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EWN Championship Finals

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am your host of this event Assassin Blade. What better words can express the emotion going into tonight's atmosphere as I am excited for the finals of the EWN Championships! The bloggers who have made it tonight have proven a purpose in life and to everyone reading there blogs. They have proven day and day out that they are the best in the world and could handle the heat in the kitchen. Jelle1809 and Mr.onemanband, congrats on making it to the finals and proving to me, myself, and I that you gentlemen are truly workhorses. Ladies and gentlemen, when you are tuning your radio and reading this radio, remember that today we have made history in the EWN Championships. As the words tremble from my mouth to paper, it is an amazing atmosphere writing this blog and telling everyone that we have amazing bloggers here today. We have the best working this butts off to perform for the EWN community and I thank everyone that participate in this tournament and wish them good luck in tonight's finals!

Breaking News: Coming from the Championships, I have the latest breaking news. As of tonight, I am embarking on (Assassin Blade) a new mission that you will find out later on tonight and as my first vignette goes on the leader boards To everyone participating in the finals, good luck!

Next: An Interview with Jelle1809 and Stats Rankings
Welcome back.. My guest at this time is the man who is competing in the finals of the EWN Championship, Jelle1809!

1) What are your emotions of entering the last round of the EWN Championship Tournament?
I feel pretty great. See, it is the first time that I participate into one of these tourney's... So I'm a bit excited about it and I certainly hope I make the best out of it.

2) Do you believe you would make it?
Well, that's the big question isn't it. I hope so, but it's all up to the readers and the comments.

3) If you win the EWN Championship; who do you look forward to vsing in the upcoming months?
If I come out the victor of this tourney and win the EWN Championship, I would most like to face someone like Vanhooligan, Bodom, Akbar or B-Mac.

Thanks for the interview, Jelle1809. One quick anazlyazation on how the Jelle1809 would do with Akbar. Would be an interesting combo; but I am not hinting anything!

Stats Rankings
Lets look at the two finalists and there stats!

Jelle1809: Made it to the finals
Master of 4 Blogs
Has Graced the Forums 1,790 since January 2011

Mr.onemanband: He is called the "underdog"
Has a wallpaper of Bane!
Has as future references "Future EWN Champion!"

What an interesting turn about of actions and the two rookies are making it to our main events. Are you asking me who will win the Championship, do I have to? All right, next is the my projection of the winner!

Projection Time

When it comes to hard work, glory, and grit both Jelle1809 and Mr.onemanband it is evenly tied. Both men posses qualities that ties the readers and bloggers connection. Since day one, both men have proven that an underdog status can not take them down! While my hands are tied!
Projection: DRAW

Next: Interview with TheGreatOne
Blade's Vignette: "We are Coming!"

Welcome back.. my guest at this time is the man who has written a total of 92 blogs and in my opinion could of made it to the finals.. TheGreatOne!

1) Did you enjoy vsing Mr.onemanband?
Just like Dean Ambrose/Christian, 1/100x you get lucky and beat me. Since that has already happened, 99 straight Ws for me.

2) Does it shift your momentum that you are not able to be in the finals?
Just drives that motivation to get better. Keep proving blog in and blog out that I'm the best on EWN.

Thanks for your time! A rivalry we can see sooner or later, I suppose only time will tell!

Ladies and Gentlemen, for his vignette please welcome Assassin Blade!

Blade: What, expecting someone else. I am the best proven blogger on this site and I will show it tonight. For all you fans waiting for the finals, I have one for you.. welcome Assassin Blade! We are coming, I said it day and day out. Welcome your new EWN Champion...awaits!

Breaking News: Coming from an amazing turn around, Assassin Blade has made a new blog show called Friday Night Blog Brawl. Stay toon after the EWN Championship to hear more.

Next.. Wise words from Blade
Later.. The Main Event: EWN Championship Finals!

We are back. I am still in the blog post and that means, I have some wise words for the challenger. Win at all cost and that means winning the championship glorifies you. Good luck and I will be waiting!

EWN Championship Song Of The Day: Gone by Fuel
EWN Championship PPV of the Day: Summerslam 2001

Commercial: To enter the EWN Championship, PM Assassin Blade for details as try outs for the tournament start January 1st 2014!
Next year.. be prepared for a new era and glorified champion! The EWN Championship 2 will be on on June 21st 2014! Get ready for the bigger, better, and stronger!

Next EWN Event: EWN Night of Bloggers ( September 21st 2014)

Welcome back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, our main event of the evening. Please welcome both Jelle1809 and Mr.onemanband! Good luck to both participants and I am proud for everyone. Blog!

*Starting us off for the finals will be.. Jelle1809!

