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Money in the Bank Predictions

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With it only being just over a week away and all the important matches are set for the money in the bank ppv and its lined up to be an interesting event, but i will be focusing on the 4 main matches

WWE Championship - RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton vs.Kane vs. Rob Van Dam

All star wwe championship mitb ladder match has the same platform as last year as all competitors are former world champions.
All 7 men have been in this match before, but who has the momentum?

RVD - first match back - very doubtful
Kane - winner in 2010, doesn't need the win at this stage in his career
Christian - Would make a good return story, personally i would like to see him have one decent run with the title but i don't see this has his time having only just returned
Sheamus - Has done a big load of NOTHING in aslong as i can remember, surprise winner here?
Randy orton - Claims he needs to win, could quite possibly be the most dangerous man with this breif case
cm punk - 2 time back to back winner, has experience in this department but does not need the w here as he is set for a feud with Brock lesnar
Daniel Bryan - Set for a apparent wwe championship feud with John cena at summerslam, but does he win this match for a second time? In my biased opinion being a D Bryan fan for as long as i have and seen how much he has elevated his performance wwe would be stupid to over look undoubtedly one of if not the best in the company

Winner - Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship - SmackDown Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger vs. Damien Sandow vs. Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes

Now this match intrigues me and i love the concept of it
All men are upcoming stars (apart from swagger) but it gives the winner a push that elevates a new star and possible future world champion.

Lets start with

Jack swagger - Former winner and only former world champion in this match ( yes kids thats right ) now i will go on record and say i will eat a hat if he wins and will happily upload images

Team Rhode Scholars - the tag team tension will be interesting, but neither man will win but both have the potential to be world champion with a little more work

Fandango - Lost his momentum and push due to his concussion, hard to see him winning although he has the right character to tease cash ins

Wade Barrett - Will he/ won't he ever be world champion, a few years ago we all said yes, 2013, a very mediocre IC title reign, can it happen still?

Antonio Cesaro - will he team with swagger? Do the E want him with the brief case? personal opinion, the man is polished in every aspect of the business, make hi no nonsense and a total badass and he will be a world champion sooner than later, please debate this!!!

Dean Ambrose- My pick to win this match, he's the U.S champion, the shield are still a top act in wwe and would make a very interesting dynamic having a mitb case with the way they carry themselves, i cant see another outcome myself

World Heavyweight Championship:
Alberto Del Rio (c) with Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Dolph Ziggler with AJ Lee and Big E. Langston

Both men switching roles in a rather simple storyline, i was personally absolutely gutted for ziggler as apart from Daniel Bryan and cm punk i haven't seen anyone in wwe work harder than either of these men.
Now for the match itself, i cant see dolph just winning the title back so quickly, wwe put the title on adr for a reason (i'm hoping) hopefully we get to see a decent rivalry and ziggler regaining the title he should still be carrying now at maybe summerslam? Time will tell

WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry's swerve garnered some opinions but was one hell of a good angle whether you saw it coming or not it was handled very well by both cena but especially Henry. It added another layer to his character.
Now i would like to see Mark win this match, cena would look stronger chasing the title but i don't see that happening, this should be John's last title reign for so many reasons. Now i am going to go off subject for a minute but bare with me, i say all this as a fan of cena, maybe not his in ring style but his dedication and his ability to perform. Despite alot of abuse thrown cena's way he can carry a good if not great match, admittedly it depends on who he is in the ring with but cena has put over people like miz, sheamus and even the nexus and has put on great matches with names like Shawn Michaels, cm punk and Randy Orton.

Now saying this should be his last reign is justified as he is a 13 time world champion and on paper has many years still to go, but cena a seasoned veteran should be putting people over for the title much like Shawn Michaels and Triple H did in the later years of there respective careers.

Which is why i don't see Mark winning this match as much as i want him too
There are bigger plans for cena and i hope there is a title reign in Henrys near future, this match should continue further than next sunday with a gimmick rematch


Peace x

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  1. ejorbit's Avatar
    I don't think WWE expected RVD to get the reaction he's gotten since his promos have started airing. I think he'll win to carry that momentum and maybe set up a rematch with Cena from One Night Stand 06.

    WHC.... Who really cares? Sandow I'd say since the feud with Sheamus was an obvious attempt to get him some exposure with a main eventer.

    I hope Del Rio to give Ziggler the win at SS.

    Probably Cena. If it does go to Henry, I'd say a short reign. Maybe even trade the win the following night on Raw.
  2. Sleven_xi_77's Avatar
    I rather not have Bryan win it just because I rather see him beat Cena cleanly.
    Punk doesn't need it...Isn't Orton and Shemus on Smackdown? I need they no compete on both shows but they're on the main Smackdown roster...I say why not have Christian win the case?

    I say either Barrett or Ambrose win the
    WHC case I personally would want Ambrose to do it.

    Ziggler should not win just yet but rather at SS

    if Henry does win then make Bryan win MITB so he can cash it in.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    Cena is not even that old.
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Now, after RAW yesterday, Randy Orton will win the RAW MITB Ladder match
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    RVD wins the RAW MITB. He's the wildcard. This match can spark feuds from the other 6 participants.

    Smackdown MITB really sucks. I hope either Swagger or Rhodes wins.

    ADR wins

    Usos win.

    Axel wins.

    RySuck wins

    Cena wins, but gets cashed in on by RVD who is revealed as a Heyman guy.
    Updated 07-09-2013 at 01:08 PM by DK Wrestling Savior

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