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EWN Championship Tournament: Part Two

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EWN Championship Tournament: Day Two

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the EWN Championship Tournament Part Two. What an amazing atmosphere we had in our last tournament round as we saw an amazing blog war between Cabers and Jelle1809. The crowd was split between the two and it was truly amazing to see some of the best perform at the event. The results of the tournament will be posted by 12:00 A.M on July 8th 2013. We also saw the real "heel turn" in your truly and an amazing interview with TheGreatOne. Without any further anticipation, welcome to the EWN Championship Tournament!

Breaking News: We have received some news from the EWN Championship and it appears that Playboy Stevie E is unable to compete in the EWN Championship Tournament. This comes as a shocker to the Championship because he was suppose to wage war against TheGreatOne. We will have more as the update continues but I have made the announcement to move the TheGreatOne on to the next round. For those of you that came to see a tournament; we will see one tonight. Ladies and gentlemen without further anticipation; we will see Mr.onemanband vs TheGreatOne. Good Luck to each participate.

Up Next... Interview with Assassin Blade

Welcome back to the EWN Championship Tournament.

Assassin Blade: No theme music.. just some words on paper for everyone to hear. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the new generation of blogging. Welcome to the new generation of immortality, the world of Assassin Blade. Why am I making a rant. I will keep this short and simple for everyone in the IWC Universe! We will enter a new generation of blogging with Assassin Blade entering the tournament! To those advancing to the next level.. mark it in your calenders that the best in the world is coming to win the EWN Championship Tournament! It is fact instead of fiction!

Power Stats
Here on the EWN Tournament; I like putting up facts into reality and here is another attempt of stats between TheGreatOne and Mr.onemanband.

TheGreatOne: 1) He is the blogger of 91 blogs
2) Most of his blogs are rated 5 Stars
3) Is Ready to win the Championship.. Be Jealous!

Mr.onemanband: 1) He is a rookie to this site
2) Has a total of 43 Posts
3) Has no blog experience.. until now!

Up Next.. A Interview with Assassin Blade
His take on who will win: TheGreatOne vs Mr.onemanband

Welcome Back to the EWN Championship Tournament

Assassin Blade: I'm back! Who did you think it was. I have one question to answer by a random blogger. Here it goes

Random Blogger: Why do you think your going to win the EWN Championship Tournament.

Assassin Blade: Yes; the Random question. It is simple I am destined to win the EWN Championship and become the best in the world!

Enough with questions.. here's my take on who will win against TheGreatOne and Mr.onemanband!

* It is a quite simple to underestimate the underdog coming into this tournament as we have seen before. It is countless examples such as Santino Marella nearly winning the WHC and Vince winning the Rumble match in 1999. In this scenario, the fairy tales are over and facts overcomes fiction. Whoever can retain a steady base and stay on topic will win. In my opinion, it could be TheGreatOne because he holds the prestige of having 91 blogs; the most that anyone on EWN has ever had. Mr.onemanband is new to the ball game but could come up with some tricks from his arsenal to prevail; but the mentality of TheGreatOne will not settle for a loss and wants the win!
Projected Winner: TheGreatOne

Up Next.. WWE PPV Theme Music of the Day
Later... The Main Event

Welcome back.. for this special occasion before the main event; I want to to go over a PPV theme music that WWE actually incorporate in there PPV genre this following year. It is from Wrestlemania 29: ''Bones!''

An excellent song to say the least. It is incorporate the need to succeed in a certain obstacles and it is very fitting to put it in the EWN Championship Tournament. It is a will to win and if you lose; it is not accepted until your champion!

As we move from the eagerness to win.. let me please welcome everyone to the main event of the evening! Ladies and Gentlemen; please welcome the illustrious TheGreatOne and the underdog Mr.onemanband. To settle the anticipation of this championship round; let's begin!