So I made into the finals for the EWN Championship with the topic Best WWE wrestler of the last decade spanning from 2003 - 2013. When I think of the best wrestler, I think of someone who can always entertain me, both Face as Heel. Someone that always guarantees to surprise me on-screen. For me that person is really easy. And in fact, the person’s career who I chose out propelled to mega stardom during this time span. I present you, “The Rated R Suuuuperstar” Edge.

I think that most people here agrees with me that Edge is a larger than life superstar that just everybody liked (or loved to boo), and will be someone that will be long remembered. I still have it whenever I hear that “You think you know me”, I totally mark out. Anyway he deserves it, just like every other (future) Hall Of Famer. Edge’s legacy is that he raised the bar concerning Ladder matches during his tenure as tag team with Christian, granted they had great competition back in those days, when the Tag division really meant something. Teams like The Hardy’s, MNM, Dudley’s, etc.. What I’m trying to say is that they made the matches so much more impactful and spectacular.

But the most important thing for me in this blog, is Edge’s success. If you look at what he’s achieved you know that he lived his dream. For the record, Edge won 31 championships in WWE!! An astonishing amount of title reigns. These include:

· 11 time World Champion (the WWE Championship 4 times and the World Heavyweight Championship a record 7 times)
· 5 time Intercontinental Champion
· 1 time United States Champion
· 14 time World Tag Team Champion (a record 12 World Tag Team Championships and two WWE Tag Team Championships)

In addition to his championship accolades, Edge won the 2001 King of the Ring tournament, the first Money in the Bank contract in 2005 and in 2007, and the Royal Rumble match in 2010 making him the only wrestler in history to achieve all three of those accomplishments. Edge is also one of only three wrestlers (Kurt Angle and Big Show being the others) who has held every currently active male Championship in WWE. Not to forget, he is the youngest male WWE Hall Of Famer.
Thank you Edge!

Amazing blog, next up is Mr.onemanband!

It's mr.onemanband here in the finals of the EWN Championship.*
In this we have the topic of discussing the greatest wrestler of the past decade ?

We have so many choices from so many different company's. There are guys such as the obvious John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold, HHH, Aj styles, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk,Daniel Bryan and etc.
You have all these choices but one and only one is in my head and is shown to be at the top of his game since day one.

The one the only .....Chris Jericho. Seriously who else would it be? He has been on his game since day one and (2003-2013)

Jericho in that he has place himself in main event after main event feud after feud he put on match after match. He also invented the money in the bank that help push guys careers and make awesome matches and moments in WWE history.

Look at the feuds he has had in the past decade . Jericho vs edge , Jericho vs Cena him and punk , him and hbk him and orton it doesnt matter who he's with he steals the show. Y2j may not have the titles of John Cena the accomplishment of hhh or hbk he might not have the streak. Chris has done it all tag titles , int titles, Whc. He has match of the years even though he has all these things he has one thing that I think puts him above the rest. He's a teacher. What I mean he develops talent and puts them over assuring that we get the best wrestling and he doesn't serve himself . He also revents himself with every single comeback . He went from y2j to the savior to the righteous man to the troll to the best in the world at what he does. He's been able to do that for 10 years .

So in the end Chris Jericho deserves it over the rest he has the titles , 5 star matches, the feuds, the drive, the compassion, the unselfishness to be consider above the rest.

Chris has the following to prove it to.
2x slammy award winner
9 time int champion
5 time world tag team champion
2 time WWE tag champion
3 time world heavyweight champion
He's a triple and grand slam champion
Wrestling Newsletter
3 time best interviews
Best interviews of decade
Feud of the year with hbk in 08
Match of the year 08 no mercy vs hbk
In their HOF in 2010
Wrestler of the year 08 09

Feud of the year with hbk 08
Most hated in 08

I think the facts prove it themselves . Jelle might go with Cena or the undertaker hhh or someone but think about it who has really done all they can and stills strives for more than himself?*

Chris Jericho*

Blade: Excellent blogs. While it's not over! As I said in my final vignette I am entering the championship. While I gave up that spot to... TheGreatOne. Good luck!

1, 1 greatest superstar of the decade. Who is it? 03-13, to me there really isn't any question in ones mind when you be unbiased like myself. The superstar who has been the greatest this past decade is none other than John Cena. Few if any can get a crowd on their feet like John Cena was his music hits. We don't need no lies as if some people claim they turn the channel when he is on. I know you boo just as much as the fans cheer. I actually believe the boos are stronger than the cheers the majority of the time. How does this make Cena the best superstar during the decade?

