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My Summerslam Card

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So if you read my blogs on this fabulous website you know I predominately do a Raw Hits and Misses blog every week and a Be the Booker blog for every PPV. I am going to start to incorporate a new blog now. After every PPV I will make the next card for the upcoming one. I'm not going to make any dream matches or anything but instead I will put matches that are rumored to take place and matches that have storylines going. Enjoy.


WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat Match: AJ Lee (C) (With Big E. Langston) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla

There are rumors that the reason Layla has been placed in this feud with AJ and Kaitlyn is for her to turn heel. So since the AJ-Kaitlyn feud seems like it will still go on for a little while longer I think they should add Layla to the mix. Just to give it a fresh feel and so we don't see another singles match. The only reason this is on the pre-show is because my main card is star studded. I see AJ winning this and retaining the title after Kaitlyn spears Layla and AJ just dumps Kaitlyn out of the ring.

Winner: AJ Lee to retain the Divas Championship

Main Card

1. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

So if you watched, followed live results, or just looked up the results to Money in the Bank you would know that Sandow turned on Rhodes to win the Money in the Bank briefcase for himself. I thought that that would happen, not Sandow winning but turning on Rhodes, to turn Rhodes face and feud with Sandow over the summer. I think this could be a pretty good feud if it gets enough hype time. I see Sandow beating his former tag partner just to gain momentum until he cashes in his World Title chance.

Damien Sandow by pinfall

2. The Shield (C) vs. Christian and The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles and United States Title

I wanted to make this two different matches but I thought having 9 matches on the main card would be a little too much. Since Christian came back he has had a mini feud with Dean Ambrose and this match was rumored for a singles match at Summerslam. The Shield were rumored to face Kane and The Undertaker here but Undertaker seems like he won't go because of injury. The Usos and The Shield had a very good match at Money in the Bank and even stopped them from interfering in the World Title Money in the Bank match which makes me think they will get one more title shot. I don't see The Shield dropping their titles anytime soon so I believe Dean Ambrose will get the pinfall victory over Christian after his diving DDT.

Winners: The Shield to retain the United States and Tag Team Titles

3. Rob Van Dam vs. Sheamus

I followed the live results of Money in the Bank over on and their PPV column specialist said how RVD and Sheamus were fighting each other a lot and could start a feud. I said, "Why the hell not? I'd watch that match." So I added it to the card. I also added it because I believe RVD should be on the next PPV after just returning. I think RVD will most likely win with a Five Star Frog Splash in this contest.

Winner: RVD by pinfall

4. Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (With Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

When the Wyatts made their debut last week on Raw everybody wondered who they would target. They eventually beat on Kane to take him out of Money in the Bank. I believe the only reason they did this was to make this match at Summerslam. If it won't take place then why have Kane pulled from the match at Money in the Bank? Hopefully when Kane comes back from his "injury" he reverts back to the Big Red Monster and not a comedy character. This will probably be Bray Wyatt's debut match in my eyes and I don't see him losing it. I predict Bray Wyatt will win after interference by Harper and Rowan.

Winner: Bray Wyatt by pinfall

5. Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E. Langston (With AJ Lee)

Again, if you know what happened at Money in the Bank you know AJ cost Dolph the World Title against Alberto Del Rio. I knew that would happen just to make Dolph turn 100% face by dumping AJ. I see him going off on AJ and Big E. being AJ's bodyguard deliver the Big Ending to Dolph thus setting up this match. Oh by the way, this match is rumored for Summerslam. I see Ziggler winning this match after delivering a Zig Zag too Big E. so he can gain momentum when he returns to the World Title scene.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

6. Alberto Del Rio (C) vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title

Now this match is just off the top of my head. With me putting Dolph vs. Big E. I had to come up with a challanger for Del Rio. Rey Mysterio is set to return by Summerslam so I thought why not him? These two have history together and put on decent enough matches. Basically I see Mysterio being the transitional opponent for Del Rio so he can drop the belt back to Dolph at Night of Champions. So I predict that Del Rio will win with the Cross Arm Breaker.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Title

7. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (With Paul Heyman)

Everybody knows this match is happening. Thank god it is too. Now my belief was that Brock Lesnar would cost CM Punk the Money in the Bank briefcase, not Paul Heyman. What a twist though. It's like Dolph Ziggler how he is a face and will be breaking off of AJ, now CM Punk as the face will be breaking off from the heel Paul Heyman for good. I thought about putting this match on last but I believe the WWE Title match is better. Now for this one, I see CM Punk winning. Not that I don't think Lesnar shouldn't be built up as a monster and continue to win matches, it's just that Punk seems like he will win and stick it too Paul Heyman. Punk will win after not one, but two GTS's.

