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Top 10 moments: RVD's career

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One of a Kind, whole fn show, I'm talking about Rob Van Dam! The buzz and excitement about RVD returning to WWE. How can I not have a blog about one of my favorite superstars of all-time? Let us get more hyped and excited for RVD's return with this edition of top 10 featuring: RVD's top 10 moments in his career!! RVD's been wrestling since the early-mid 90s, so how can I possibly cut it down to 10? It is a challenge I accept!! Here is in "my opinion" the top 10 moments of RVD's career:

HM: Winning the IC title at WM18-Opening up WM18, Regal was defeated by the whole fn show in his WM debut. RVD was so over during the invasion, post that, they decided to give him a title. That was the IC title. Yea, turned out in my eyes as one of the best IC champions of all-time!
ECW originals win at WM 23-People may criticize me for not having this as a top moment, but I feel it was a bigger moment for them as a group. Particularly, Sabu, Sandman, and Dreamer who really hasn't competed on that big stage. Van Dam has competed in WMs. Which is why I left the moment off.
RVD is spiderman Survivor Series 02-So first Elimination Chamber of its time. What can you expect? No one not even the competitors knew. RVD jumped, instead of falling on his face as Jericho moved out of the way. He caught himself on the chains. RVD was the star of that match in my eyes.
Debut of Van Terminator-1 could, hell even RVD would probably put it in his top 10 moments. The reason I left it off, is because no name type of opponent who received it. Van Terminator was a move created by RVD and was scheduled to debut on the dude who cost him his TV title match after returning. For those who still don't know what Van Terminator is what Shane McMahon calls coast to coast. Opponent laying in the corner while something whether it be ropes or person holds a trash can or chair while RVD jumps off and kicks it into his face from the top rope on the other end of the ring.
RVD defeats Austin Smackdown 01-1 of my personal favorite moments happened on Smackdown in 2001 right before Unforgiven. Austin was angry about Kurt Angle and wanted to take his frustration out on someone. Whoever comes through that door. It ended up being Rob Van Dam(nod your head when you read it).He was going to give a preview of what was going to happen in their rematch for the WWF title at Unforgiven. RVD beat Austin while Angle was smiling at the top of the ramp. Really the first time RVD and Austin ever did go one on one which got me excited for obvious reason. I'm a huge fan of RVD as well so what made the moment for me. Kurt did by the way beat Austin for the WWF title at Unforgiven 2001.

10.Master of Unification-How many times can you unify something before becoming the master? On Raw in 02, he won a ladder unification match vs Jeff Hardy over the European and IC title. On Raw in 02, he defeated Tommy Dreamer to unify the Hardcore and IC title. 06, he put his MITB briefcase on the line vs Shelton Benjamin IC title at Backlash. Of course RVD won!! If you want to count when he won the WWE title and received ECW title on the same night. RVD has won more than his share of unification matches.
9.Series of matches with Sabu 96-His matches vs Sabu is what earned him some much needed respect from the ECW crowd. No one up to that time took Sabu to the limit like RVD did. For those who may have missed it, WWE crowned Sabu RVD's great rival in one of their top 10 RVD rivals list. Cena was #10 while Jerry Lynn was #2. Some even RVD say Jerry Lynn was his greatest rival. I agree with him on that as well.
8.Winning Hardcore title Invasion/Summerslam 01-When RVD first came to WWE during the alliance angle, he faced an extreme highflyer like himself in Jeff Hardy. Both matches were great which is why I let them be #8 on this list. You can say Invasion, because it really was a once in a lifetime event while Summerslam is the bigger stage one might say. They were ranked in my top 10 ladder matches blog I did months ago. I think it was in the top 5 or at least close to it.
7.Winning the TNA world title 10-Ugh, I hated everything about RVD's run in TNA. TNA world title made this list mainly because it is the world title along with the atmosphere after he won. Terrible to have it on Impact of all places and having my boy AJ lose the belt. I hated it and didn't get to enjoy RVDs first TNA world title like I thought I would have. His world title run ended mainly due to running out of dates on his contract like idiots Bischoff/Hogan running the show.
6.Rivalry with Jerry Lynn-One could argue top 5, but I have it here at #6. Rivalry? That isn't a single moment like most of these moments thus far. Actually all the moments in the top 10 thus far. Jerry Lynn was the new fn show. RVD said it himself, if he had one match to show someone what RVD is all about.....he'd put in a Jerry Lynn/RVD match. Does it not speak for itself? I believe they faced in ECW, TNA, and I believe WWE as well. Not so sure, but I believe they did.
5.Mr.MITB WM22-Didn't it feel like RVD was gone forever after his injury he suffered around late 04 and early 05? I know it felt like it did to me. He returned at the Royal Rumble in 06 to a great ovation and made it to the final 4. Went on to the finals of a Raw tournament to see who would face Cena in the main event of WM22, lost in a triple threat match to HHH. Everyone by this time should know the history RVD has with Ladders. He entered in the MITB, and won like we all wanted him too. I thought finally, he is going to win the big one!!
4.Debut Mr.Monday Night 97-ECW had their first ppv, Barely Legal was name of that ppv. Guess what? RVD wasn't on the card. RVD wasn't happy about it. Rumors started swirling he was leaving for WCW. Heyman however, convinced him to stay. He was a replacement in the opener of the ppv vs Lance Storm who he did defeat. Cut a promo, claiming RVD isn't no injury replacement. Being chosen as a back-up for "some guy who couldn't even lace his boots". You sold out chants roared during the match because the rumors. He came to Monday Night because he was too good for ECW. He competed on Raw beating WWF guys on their show. Go back to ECW to rub it in their face. Lawler gave him the nickname Mr.Monday Night which he still uses today even with variations such as Mr.Thursday Night, Mr.PPV, among others.
3.ECW TV title reign 98-00-How often these days does a man hold on to a belt for 23 months? It is almost unheard of. That is how long he held the ECW Television title for. He got injured which is why he had to relinquish the belt. Before the injury in his match with Sabu, he was scheduled to have a title vs title match on ppv vs the ECW world champion. Since he got hurt, that didn't happen.
2.ONS promo 05-RVD made an appearance despite being injured at ECW's reunion show ECW One Night Stand. Not only that, but he did a promo that people still talk about. He spoke about his frustrations about the way he was booked, about his memories, and speaking about his injury. How much it sucks not being on that ECW One Night Stand show. He even went as far as to say, it sucks worse than missing Wrestlemania. For those who don't know(LOL), Wrestlemania is WWE's biggest show. Hell, wrestling's biggest show of the year. He spoke the way most RVD fans felt about the way he was booked. The next ECW One Night Stand was a historic one as well. You know where I'm headed with this.
1.Winning the WWE title ONS 06-Can anyone really try to argue with me here? RVD's shining moment finally happened at ECW One Night Stand in 2006. He defeated John Cena to win his first ever WWE/world title. The type of atmosphere was amazing from the crowd. For the first time, John Cena's shirt was thrown back not once, 2x, but every single time he threw it out there. Iconic sign saying, IF CENA WINS, WE RIOT!! Hell, Cena lost and according to Cena Sr, they were waiting for him after the show. RVD finally won the big one when of all people, Paul Heyman counted the 3 count. All ECW wrestlers came out to celebrate with him drinking some beers, holding him up, among other things. The only part looking back that I didn't like about the match was Edge's involvement. We had a "Thank You Edge" chant. That was the first one I believe up to that time. Plenty of first, RVD kept both the ECW and WWE titles on that Tuesdays show. Still however, gets criticized for the way it ended aka the title reigns.

