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Money in the bank 2013 review

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Wow! Philadelphia were electric tonight. So lets start off.

Kick off tag team championship match: Slow start to the match but a good last few minutes made up for this. Usos were more over than expected. This should've been on the main show though. Its good wwe gave the usos a fair showing.

Winners: The Shield - I liked the of innovative finish.

Moment of the Match: With out a shadow of a doubt the quadruple powerbomb superplex.

Rating: ***3/4 - ****

1. WHC MITB: Let just start by saying this was awesome! Definitely match of the night for me with all participants playing there part but especially Rhodes, Cesaro and Ambrose were the mvps.

Winner: Sandow - Really happy he won and sort of saw it coming when I saw him starting to hide. Cody was on fire and is surely due to turn. Feud with Sandow at Summerslam, should be good.

Moment of the match: Swagger and Cesaro lift up ladder while Ambrose is holding on to it. Ambrose then lifts himself on top of the ladder and tries to grab the briefcase. Young guys really showed me how inventive they can be.

Rating: ****3/4

2. IC championship match: This match kind of sucked. As much as I hate to admit it this IC match should've been on the pre show.

Winner: Curtis Axel - expected. Miz really needs a makeover in character or become heel again. Iwould have Axel feud with Kidd when he returns to bring back prestige to the "workhorse" title. It would also be a great way to pay tribute to the Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect rivalry.

Moment of the match: At the miz crowd chants "Your not over" and "pre show".

Rating: **1/2

3. Divas championship match - Fairly good diva's match and enjoyed Aj showing her more technical side.

Winner: Aj - Good solid sinched in black widow, perhaps a submission match with Natalya down the line but do expect triple threat at Summerslam (Aj vs Kaitlyn vs Layla).

Moment of the match: Aj applying the black widow.


4. Chris Jericho vs Cryback: Nothing really memorable with a couple of botches here and there (like that ddt).

Winner: I thought finish could've been better than a roll up to help Ryback more but at least he's finally won a ppv match.

Rating: ***1/4

5. WHC match. Good solid match from these two with some great spots (backwards superplex). Crowd heavily in Ziggler's corner. After AJ came out we all knew where it was going but I was thinking was she gonna screw over Ziggler and align with Del Rio.

Winner: Del Rio by DQ, end to Ziggler, Aj Stable nears. I was kinda of hoping for a Sandow cash in but miraculously Del Rio got up after a couple of secs of being hit in the face with divas title. I know Aj is small but damn!

Moment of the match: backwards superplex, "You screwed Ziggler" Chant (was lmao).

Rating: ****

6. WWE championship match: much of what I expected except for the result and ending was absolute bullshit.

Winner: Cena via Stf. Are you fucking kidding me. At least let Henry loose to a 2nd AA. Do you know how weak that makes him look tapping out? Also he was super over with the crowd and he was booked like it was his night. Just like when he won the whc. He should've won tonight for me. WWE missed out on a great chance to do the right thing. Hope bryan or Orton take the title off of him at Summerslam.

Moment of the match: Henry kicks out after aa.


7. WWE All Star MITB: Kind of let down by this one for the most of it. It wasn't that good for a MITB match especially with the calibre of talent in it. However did partly make up for it in the last couple of minutes.

Winner: Orton - finally a hell turn in the near future. Can see a cash in after Cena vs Bryan at Summerslam. Good decision for winner, Bryan didn't need to win it again and the only other logical winner Christian didn't have much momentum going into the match. Orton vs Bryan rivalry has been great and will really help both superstar elevate back to the top of the title scene. For a minute though I thought RVD would win after Heyman screwed Punk. Good finish though with that sick RKO. However at the end there Orton seemed to be taking his sweet time to grab the briefcase.

On a side note I think everyone was expecting Lesnar to cost Punk the match so WWE did good by having Heyman do it and making it less predictable. However I don't think they really needed to get Axel involved. I was giving it a 50-50 chance that Maddox would come out and announce a surprise replacement for Kane, Music hits and it would be Lesnar or Batista. Still not one of the better MITB matches. Also the ordering spoiled the chances of a cash in tonight.

Moment of the match: Orton RKO to RVD at the end.

Rating: ****

Overall a fairly good ppv from the stuff I saw. WHC MITB was definite show stealer. My overall rating so far is ****. Please provide me with your thoughts and opinions below in the comment section, Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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