective job tell everyone the ongoing story that was being told in the ring, adding more concern that Cena could not deliver the Attitude Adjustment to Mark Henry.

After all the anticipation on whether or not he executed the Attitude Adjustment, Cena finally delivered it. Many expected that to be the foregone conclusion, but Henry kicked out. That twisted the story from "Can Cena deliver the AA?" to "What does Cena have to do now?". The only thing I disliked about the "Can Cena deliver the AA" story is everybody knows he can since he's done it before. Yet again, WWE ignores pieces of their history to do what they want to do. They should have added in a dose of psychology by having Mark Henry severely injure Cena's back on Raw instead of being lazy. This was a very fun match up, though.

All-Star Money in the Bank:

I liked how the wrestlers were hesitant in the early going because they didn’t want to make a cautious mistake, and that they attacked RVD at first because of the reaction he received from the crowd. However, there was a long period where the match became repetitive. There would be two people in the ring, one would try to go up, and the other would pull him off. Without question, the Road Agents definitely put together the Smackdown MITB better.

Other than that repetitive spot happening too many times, this was very fun and good. RVD and Daniel Bryan had an excelling showing. RVD and Orton executed a great spot for the finish. The best moment of the show was when Paul Heyman screaming at a knocked out Curtis Axel. It was so purposely over the top. Besides, it led to a big angle happening. That being when Heyman turned on his longtime friend CM Punk by slamming the ladder into him when he was about to win. And before he rammed the ladder right into Punk's face, Punk's “Why, Paul, why” and Heyman’s “I’m going to kill you” malicious facial expressions were both an outstanding visual.

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  1. Tribe's Avatar
    Not the best PPV but Not the worst either ... for me the win's of the night was Randy Orton winning and Paul Heyman turning on CM Punk.

    Low point of the night - Seeing Del Rio retain his belt cause of AJ (Who is getting very very annoying).

    Good Blog ....
  2. Jay Danger's Avatar
    I agree with just about everything. Great blog!
  3. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    The WWE officials (a/k/a Vince and Triple H) are simply not as high on Dolph Ziggler as the IWC is. That's why his title reign was so short lived. I like Ziggler, but he has to learn to sell himself as a face a little better. He will not be winning the title back for quite some time. He will be feuding with Big E for awhile, while Del Rio gets to deal with the Sandow/Rhodes issue. Maybe somewhere down the line if Sandow wins the title, we'll see a Ziggler vs Sandow feud for the World Championship. But that's far off.

    I liked this pay-per-view. I guessed wrong on both Money in the Bank matches regarding who would win, but I like both winners. Hopefully an Orton heel turn is coming, because that seems to happen a lot with the winners of these matches. And while I'm a big Mark Henry fan, we all knew he wasn't beating Cena, just like Ryback wasn't beating Cena. I think Daniel Bryan will be the one to do it. But sorry, IWC, it will not result in a Cena heel turn, which will not ever happen (or at least not for a few years).

    Thanx for taking the time to come up with this well written blog.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Thank you for capturing almost everything I felt about this PPV. Been upset at those calling it great and those calling it terrible. I can't love any PPV when three of the seven matches were boring. It's actually a big shame that the Smackdown MITB match was so good because it made it even clearer how average the Raw MITB match was.

    It was strange how little interaction there was between guys. I mean there's six of them in there but once the match got going you almost never saw more than two at a time. I really was interested in seeing all the guys go up against one another in quick succession but instead it was 1 v. 1, one guy wins, tries to climb ladder, different guy comes in and takes him out.
  5. daveyrichards's Avatar
    I allways find it funny that none of the champions just got themselves DQed or counted out when someone is cashing in on them. I would love to see that. Big build-up to SummerSlam, face vs face match in form of DB vs Cena, injured and weakened Cena winning once again, huge pop for Orton (okay, maybe huge pop for the briefcase) and that determined look on never backing down SuperCena, pumped up Orton, and when they ring that bell.... Cena would just get outa the ring and be all like CANT SEE ME, CYA SUCKA! Now that would be something Id love to see!

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