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5 NXT Prospects that will be the future

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Hey mr.onemanband on his own blog in today's blog I will be talking about NXT prospects. We aren't talking about any prospects we are talking the five future stars of the WWE.*

5. Xavier Woods - You probably are scratching your heads on this why woods? He couldn't do it in TNA. So why is this my guy. Woods is exciting he's refreshing his promos have that something about him. He's very good in the ring . Woods is not going to be a John Cena ,Randy Orton ,Cm Punk, or Dolph by any means. He will be the kofi Kingston, r truth ,Cody Rhodes, Christian of the WWE .What I mean is that soild backbone of the WWE being the golden boy without the treasures of it. He will go win a int title here a us title there a tag title a OMG moment there but just will say there. He will have a very respectable job safe careers unless he screws up somewhere.

4. Leo Kruger- The first thing I saw was a promo of him and he's in a black room eyes crazy rubbing his hands and speaking in a crazy sort of manner. Then he said ta ta . He got my at ta ta yes , I know it seems odd but I was sold then the way he carried himself by saying it, the way he sold his gimmick . Leo I then saw him in action this guy is the real deal his in ring ability is really quite good for a big guy and his finisher is very clever and painful. He's a brawler a pure brawler. Leo Kruger can easily be a main eventer easily.

3. Adrian Neville - No one in NXT is as purely gifted as him. No one. He is simply put the man who gravity forgot. If that alone doesn't gather your thoughts he is above average on the mic and he will get better in time but, there is a little push room when you can fly and do the things he does. PAC is just amazing if you haven't seen him go to YouTube right now and watch him fly .

2. Corey Graves- I wanted to put him number 1 so bad but, someone else is more deserving . Corey Graves has it all the name ,the music, the look,the mic skills, and the in ring ability to make you notice. Sure he's got tats and he isn't afraid to speak his mind . He's just got the IT factor this guy will be big mark my words above the rest he's just got IT. Corey Graves will change wwe watch.

1. Paige - Yes, a woman is number one on the list . Why? Numerous reasons first being this she is more talented then the whole divas division combined. Secondly, she will help push that division to next level. Paige, when she gets on the roster she will bring spotlight to WWE. *Woman wrestlers will come, divas will be back to former glory. Thirdly she has a certain ring to her both in and out of the ring she's a global women's superstar. This might be high but move over Trish Lita Gail Kim Mickie James Paige will be the greatest diva in WWE history.

Hope you enjoyed and I know there's a lot more guys out there that aren't on list Kassius Ohno , Bo Dallas , Oliver Grey , Summer Rae, Conner O'Brian, Sami but these are my opinion . Let's be honest they will all probably get a shot sometime but these are my picks.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'm ready to see Neville come up after hearing various things about him in interviews. Paige as well, but Neville praise like he has received from superstars has gotten me excited.
  2. Sean34curry's Avatar
    1. Ohno cause everything about him is badass. Even tho I prefer him heel.
    2. The original Accension tag team were great. So cool looking and fluid in the ring. Also maybe one of the greatest underrated nxt entrances ever. I hope this reincarnation of the team works out.
    3. Corey graves. I love his gimmick, entrance music, and his lil taunt where he puts his knuckles together. He could improve on his mix skills. It sounds like he tries too hard to sound tough and cool. And his moveset is kinda boring and slow paced with all the submissions.
    4. Steamboat Jr. He had a great underdog approach to him. I hope he returns healthy.
    5. Paige and summer rae are both entertaining divas that can wrestle in there own right in a lackluster divas division
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