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Kane's Replacement

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Hi guys.With Kane most likely to be ruled out of Sundays wwe title mitb match to sell the Wyatt Family's attack its likely for someone new to take his place. So what I want to know if your top 5 picks.

Rumored is Bray Wyatt but to me it doesn't really make sense. He only debuted on Raw this week and we haven't even seen him wrestle. Not that I am doubting his ability but he would be more suited to the whc mitb. The wwe title mitb is suppose to be an all star. So I would've thought a world title if not multiple as a minimum requirement.


Big show - Returns earlier than expected, is a multiple time champ but no longer really has the start power the others possess

Booker T - Former 6 time champ but never won wwe championship but kind of too old now plus he is Gm and has recently had surgery.

Mine are as follows

1. Batista - Former six time world champ. Fits the all star build, would be a great surprise and why not replace power with power. Unlikely though as I believe he's busy filming a movie or something.

2. Jericho - This guy deserves another world title run and a mitb win. I know he is leaving soon to go on tour but you just can't deny how good jericho is. I mean he came up with mitb and has put on some amazing ladder matches in the past. Unfortunately he is set to face cryback and with him going on tour this is the perfect oppotunity for wwe to finally give cryback a ppv win (not that it would make a difference with so much damage already been done to his character). So highly unlikely.

3. Rey Mysterio - Ultimate underdog plus his style would add a lot to the match. Unlikely as i believe he had another surgery recently.

4. Brock Lesnar - Why have Lesnar just come in and interupt the match when he could be in it. He has more than enough star power but they should book it as it appears to now be a 6 man and then lesnar enters late into the match and maybe even is a shock winner. Doesn't really need to win but I see a wwe title in his near future so could make sense. Then after feuding with punk he can feud with bryan and finally destroy cena this time for the victory. Maybe have bryan face him and win the title from Brock in a similar fashion to the Eddie Guerrero win at no way out 04.

5. Undertaker- I know this is the most likely of the lot and he is rumored to be injured but could you image how awesome this would be.

There you are guys. Hope you enjoyed. Please let me know your top 5.

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  1. grave's Avatar
    undertaker? why risk his health in one of the most dangerous matches ever invented?
    if he does this match he sure as hell won't make the next WM, he is btw still uncertain for summerslam so it is higly unlikely he will make MITB at all

    my picks would be wyatt, ryback or big e langston
  2. weems's Avatar
    If Kane is replaced, my guess is WWE would insert the Big Show. It be nice to see Kofi if he is healthy to compete again, though he is more suited for the future stars match and not this one.
  3. TempestH's Avatar
    Imo, what they should do is take Miz out of the Intercontinental Title match and put him in the ladder match. Then, have some popular low level face such as Zack Ryder, Alex Riley, or Justin Gabriel wrestle against Axel for the IC Title. Not only do you get a replacement for Kane, but another talent gets an opportunity to shine, and Axel gets a much needed win that doesn't feel forced.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Imagine if it was Undertaker. That would be as epic as it gets. And I don't buy any reports on here so the chance of it being him is just as good as anybody else.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    should be the guy who took him out. Taker likely won't even be able to compete at Summerslam so obvious out. What would the motive be? Another world title run will do what? Same goes for rest of the guys you mentioned. However, I believe Big Show is the one who teams with Kane to take on the Wyatt Family.
  6. ejorbit's Avatar
    Evan Bourne.
  7. brock2013's Avatar
    i hope its brock but its most likely to be bray wyatt or kofi

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