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Michael Burnside

The men who shouldn't have been Champion

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Alternative Universe XIII The men who shouldn't have been Champion.

Back on AU XI I talked about people who were near to becoming World champions in the WWF/WWE but didn't for whatever reason.
This time i'm going to take five individuals who shouldn't have been champion and why.

(Before I start, its nothing personal against these guys, who I'm sure are nice people and love their mothers, its just maybe they werent right for the belt...or the belt wasnt right for them)

The Great Khali World Heavyweight title.
Khali won the vacanted heavyweight title in a battle royal on the last edition of Smackdown before The Great American Bash 2007. Fair enough, I suppose Khali is a massive fella who legitimately could kick the crap out of most of the rooster in a legit fight. But unfortuanlty, as an in-ring performer he is awkward and uses about 3 moves in a typical match. Hense the 'You can't wrestle' chants. He won it several days before a PPV, so then it would have made sense for him to have dropped it at that PPV. That way, Khali can still be billed as a former heavyweight and he doesn't stink the title up by having a reign with sub par main event title matches.
Except he didnt lose at the Great American Bash. And when Summerslam came round, he lost by DQ so still managed to walk out as champion. It wasnt until the next PPV Unforgiven were Batista took the title of him.
In fairness at least Khali is 7 foot tall and an ex-cop so at least him being a world champion is a belivable situtation. However there are a few who wern't..

Hornswoggle WWE Crusierweight champion.

The crusierweight division is like the tag team division in that it can be exciting and enjoyable if done well, but for some reason the WWF/WWE can never quite keep its momentum going and end up making it a shadow of what it could (should?) be. Hornswoggle won the Crusierweight title at the Great American Bash 07 in a 6 man open invitation match by pinning Jamie Noble and thus becoming the last ever Cruiserweight champion. A title that has former holders such as Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman and Rey Mysterio has its last ever champion a midgit who was known as little bastard. The title was deactivated after 2 months of Hornswoggle reign but by this stage it was probbaly more of a case of euthanasia.

Vince Russo WCW Heavyweight Champion

I imagine alot of bookers (or would be bookers) would daydream about booking an angle were they would beat the champion and hold the belt. Of course, common sense would say that would be a bad idea especially if you're not a wrestler or even look like one.
Well Vince Russo did this when he beat champ Booker T in a steel cage (granted it was because Goldberg speared him throught the cage wall). At least he had the sense to vacant the belt the next week and not attempt a title run with it.
However, this title win gets nowhere near as much attention as another similar title reign...

David Arquette WCW heavyweight Champion.

Well this is probably one of the most talked about title runs of WCW. Actor David Arquette appeared on WCW television to help promote the wrestling movie 'Ready to Rumble.' Somewhere at one of the staff meetings, the idea was put into booker Vince Russo's head that making Arquette champ would be something nobody would see coming. Even Arquette knew it was a bad idea but still went through with it (I would hazzard a guess that he may have been contractualy oblieged to go along with it as it probably came under the promotion of the movie).
Arquette won the title by pinning Eric Bischoff in a tag match were the stipulation was whoever scored the pin would become champ. He defended it on an edition of Nitro and defeated Tank Abbot (with help from DDP), and then at the Slamboree PPV in a triple threat cage match he turned on DDP to hand the title win to Jeff Jarrett.
Russo still to this day will defend his booking decission, and say that since people are still talking about it today then it worked. The problem with that is, while people are still talking about it, they arent debating it like the Montreal Screwjob. Unlike the MSJ, everyone is mostly of the same opinion. And that opinion is that it was a shit idea.
But credit to Arquette, all the money he made from his WCW appearances he donated to the families of Owen Hart and Brian Pillman. So hats off to you, Dave.

and finally

Steve Austin WWF Champion
And the reason why this is a bad idea is, no sorry i'm joking. Here's the real last one

Shawn Michaels WWF European Champion

Maybe the main problem alot of people have with this title reign is more to do with how he won it in the first place. The previous European champ was the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and he was defending it on a UK only PPV One Night Only in his home country against Shawn Michaels. In the audiance is Bulldog's wife and his sister who has cancer (not storyline wise, but for real).
So its a PPV thats not being shown in the US (so no major story events are going to happen), and its a UK crowd with the UK wrestler defending his title, with his sister dying with cancer in the audiance. Who's going to win? Of course its the Bulldog.
But it wasn't.
Shawn won it by TKO with the help of DX. Once he won he got on the mic, he insulted the Bulldogs wife, then HHH got the mic and basically rode Shawn's coat tails. The crowd were less than impressed. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if somebody jumped the rails and twatted Shawn in the face.
The sad thing was that it seemed to be backstage politics at work. Shawn alledgely convinced Vince to change the ending to build up heat for a rematch revenge bout which never happened. This all happened a month before the infamous Montreal Screwjob, so in hindsight it looked like it was getting a few more kicks to the balls of the Hart family.
The whole ending of It does remind me of someone who on their last night in a hotel would steal all the towels and then shit in the bath.
And Shawns reign as European champion was non eventful as he became WWF champ afterwards and basically handed the Euro title to HHH.

There's probably alot more reigns I could mention such as Dolph Ziggler's first Heavyweigth reign, Vince McMahons ECW and Dwayne Gill's Light heavyweight 15 month title run. Feel free to comment below with your own choices of people who shouldnt have been allowed within 10 feet of the gold.

Also like to add, that I've finally completed by third novella (The Martian Journal) and is currently available on Amazon Kindle. The book will be a free download on the 13,14 and 15th of this month. So give it a try and if you like it then don't forget to leave a positive review.

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  1. Ftw's Avatar
    Judy Bagwell being wcw tag team champion or Adam PAC - Man Johns being TNA tag team champion without ever doing one move.
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    Rey mysterio wwe championship vs the miz
  3. dafunks's Avatar
    Agreed. Shawn did what he always did back then. He may have been a great Wrestler... But, he is a dick in real life and the persona was really him.

    Vince kissed his ass back then (May still do). In the UK I just hope its not forgot. It disrespected the British fans.
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