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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Possible Replacements for Kane in the Money in the Bank match

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Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan. I hope you all are getting excited for Money in the Bank. I am sure you guys have heard about Kane being pulled out of the WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder match because of 'injuries' suffered at the hands of the Wyatt Family. There have been talks and question as to who will be a possible replacement for the Big Red Monster/Machine. I am hear to share with you on superstars I think could be a good potential fill in for him. I hope you all enjoy.

[B]Bray Wyatt[/B]
Obviously, this is a no brainer for a choice. Bray takes out Kane and his put into the match. If that happens, most likely he would win. Even though he is a potential replacement, I do not think this will happen due to the fact that he has not won a World Title before, and I think that is what the All-Star MITB match is about. Former champions only.

[B]The Miz[/B]
Just listing all possibilities due to the fact that Miz is a former WWE Champion, so he would be eligable to be in the match. Even though he would be a good replacement, I cannot see him winning it again. If he is to win a World Title again, I do not think he will do it by cashing in Money in the Bank again. I think it would be either a Royal Rumble win or just a normal title win.

[B]Chris Jericho[/B]
It is still unknown if Kane's injuries are legit. They might be a way to write him off to let other minor ones heal. Who knows? But if this is an emergency, I think Chris Jericho would be the perfect replacement for him. Just like he was for Punk at Unforgiven 2008 when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in the Championship Scramble. He's won the World Championship six times, is experienced in this match BUT he has never won it before, so they might have him win it for the first time and cash in for the WWE Title, a World title he has only held once before.

[B]Jack Swagger[/B]
Swagger is a former World Champion, so there might be a chance he will be pulled from the World Heavyweight title MITB match and put into this one, with another superstar replacing him in the other match. If this were to happen, I think that Swagger will win this match and Antonio Cesaro will win the other contract. This could be a possibility since Cesaro and Wade Barrett are front runners to be the winner of the match.

[B]Dolph Ziggler[/B]
There may be a chance that they will have Ziggler lose against Del Rio, and then replace Kane at the last minute and enter the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match. This would be a good solution since Ziggler is a former World Champion. If Swagger is the one to move from one MITB match to the other and Ziggler loses his title match, then it would be a good storyline to see Ziggler be the one to replace Swagger in the Heavyweight title Money in the Bank match, win again and cash in on Del Rio again. I would like to see that.

[B]Alberto Del Rio[/B]
Even though the above possibility sounds like a good plan in my opinion, I would like to see a storyline that has Del Rio drop the title to Ziggler again, then be the one to replace Kane in the WWE Title MITB match, win again and then start a feud with Cena. I would like to see this, but being realistic, I don't think it will happen. Still a good idea for a storyline though.

[B]Big Show[/B]
Show was written off TV due to a shoulder injury. It was announced that he will be out of action for two months...that was two months ago. This storyline angle where Kane was taken out might be a good way to bring Show back. Not only would this be a good way to have Show back in the main event scene, he is also a multiple time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion so he would be possibly the best replacement. This would be possibly the most realistic.

[B] one[/B]
Hear me out. Just a quick add-in for this post. The original Money in the Bank match had six competitors, just like there is at the moment with Kane being pulled out. If there is no replacement, I do no think that it would be such a bad thing. Punk, Orton, Sheamus, Bryan, Christian and RVD. Van Dam has already won it. Punk's won it twice and Bryan is the most recent winner out of the group. If I had to pick someone to win the WWE Title contract, it would probably be Christian. Orton has held the WWE Title six times already. This win and a successful cash in would only make him a double figure champion. It wouldn't really be an 'accomplishment' unless he won the title by earning the shot.

Plus, Christian never held the WWE TITLE. He has only held the World Heavyweight title twice (4 times if you include his two reigns as ECW Champion) One reign he earned, and it only lasted two days and the other was a DQ stipulation that lasted for a month... But still, winning Money in the Bank for the first time and winning the WWE Championship belt for the first time will do Christian good. Besides, I would love to see Christian hold that title at least once, and I think this would be the perfect way to do it. Its also time he was pushed back into the main event scene.


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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Bray Wyatt!!
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Christian woant win tht match
  3. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I am really rooting for Christian to win the match, don't think it will happen though.
    Good blog although some of your options seem virtually impossible
  4. brock2013's Avatar
    Mvp to return hopefully or even maybe matt morgan
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think if there is a replacement, it will be a random return not competing on another match in the ppv. Bray doesn't make sense to me. Yeah he took out Kane, but so what? Do you get into matches now by simply attacking a guy in the match? He has no business in the match if you ask me.
  6. simplyawesome's Avatar
    i miss Big Show man hes only true giant
  7. ozfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Yeah he took out Kane, but so what? Do you get into matches now by simply attacking a guy in the match?
    I don't know, let me go watch the World Title Elimination Chamber match where Edge took out Kingston and inserted himself into the match.
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