Main Event: TheGreatOne vs Mr.onemanband
Topic: Worst Thing That Happened in WCW

Mr.onemanband: Hey guys it's mr.onemanband here and today's blog is my debut in the EWN I'd like to think *Assassin Blade for the invite.*

Now it's the thought of what was the worse thing that happened in WCW?
This might come as a shock but it's not that David Arquette won the title that Vince Russo was champ either it wasn't a lot of things you would think of.

So my answer is this the number of underused talent in WCW. WCW had numerous and I mean numerous amount of talent that would go on to be superstars in WWE TNA and other company's
The first name that pops up for me is a man that was used mostly in the cruiserweight division that would be Chris Jerchio look at what Chris would go onto do when he first started in WWE he had a program with the rock he go on to win int title 9 times multiple time tag champ the first undisputed champion in wwe history and a mainstream guy one who even non wrestling fans know about. I mean Chris could of feuded with the greats of WCW went toe to toe during WCW Booker T , DDP, Steiners, savage , Hogan etc.

Secondly you have Rey Mysterio Jr. as he was called in WCW Rey was so talented so talented and he proved it in WCW his matches with Eddy Guerrero another wasted talent were incredible his match at Halloween Havoc was better than most main event WCW matches in history. Rey should been used like he was in WWE before his injuries Rey is your good connection for the kids and look at what he did after he left WCW royal rumble winner cruiserweight champ int champ world heavyweight champ WWE Champion. Rey has proven to be a true underdog in wrestling history.

The third and last at least of this blog is well it's two guys The Hollywood Blondes aka Stunning Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. Dear WCW you had two future HOF's who you placed in a gimmick like that who were poised to change the landscape in WWE history and help define the attitude era that killed WCW . If they would have seen that these guys were that talented that star powered WCW should of put foot on gas and never let go they might have won the Monday Night Wars as well.*

So this is mr.onemanband and that's the worse thing that happened in WCW. Now looks there are many and many more names I could add to list but these three stick out the most.

Thanks for your time look at the legend created in your eyes the real deal mr.onemanband.

TheGreatOne: The worst thing that ever happened in WCW? So many bad things have happened in WCW so I have a lot to choose from, but there is just two that just stand out amongst the rest: David Arquette winning the WCW title and Finger Poke of Doom. No moments are really talked about as much as those two which is why no question in my mind the worst moment is one of the two. I will break down both moments and acknowledge which one I believe the worst is and why?

I'll start off with the one that happened first in 1999. January 4th, 1999 the main event of WCW Nitro was Nash WCW champion vs Hollywood Hogan. Now remember, Nash won the title last month by ending the undefeated streak of Bill Goldberg's at Starrcade. However, what also happened that night was a WWF title match between champion The Rock vs Mankind. Some time during the broadcast, Tony Schiavone gave the results of the Raw show like they always do. However, after announcing Mankind won the WWF title, he chuckled and said that'll put some butts in the seats. Hundreds of thousands of people tuned over instantly to see Mankind win the WWF title. However turned back to see WCW's main event which some call the biggest mistake they ever made. Match begun between Hogan and Nash. Hogan poked Nash and he feel on his back. Hogan covered him for the 3 count. Some people say the tide switched that night in the Monday Night Wars, but WCW was losing in the ratings war 9 straight weeks going in to January 4th. WCW Nitro's rating was a 5 that night, the following week it was the same a 5. It was a 5 again the 25th of January of that month. Is that the worst thing that happened in WCW? No! Don't let us pretend that WWE didn't do the same with other championships. Hell, HHH and HBK did it in European title match on Raw. I remember Outlaws pinning the other in a fatal 4 way tag match for the tag titles. WCW never won a ratings war again after that night, but add 9 weeks prior you could say the same.

