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Three Steps to Make John Cena Heel

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Are you like me? Have you been waiting for a John Cena heel turn for a long time now? It seems like it should have happened already but never took place. I mean, he is the face of the franchise but his character has gotten stale since around 2008/2009. All the little kid jokes, putting down the heels, and overcoming the odds has been dragged on for too long now. Here our my three easy steps too make Cena a heel in today's WWE.

#1 - Leave the PG Era

In the middle of 2008 WWE turned PG. That meant no more almost nudity, rarely anymore blood, and no more chair shots to the head. The reason WWE did this was because about half of their fans became families. Dads, moms, and children. Parents didn't want their kids to see a Live Sex Celebration, or a bloody John Cena, or a guy getting hit over and over in the head with a chair anymore. How does this apply to Cena still being a face though? Well, when the camera pans out over the crowd and you see all the, in R-Truth's words, "Little Jimmys" what are they wearing? John Cena gear. They're his Superman. He's the guy they want to be. He's the guy who stands up to bullies. He's the guy...well you get the point. If WWE would stop pandering to the families they wouldn't need to care if kids cried if Cena started to become a bully. Now, this will never happen as it seems like the PG Era is here for good, but us die hard fans would love to see it go.

#2 - Build Up Another Top Star

Way back in the Attitude Era WWE had two legitimate stars: Stone Cold and The Rock. That's why they were able to have one be a heel and one be a face for the longest time. It didn't matter who was which because they had two money making stars. I mean, WWE has tried to make this happen again before. Batista was a promising second star in the works, but turns out he only lasted 5 years as a main eventer and was pretty old already. Triple H could be used as another example but he was also pretty old at the time of Cena's rise too fame and ready to leave the full time schedule soon. WWE has two good men they could build up and hopefully push over as the top faces in the company soon. Daniel Bryan of course and Dolph Ziggler. The crowd absolutely loves Daniel Bryan. Why not use that success to make him the top guy? Oh yeah, cause he doesn't fit Vince's mold. Vince loves the big, muscular guys of the world hence why John Cena is the top guy right now. But why not take a chance? Just have Bryan shave his beard then he could be on every poster and cup you want. Everybody loves rooting for the underdog anyway. Ziggler just turned face but here's the thing. Rumor has it that they wanted to turn Ziggler face and let him stay that way for another two to three years then take over as the top guy in WWE. It's like a rebuilding process for a pro sports team. I could wait three years to see someone take Cena's place. I mean hell, I've waited for 5 years already for the Chicago Cubs to get back to playoff form.

#3 - Just Turn Him Loose

It's as easy as that. Just do it. They're are so many tweeners in the WWE right now it's ridiculous. For those of you who don't know, a tweener is a character who is supposed to be a face but shows heel tendencies and vice versa. Examples are: Daniel Bryan, Randy Ortion, Dolph Ziggler. Why not let him just act like a grown up and say what normal people would. You can tell his promos are scripted just because no normal person would act the way he does to a remark made about him. Let him venture into the tweener zone, let the crowd warm up to the heel side of him, and then soon enough everybody will beg for a Cena heel turn. Now in regards to the young children who love him who don't want him to show any heel tendencies, they won't be young forever. Soon enough they will be teenagers and be just like all of us, hoping for a Cena heel turn.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog. Just felt like I needed to get it off my chest and put down what I think should help create a Cena heel turn. Hopefully one day it comes true, well actually, it should have already happened. Comment what you liked about the blog, or didn't like, and what you think could help turn Cena heel.

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  1. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    The only real way to turn CENA, to a HEEL is to have him suddenly begin to lose a series of matches, in a manner that he feels cheated, feels at a loss and just can't see where to turn next.

    Have him start questioning his abilities and fan fans continuing booing him. Have him lose a few laughable matches...then have a few surprise loses followed by a string of losses to heels and anti-heroes (like Punk, Jericho, Ziggler, Miz, Del Rio, Swagger and Cesaro) losses to people like DB, Orton and Shemus. Have him finally have someone like Ryder jokingly ask CENA for match, to help him get over and finally get a win. As the match goes on, have Ryder seem to be ready to flukishly pick up the win, only to have Cena power out of a pin, look pissed off and go Stone Cold on him, like Austin did on Brett Hart on RAW...chairs, chairs and more chairs. Have him look like he is about to give up as wrestlers come to the ring. Have guys he has lost too reason with him, then have Cena attack, DB, then Kane...Shemus and Orton. Final have Punks music hit...have CENA flash his goofy smile...throw his wrist bands and arm bands to the crowd...they will boo and flips them all off!!! This sets up another feud with him and Punk...with Punk chasing down the title again...this time with the blessing and support of the McMahons and HHH!
  2. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    NEVER going to happen. Cena brings the WWE coverage from the main event media, which is what Vince likes more than anything else, including money. Vince doesn't care about good wrestling storylines, or even good wrestling (although I believe Triple H does). As long as Cena brings positive attention to the company, he won't turn heel ever. Get used to it, IWC.
  3. Anthony_Eckman's Avatar
    Well you have to remember John Cena's pushing 40 now. He's not The Rock and doesn't have a huge movie career so basically when he says WWE is his life and he wants to be here forever, he means it. So when he gets to mid-40's and can't go 25-30 minute matches anymore then you could see him turn heel. I basically meant how to turn him heel now but you're absolutely right, it will never happen this soon.
  4. realwrestling's Avatar
    He was sort on the losing streak when cm punk, the rock, and brock lesnar was outstaging him but they missed their opportunity to take advantage of the downfall john cena was taking. In my opinion if they really want to turn john cena heel let him tap out the undertaker at mania and i guarantee you he will be crowned as the most hated heel ever. Bar none.
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    3 steps to allow the Drive By IWC to finally get over this shit:

    1: Band together and raise the millions of Dollars that Cena generates every year, out of their own pockets.

    2: Don't let it get to you.

    3: Concentrate your efforts on enjoying other things in WWE or even other feds altogether.

    See, shit ain't that hard!
  6. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Too late. WWE had several occasion, they did not take them. Too late now.
  7. Veer's Avatar
    When will people understand WWE is a business so the only way cena will become heel is when his merchandise sales start to decline which is not happening so turning Cena heel is Not Good For Business!!

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