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WWE: Missed Opportunities Segement 5

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I meant to get this up before the actual Money in the Bank PPV, but due to technical reasons I was not. Anyways, with that said, I thought I would look at WWE's missed opportunities at superstars who should have won a MITB match instead of the ones they chose for the situation. Let's get started:

I am not a huge fan of Christian, but knowing what he has done for the WWE is quite proficient. He was someone who sustained in revolutionizing ladder matches and him not having been former Money in the Bank winner is beyond me. The perfect time to give him that briefcase was WrestleMania 26, instead of Jack Swagger. Think about it. Later that night, Chris Jericho would defeat Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship and then be speared through a barricade. WWE could of had Christian run out to the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank, have Edge throw Chris Jericho into the ring, Christian spear Jericho, and win his first ever world championship there with his brother right beside him raising his hand. It would have been a real bro to bro moment. I do not know about all of you, but that would of been a cherishable and amazing heartfelt moment.

Chris Jericho
I am surprised to know that the guy who came up with the whole doctrine of Money in the Bank never won it. In my humble opinion, the perfect time to give it to him was in 2010. Instead of giving it to the Miz, they could have had the Nexus come out and help Chris Jericho win it. I am not saying Chris Jericho would become the leader of the Nexus, just an ally due to his mentor-degree with Wade Barret. They could have had him team up with Nexus at Summerslam in which they would win with Wade Barret and Chris Jericho being the last two men standing. Later, they could have had Wade Barret beat Randy Orton for the WWE Title only to get cashed in by Chris Jericho starting a Teacher vs. Student feud. This is all just an idea I feel would of been utilized right. Otherwise, Chris Jericho is an amazing talent and could have really put Wade Barret over by actually winning Money in the Bank. Instead we got the Miz in a lackluster reign.

Shelton Benjamin
This man was a tremendous talent who had such a tangible and unique feel in the presence of the ring, especially those wicked spots in the Money in the Bank matches. He was so ravenous in his desire to win. Plus he is the only guy out of the first Money in the Bank participants to never be World Champion. That fills me up with some melancholy. He is such a veteran in these types of matches and gosh well deserved one. An idea for him would have been WrestleMania 24. Yeah sorry CM Punk, your first World Title run did not really impress me. Shelton could have easily cashed in in say Backlash that year and reignited his feud with Triple H back in the day. Shelton Benjamin is definitely a win.

A huge draw to the mid-card ambiance was MVP. He had credible feuds with the likes of Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin. He even had credible reigns as a United States Champion. Truth is, I cannot really come up with a good time when he should have won it/when to cash it in and so. I just believe he had the right attitude, heel or face, to be a good Money in the Bank holder.

Kofi Kingston
I know we have are unbelievers out there, but Kofi Kingston can be and should of have been an amazing World Champion, if executed properly. All he needs is a more serious gimmick. That's it. Anyways, he should have won MITB in 2011 whereas there was a heated rivalry between CM Punk and John Cena. This was a perfect opportunity for Kofi Kingston to pick up the briefcase and cash it in on his former tag team partner and one of his best friends, CM Punk. Yes, CM Punk would have still sprinted out of the arena in this scenario but later down the line a Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk feud could have easily heated up giving us WWE fans something fresh, something invigorating. I know you Kofi marks would have enjoyed that. Instead, WWE sky rocketed Del Rio back to the top to win the title, lose the title, win the title, and lose the title within only a few months. Additionally, Kofi Kingston is a 9-Time Champion winning every mid-card title in the WWE today, which are more championship runs then most of the main-event guys of today. He also is an inspiring performer and does great in merchandise sales. All he really needed/needs is a more serious gimmick. He is decent on the mic in my opinion. Anyways, Kofi for the win.

So that is my blog. Please feel free to comment.

"For God did not send his Son into the World to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."
-John 3:17

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    WM24 & 25 for MVP especially 24 when Matt Hardy cost him the match.
  2. mywine5's Avatar
    Y not talk about what wwe should do going forward with MITB instead of dwelling on their past fuck ups. Cant change the past people
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mywine5
    Y not talk about what wwe should do going forward with MITB instead of dwelling on their past fuck ups. Cant change the past people
    Prior to reading a blog titled; WWE; Missed Opportunities, one would assume the blogger would be dwelling on "past fuck ups". Creative criticism? I think not.

    Quote Originally Posted by TempestH
    One missed opportunity was Alex Riley in 2011. I think Riley should've won the RAW MiTB last year instead of Alberto Del Rio. Because WWE are insistent on pushing Del Rio hard, he really didn't need the briefcase because they were going to push the hell out of him regardless. I think Riley could've benefitted from winning the ladder match. Of course, Riley was nowhere near ready for a world title when they tried to push him, but it would've been nice to see him win the briefcase, cash in for a legit match, lose, but still have the accomplishment of winning the ladder match and taking the champion to the limit to give him crediblity

    Another missed opportunity was Tyson Kidd. I think Kidd should've won the World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match last year. While Ziggler cashing in the briefcase was a huge moment, I feel that because Ziggler was already being presented as a "main eventer" as far back as late 2011 when he still had the U.S. Championship, that he didn't really need the briefcase at all. Kidd would've benefitted from winning the ladder match. Of course by no means should he have won the World Title, but like I stated earlier in my Riley example, it would've been nice to see Kidd win the briefcase, cash in for a legit match, lose, but still have the accomplishment of winning the ladder match, and being able to go toe to toe with the World Champion to give him crediblity

    Instead of using the briefcase to try to create an insta-main eventer, or as a plot device to get the belt off of a face without "making them look weak", what they should do is use the briefcase to break the monotony and give a title shot (or title run if the company deems them worthy) to someone who wouldn't be in the title picture otherwise, or use it to build someone up (not necessarily by handing them the title). WWE needs to actually build stars with MiTB instead of just throwing the belt on them and expecting us to care.
    Full out agree with you 100%. Well said.
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