I could talk about how many times he won the WWE/world title during that time frame which is I believe is the most of any superstar. He has defeated everyone in his path. One of the reasons why John Cena is the best superstar in the WWE is because whoever is working with him can get over just by working with him. Say something bad about Cena, fans will react in either cheer or boo.....either way it is strong. You can get in a striking battle with Cena in the ring, you will hear boos and cheers again they are strong. Look at how many moments, John Cena has created some special back and forth type of moments. You could look back to Cena in Chicago at WM 22, Summerslam match vs Jericho, vs Punk at MITB, or vs RVD at ECW One Night Stand. I could go on and on of matches where fans are on both sides of the coin. Claim how bad of a wrestler he is all you want, but fans are always on the edge of their seat when Cena is out there in the squared circle. He is that wrestler that is on the top of the list, you either don't want him to win or you want him to win the most aka crowd. Even the fans out there who claim to hate Cena. Name me a guy on the roster who you want your favorite wrestler to beat on a ppv while there live? You are telling me Cena wouldn't be at the top of the list of guys you want to see beaten by your fav wrestler while you are in the crowd?

That is what I mean, beating John Cena, Stone Cold, The Rock, Ric Flair, or even Hogan on ppv is something special. When you look back at careers like say RVD, Edge, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, among others.....there wins over John Cena isn't going to be a top moment in their careers? That is what seperates Cena from the likes of Orton, Sheamus, and even CM Punk. Who have beaten those guys on ppv and be considered a top moment in their career? Anybody even Nexus, whoever battles Cena is considered main event talent when they are feuding with him. Can't say the same for other guys. Look back at Cena's career, some of his losses are bigger than his Ws. Who does that remind of you of? Hulk Hogan losses at Starrcade 97 and Wrestlemania 6. Keep pretending Cena isn't on that level. Cena is and he is the superstar of the decade without question.

While this was a triple threat despair. Good luck to each participants as I wrap up the EWN Championship. Your vote will crown the new EWN Champion. As a remainder, join us the EWN Crowd for the inaugural edition of Friday Night Blog Brawls.. starting July 19th 2013. Good luck to each participant! As I wrap it up here, join us next year June 21st 2014 for EWN Championship 2 and September 21st as the champion defends his title against a challenger. Who will it be EWN Universe?

*Assassin Blade would like to thank Jelle1809, Mr.onemanband, and TheGreatOne.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mr.onemanband
    Thats bull he lost and is out of ewn championship you cant just add whoecer its unfair if thsts thr case u have to add cabers as well
    Your making this rigged man
    Secondly its Krieg the psycho from borderlands 2
    1. I feel your pain
    2. This contest means nothing
    3. You could still win, but now you look bitter, should've waited till the results before complaining.
  2. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Im not bitter just feel like unfsir to cabers lol if i win hes the 1st def
  3. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mr.onemanband
    Im not bitter just feel like unfsir to cabers lol if i win hes the 1st def
    Like I said before, it was the ultimate surprise. If you win it would be interesting to see the turn of developments. While good luck

    -Assassin Blade
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Well well, quite the turn of events if you ask me. Hell, Assassin, you really ARE shaping up to be quite the Vincent K. aren't you.

    I wasn't fond of the way this blog tournament turned out. Personally, I would have loved to have seen the whole tournament the way you first put it together. You had an excellent idea, and the way you delivered it was totally awesome. Despite the fact that every blog was delivered like one long ass episode of Raw, I thought it was rather clever and intriguing that you took the time and gave us the EWN readers something new and refreshing.

    Jelle1809; You delievered an excellent take on who you thought was the top superstar of the past decade. Hell, even I would put Edge in my top 5. Despite his list of accomplishments, it certainly takes more then 11 World Championship reigns to solidify him as the top superstar from the decade.

    OneManBand; Hands down you've nailed it with this blog. Statistics are all you needed when it came to delivering this blog. Hell, you would have had my vote had you only written them, and not even elaborated on the blog itself.

    My vote; OneManBand

    TheGreatOne; In the last round of the tournament I said you state the obvious in your blogs, you're cookie cut, and seem to be rather bland. Despite Assassin reaching out to you and giving you a second chance, you did precisely what I said you would do in this tournament and came up short.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    He really chose a guy who didn't compete in a WM main event through out that time period? Not 1 single WM main event aka last match has Jericho competed in over a decade. In yet, he is his guy. You are reaching too far if you ask me. He is the greatest superstar of the decade?
    It takes more then headlining a Mania to make a superstar great. Hell, You should know that, and yet you still deliver this comment?!?! I can sit here listing off Cena's multiple accomplishments over the past decade. When it boils down to it, none of those accomplishments compare to Jericho's.

    Now, knowing you, you're going to search up every f*cking thing Cena has done over the past decade. Hell, you might even list off when he's taken a sh*t and about how he overcome every odd, from his divorce, to his back to back lackluster Mania Main Events with The Rock. When all is said and done, your blog was well delivered. You merely came up short.... Face facts bud, you CAN'T live up to your name.
  5. jelle1809's Avatar
    My vote: TheGreatOne

    He made a great blog, just that hands down. Was the better man of us three.
  6. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I vote for myself omb
  7. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    I go with OMB, 'cause it's Monday Night Jericho!!!
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