There you have it!! The top 10 moments in Rob Van Dam's career!! RVD, Mr.Monday Night, Thursday, PPV, the whole fn damn show....I'm talking ROB VAN DAM!! Like my list? Any moments I missed? What would your top 10 list look like? Leave that and more in the comment section below. PS: The countdown is currently on to blog 100. I have some ideas in mind for what to do to make it special aka big. My question is: What would you like for blog 100? Leave that in comment section below as well. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Very thorough, all that is missing IMO is when he beat Taker for the Undisputed title on RAW. Crowd went apeshit and had to have raised some eyebrows backstage. Unfortunately it was short lived. One of my all time favorite moments on Raw, let alone RVD's career.
  2. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Great list. Well done.

    I would throw an honorable mention on the tag match between RVD / Sabu Vs Hayabusa / Jinsei Shinzaki (Hakushi) @ Heatwave in '98. Easily one of my favorite matches to watch over and over......and over.
    Updated 07-09-2013 at 07:02 AM by sonoftheLINK (forgot to give props)
  3. weems's Avatar
    Good blog. I think you nailed it. While not a top 10 moment, my personal favorite RVD moment was the first Friday night ECW show on TNN. During the broadcast, they replayed a PPV match between RVD and Jerry Lynn. My friends and I knew of ECW at the time but really only watched WWF and WCW. We saw this match and were in shock b/c it was that good. We were hooked on ECW from that moment on b/c of that match.
  4. Redneck Mark's Avatar
    I think #9 should be top 5 (especially if you asked RVD himself), but this was a great list that took a lot of research and time. Props
  5. ozfan's Avatar
    Great blog entry. The only thing is that his match against Benjamin wasn't a unification match, it was simply just a Winner Take All. Why would you unify a title with a briefcase? And he did not unify the WWE and ECW titles. He just held both of them at the same time. If they were unified, the ECW Title would have been retired straight away in favour of the WWE Title. But I agree with the No. 1 choice. His victory over Cena at One Night Stand 2006 was his best throughout his whole career. I mean, come on, up until then, he was known as 'The Greatest Wrestler to Have Never Won a World Title'. On that night, he finally did it...he became World Champion.

    From Ozfan
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    This Blog Sucked....LOL

    Just Kidding...Great Blog. Many props to you for it. I love RVD and am hoping he's not a glorified jobber in his WWE return. I want him to win MITB.
  7. body slam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ozfan
    I mean, come on, up until then, he was known as 'The Greatest Wrestler to Have Never Won a World Title'. On that night, he finally did it...he became World Champion.
    Greatest wrestler to have never won a world title????? At that time he might have been the greatest active wrestler to never have won the world title.

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