David Arquette winning the WCW world title is probably the biggest joke and one of the worst moments in wrestling period. WCW is the world title. It was once the most prestigous title in wrestling. History beginning in 1904 I believe until now. Why would Russo do this? To create some buzz to get people talking. Bad publicity is not good for your product. I dont care what profession you are in. I bet WCW fans who are so loyal to continue to watch through told a former WCW fan what happened. He said, Arquette just won the WCW title. I bet the response from the former fan was, I'm glad I stopped watching WCW. When you sit back and watch that documentry on the world title "history of the world heavyweight title" you think how much it was a slap in the face to all the ones who worked their butts off to get there. Just like all these celebs coming in to the HOF while other wrestlers get the shaft. Get more credit for one night appearance than these guys get credit for 20 years of what they did in the ring. A lot of wrestlers worked hard to get to the top, but don't get there. The way Arquette can say he is a former world champion disgusts me and should disgust the rest of you. Look at all the great wrestlers who wrestled for both WWF and WCW didn't become a world champion? He achieved in one night some wrestlers couldn't achieve in over a 20+ year career.

There you have it!! The worst thing in my mind that ever happened in WCW.

* Tonight we saw two amazing blogs and an amazing interview with Assassin Blade. What does the future hold for these two bloggers. Till next time go vote in the EWN Championship Tournament.

Assassin Blade would like to thank TheGreatOne and Mr.onemanband.

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  1. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    not that it matters, but there were actually 2 draws, so the score is OMB:4, TGO: 2
    Thanks Kajmere. I was not sure of whom you voted for so I did not count you as a voter in the EWN Championship Tournament. So ladies and gentlemen, the new score is:

    Mr.onemanband: 4 Votes
    TheGreatOne: 2 Votes

    * It is still time to vote. If you want your favorite to win; please vote in the comment section below.
    * Voting Ends: July 10th 2013

    Here are the current results for Round 1
    1) Jelle1809 defeats Cabers (6 1/2 Votes to 1 1/2 Votes )
    2) If you still want to enter; please PM me!

  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Onemanband for me. Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero is what got me back into wrestling. The underutilized talent and letting Hogan, Nash, and Hall run everything was ridiculous
  3. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I guess one man
  4. The Neophyte's Avatar
    No offense Assassin, but I really think you should just post the power stats section and the blog face-off. By the time I read all that other pointless stuff, I was exhausted.

    Anyways, I felt like OneBandMan was better written and more original. I have probably read the whole Foley-wins-title-spoiler and David Arquette thing 100 times in other articles and blogs.

    Vote goes to Onemanband by split decision.
  5. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    What seems like a total whirlwind of developments; Mr.onemanband is winning the EWN Championship Round 2! Congrats but voting is not over until July 10th 2013 (12:00 A.M) so TGO can still pull of an upset and win this round. It is all decided on the fans; so good luck to both and here are the current results!

    Mr.onemanband: 7 Votes
    TheGreatOne: 2 Votes

    *It is still time time to vote for your favorites, so get your vote in and good luck
    *Thanks for both participants for participating!

    EWN Championship Round One Results
    Winner: Jelle1809

    What to expect in the final round:
    Final Thoughts Going Into the Event
    An Interview with Jelle1809
    An Interview with either Mr.onemanband or TheGreatOne
    Losers of last round pick the topic
    Power Stats
    Assassin Blade: Groundbreaking Interview
    Winner Final Thoughts
    Next Event: Suggestions of names by Readers and Bloggers

    * All that to expect and more as we go on to the final. Can we also see another blog war alongside the Championship war. PM me with any questions. Thanks!

    -Assassin Blade
  6. Redneck Mark's Avatar
    The question was what was the worst thing that happened in WCW.

    I think One Man Band's answer was good, but like Kajmire said, it technically happened after the fact. His events that he listed occurred in both WCW and WWE.

    The GreatOne's answer was more straight forward and referred strictly to ongoings in WCW. I vote for him even thugh its already a blowout.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    My argument against his would be, every wrestling company has misused talented superstars. If I went on any forum right now, WWE, TNA, or even ROH. They'd say several names such as Drew McIntyre and others. You think Austin was used right when he debuted in WWE as the ringmaster? The names you listed of the guys, none of them won their world title before WCW closed. Actually several years after the fact. I can go to a WWE forum right now, get a ton of responses of guys who are misused.
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