Winner: CM Punk by pinfall

8. John Cena (C) vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title

Time to make Cena look like a million bucks Bryan. This match is heavily rumored for Summerslam and will probably be confirmed in the upcoming weeks. It's also rumored that a lot of writers and creative staff are pulling for Daniel Bryan to win the title. And that is exactly my prediction. Daniel Bryan will win the WWE Championship with the No!/Yes! Lock. The reason I predict this is because of one reason: Randy Orton. With Randy Orton winning the WWE Title Money in the Bank briefcase my belief is that he will turn heel when he cashes in. Now which do you think would get him the biggest heel reaction? Cashing in on Cena or Bryan? In my opinion I think the crowd would love to see Orton take the title of Cena and cheer him for it. But if he takes it off Bryan, they will hate him. I don't think they should jump the gun and have him cash in right after this match, but maybe after Cena-Bryan II at Night of Champions.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by submission to become the new WWE Champion.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this prediction card and the outcomes I made for it. Comment below where you think I messed up, succeded, or what you think will happen.

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  1. MikeyA's Avatar
    I like all of these and these are all realistic except one thiƱg. Cena will never tap out. That would mean cena has to lose cleanly. And if you take away cena's loss to the rock at wm28 when was the last time cena lost cleanly. And dont say sheamus first wwe title win In a Tables match cause if you remember he accidentally fell off. Wwe doesnt like to make anyone look better than cena.
  2. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I agree with Mikey that Cena will never tap out. While he might lose the title, a tap out on his part destroys the entire Super Cena concept, which won't ever happen. Losing via pinfall isn't the end of the world for Cena, but tapping out is.

    While some of your matches are good, I don't see Punk pinning Lesnar, because it ends the feud too soon. RVD vs Sahmus won't happen with the two faces battling each other, and they won't randomly put Rey against Del Rio. But most of the other matches I like, and could see happening.
  3. Wolfy's Avatar
    Your card is like 80% of what WWE is obviously booking.

    How can your card not have Randy Orton or Mark Henry.

    I think you're more likely to get Shield vs Henry/Usos

    and the two remaining members of Wyatt Family vs Randy Orton and Sheamus

    Also, I'd bet on a Ryback v Jericho rematch and Del Rio vs RVD world title match
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    It's a good card but I would make it different

    WHC : ADR vs Ziggler vs Big E.
    Ziggler wins. Double revenge !

    Add a Layla heel turn on Kaitlyn after the match

    Ryback vs RVD or Sheamus
    Ryback to win

    Winners take all match (US+Tag titles)
    The Shield(c) vs Mark Henry & The Usos
    Henry & The Usos for the win

    Also you put Daniel Bryan winning by submission ! Winning OK, but by submission I have high doubts, even if I would like it ! It would really be a double win in fact. Winning the WWE belt and make submit the guy who never gives up !!! (I know he already taped out to Angle, Y2J, etc.... 2002/2003)
    Updated 07-17-2013 at 12:23 PM by PSOjedi
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    More like Ryback vs RVD; Shield vs Sheamus/Orton for tag titles; Christian vs Ambrose US title pre-show; Where is Curtis Axel? All that build beating HHH, Cena, and Miz.....doesn't have a Summerslam match?
  6. Anthony_Eckman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    More like Ryback vs RVD; Shield vs Sheamus/Orton for tag titles; Christian vs Ambrose US title pre-show; Where is Curtis Axel? All that build beating HHH, Cena, and Miz.....doesn't have a Summerslam match?
    I guess I could've put his match in place of RVD's but who wants too see Axel vs. The Miz at Summerslam? Plus, in my own opinion, his character has kind of flopped since working with HHH and Cena in his first couple weeks. The dude gets no crowd reaction at all.
  7. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I would have punk lose i think people wouldnt see iy coming and i mean lose cleanl
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