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Ranking the Money in the Bank Cash Ins

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With WWE's annual Money in the Bank PPV just six days away I thought it would be a good idea to rank the 12 cash ins thus far, and because I like ranking things. The criteria for the list is pretty much the storyline that came after the cash in, how believable the new champion was, how the cash in took place, and what the results from the cash in were. Keep in mind this is all opinionated but feel free to chime in below in the comments and tell me where I went wrong.

#12 - John Cena on CM Punk

Now there's a few reasons why I ranked this as low as I did. You might think I only did it because he was the first to not successfully cash in and win a championship. That's not the case. I didn't see why John Cena needed to win Money in the Bank in the first place. It's a guaranteed fact he will be in the WWE Title hunt or WWE Champion during the summer months. Therefore he didn't need a briefcase to have a championship shot. I also didn't like how the match ended. Why not just have him lose cleanly to Punk? Well I guess it was to set up the whole Punk turning heel thing but still. The first time a guy loses his Money in the Bank briefcase shot should be by pinfall in my opinion.

#11 - Jack Swagger on Chris Jericho

It just didn't feel like it was the right time for Swagger to be a main eventer when he won the briefcase at Wrestlemania 26. He was still early into his WWE career and just didn't make a believable World Champion in my eyes. Honestly, I barely remember his title run. I know he feuded with Big Show then dropped it to Rey Mysterio but cannot remember the matches or storylines. It also didn't help that right after this angle he was doomed to mid to lower card status for 2 in a half years until he got bumped back up.

#10 - The Miz on Randy Orton

It's pretty much like Swagger for me. He just wasn't a believable champion in my eyes. I mean Miz is a great heel don't get me wrong, but I just didn't see him as champion material. I really don't believe that The Miz could ever beat John Cena or Randy Orton for as many PPVs as he did. It's nice that WWE gave him a shot like they did for Swagger, but I'm glad it ended.

#9 - Kane on Rey Mysterio

I give Kane points as the only man to ever cash in the same night that he won the briefcase. He gets a higher ranking than The Miz because the storyline he was involved in was much more important. He ended up feuding with The Undertaker which is always a good storyline when you get those two in it. It also gets a higher ranking because it was Kane's last, and probably, final run as a major champion in WWE. Too bad I just don't remember it that well.

#8 - CM Punk on Edge

This cash in started to elevate CM Punk as a top player in WWE. The only problem is, WWE really didn't have faith in him so they just let him hold the title until they thought of something else. Punk really didn't even have a big title defense during this run. Didn't he only defend it against JBL? The rest of the storyline unfolds that he gets taken out by Randy Orton at Unforgiven right before the Championship Scramble match takes place and Chris Jericho wins it. The only reason this is getting a higher ranking than Kane's is because like I previously stated, it started to elevate what is now the second biggest wrestler in WWE today.

#7 - Alberto Del Rio on CM Punk

The only reason I like this cash in more than Punk's first is because Del Rio had some big matches after he won it. Even though he lost it the very next PPV to John Cena, he wasn't facing someone like JBL. And at least he got to lose it instead of being stripped of it. He eventually did win it back in the triple threat Hell in a Cell match at Hell in a Cell, but then lost it to what became CM Punk's 434 day title reign. I liked the high profile matches and superstars he faced as a result of his cash in so that is why Del Rio comes in at number 7.

#6 - Daniel Bryan on Big Show

I know Bryan had a longer title run than who will be coming in at number 5 but hear me out. The matches he had were against The Big Show and Mark Henry, a depleted Elimination Chamber Match, and then lost it too Sheamus in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. It just wasn't any great matches to elevate this run to the top of the list. The reason I rank this in the top 6 is because it did elevate him into one of the top guys we know today. After his reign ended he feuded with CM Punk for the WWE Title and went on to form one of the most successful tag teams in recent memory.

#5 - Dolph Ziggler on Alberto Del Rio

What I like about this one was how long Ziggler waited to cash in. We never had to wait that long since Edge won the very first Money in the Bank match. As I said before, his reign was much shorter than Daniel Bryan's but the result of this cash in was seeing Ziggler pushed up as a main event guy and it also turned him face. Two things that I was eager to see for a long time. Also worth noting is how loud the crowd popped when Ziggler's music hit and when he won the title.

