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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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“We’re here.”

Those were the words uttered by the leader of WWE Raw’s newest trio just before they made their much anticipated debut this week. The entrance was fitting, the promo packages (although illogical – an investigative journalist travels to the home of a demented family the day of their debut…) throughout the night were intriguing, and the impact they made was memorable. In fact, the whole thing was pretty great until you realised who their target was – Kane.

Aside from the debut of The Wyatt Family, this week’s Raw delivered after their ‘phone-in’ show last week. We got a great main event match (funnily enough, WWE didn’t feel the need to shove this match down our throats in the hope that we might enjoy it…), and a very fitting ending to the show.

In fact, my only real disappointment was that the rest of the All-Stars Money in the Bank Ladder match combatants didn’t make their presence known after Daniel Bryan’s impact.

The Wyatt Family

So, the Wyatt Family have finally arrived, but what will they do to make their place on Raw a worthwhile one?

We saw this week that their first target is Kane. I hinted in my opening paragraph that it wasn’t a decision I was overly happy with, and my reasoning is very simple. Outside of the throwback pun that Bray Wyatt used (“Down with the Machine”) after Kane was fallen, there are only two possible routes that this storyline can go down.

After inevitably being cost the Money in the Bank briefcase by the Wyatts, Kane will have to summon his former tag team partner Daniel Bryan or his fellow “Brother of Destruction” Undertaker. I’m all for a Deadman Inc. reunion, but completely against the reformation of Team Hell No so soon after their split.

Aside from the seemingly short-sighted nature of this rivalry (if you can really call a single assault a rivalry) the rest of this debut lived up to exactly what I was expecting. A creepy natured ‘family’ who look to take what they can and give nothing back. The entrance was almost a Ministry of Darkness homage, and the ability for Bray to snap on command lends a similar factor to the Wyatt Family that Dean Ambrose does for The Shield.

Needless to say, I look forward to their imminent dominance of WWE.

“Vickie Guerrero… you’re FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEDDDDDDD!! (I mean, the owner of the company has your back but still)”

In the night’s rehash of 2011 ‘Job Evaluations’, Vickie Guerrero’s job was on the line.

I think we all knew that Vickie was on her way to being fired from her position of power on Raw the minute it was announced that we, the WWE Universe, would get to have our say in the ‘big’ decision, but the 75/25% split suggests that WWE’s Twitter users (myself included, I voted “Pass”) had ruined what WWE thought of Vickie as potential GM of Raw.

There was one good thing that came from this whole situation, however, and it was Brad Maddox’s rise to GM.

I’m not saying it is a great storyline, but the McMahon tension adds a comedy element to Raw and Maddox’s weasel-like nature suggests he will do anything which Mr. McMahon asks of him with similar comedy effect.

Sadly, that is all this storyline offers. The only possible way for this to end would be a Triple H vs. Mr. McMahon match – which I do not want to see.

I enjoyed this week’s Raw, but aside from the two things outlined in this piece there was really not that much on offer storyline-wise.

I loved the majority of the matches (although I only really looked forward to the main event), and the fact that Bryan stood tall at the end of the show. The downside being that he is either going to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match predictably, or not actually win it at all (regardless, I’ll still mark out with a string of “Yes!” chants if he does grab the red briefcase. The Wyatt Family look set to reign supreme over WWE’s mainstays with malicious intent, and we have a new Raw GM in the form of Brad Maddox.

I’ll close this week’s entry by reminding you that ‘From Ref to Riches; The Brad Maddox story’ is available at all good DVD stores and online.

And finally, the question of the week is… If The Shield and The Wyatt Family were to have a rivalry somewhere down the line, what would you like to see happen?

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