#4 - Edge (By way of Mr. Kennedy) on Undertaker

I liked that Edge got another shot at being World Champion by being an ultimate opportunist but I just didn't like how he won the briefcase. He didn't even win the ladder match for god sakes. Anyway I really enjoyed how his cash in went down. I remember this Smackdown clearly where Undertaker and Batista had a greuling Steel Cage match, Mark Henry further damaged Undertaker after it, then out came Edge. It was just so shocking because this was when the brand split was in effect and Edge was still on Raw. I don't really remember his reign all that well but it was still one of the better cash in attempts I can remember.

#3 - CM Punk on Jeff Hardy

So this was the second try at CM Punk being a Money in the Bank winner and winning the World Title from somebody and this time it payed off. This cash in let CM Punk turn heel for the first time in his WWE career and did that ever pay off. The storyline these two men had after the cash in was just phenomenal. Then Punk was able to feud with Undertaker and form the SES as a result of it. This cash in just made three great storylines and that is why it gets the number 3 spot.

#2 - Rob Van Dam on John Cena

I really loved the cash in attempt for this one. I loved that RVD told Cena when he would cash in and that he actually pulled it off unlike Cena six years later. The match itself was great. The storyline afterwards also made this be the number 2 cash in. I believe it was smart to have RVD win the WWE Title as soon as ECW was relaunching to make it seem like the new brand was something to watch and really pay attention too. The matches he had with Edge and Cena afterwards also made this cash in great.

#1 - Edge on John Cena

Say what you want about this one, but I really loved the very first cash in attempt ever. It was the first time we ever got to see how this concept went down. I never really knew when Edge would cash in. I thought he would do it on Batista but that never happened. It really shocked me when he cashed in on Cena after the Elimination Chamber match but it also made sense to do it after a brutal match. Sure he lost in 20 something days later to Cena again, but it also showed that Edge would be a big part in the main event scene until the day he retired.

Well there you have it. Most of you will disagree with my picks so let me know what you all think. Thank you for reading.

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  1. JGK2184's Avatar
    I thought Kane cashed in his MITB case on Chavo for the ECW title. I could be wrong.
  2. MikeyA's Avatar
    no. Kane won the battle royal in the, I guess you can call it the preshow of wm ànd later that night beat chavo for the ecw title
  3. JGK2184's Avatar
    Now that I am awake let me...

    1. I want to apologize for my error. I thought it was that was Chavo.


    2. Thank You for correcting me on my error.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Let me just give my opinions here where mine differs.

    Kane/Miz's should be higher if you ask me above Del Rio's and Punk's 1st. Why? Both had forgettable title reigns while Kane/Miz didn't. His feud with Taker was the best they had in a long time including Bearer I enjoyed a lot. Kane winning the feud was a plus as well. Miz headlining Mania and many MITB winners can say that?

    How can you like Del Rio's MITB cash in? That ruined the summer of Punk. It killed the buzz and excitement. That has got to be one of the worst because of that. I'd probably put Del Rio's 2nd to last, but one could argue the worst. The worst I'd have is Swagger's though.

    Cena's cash in was at least memorable and didn't ruin anything like Summer of Punk which was the best thing going at the time in WWE. He didn't need the MITB to get a title shot, but he was one of the few who could have won it and lost his cash in match.

    1 of the best raw moments in history, would I say top 10 or 20 no, but a very cool moment when Punk cashed in on Edge to win the world title. Punk didnt have big matches? Defeated the likes of JBL and Batista. The rather Del Rio cash in, will go down as probably one of the worst moments in Summerslam and MITB history. Both however, should be in the bottom 3.

    I would put at #1 was RVD's cash in. Just the impact, the memorable event, match, the ppv, the fans. Creating a new brand among other things. Was the title reign great? No, but neither was Edge who held for what? 2 weeks?
  5. Ahmed Jens Ben Arfa's Avatar
    Edge Cash in as Number one is in my opinion,the real deal.
    That was the first time that a MITB briefcase was used.It was unpredictable,and shocked everybody when VKM came out and announced that a Bloody,destroyed John Cena would defend his title against Edge!
    And it marked not John Cena first "real" defeat(if you don't count his really ridicule "First blood" match defeat against kurt angle before NYR) since WM21,and ended up his 280 title reign.Everybody was already fed up from Cena,as in the middle of his title reign,he became the super cena we know,and,by winning matches with only his five moves,people finnaly started turning on him,but he still won everything.When he defeated carlito in the elimination chamber,even throught carlito wasn't that over,the booing was so hard as everyone thought Cena finally would lose,and start over again with something fresh.

    Edge cash in and win the title,the crowd go wild,historical moment.

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