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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE 2K14

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Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am back with another opinion. This time I would like to share with you on what I would like to see in WWE's upcoming game, WWE 2K14. I know its getting released in only three months but thus far, not many details have been released. This was a requested topic so I thought I would still write about it. I hope you all enjoy.

[B]Finisher Counter Attacks[/B]
A lot of moves have the same, or similar, or only ONE counter for moves. I think every finisher should have more than one of its own counter. For example: Randy Orton's RKO. When countered, the opponent reversing the move tosses Orton on his back. I think they should have another counter where the opponent just shoves him away.

Another example would be CM Punk's Go To Sleep and John Cena's Attitude Adjustment. The Fireman's Carry they do has multiple counter attacks, such as an elbow to the jaw, a reverse DDT, and an Impaler DDT. But I think the moves themselves should have their own counter. A counter for Punk's GTS might be that when Punk drops his opponent, the opponent grabs his knee and shoves him to the mat or backwards. A counter for Cena's AA might have the opponent counter it into a falling DDT (Similar to how HBK normally counters the AA).

Also, there is a bug I found in WWE 13 where the superstar will counter Undertaker's Last Ride into a seated senton and then hop up into a frozen crucifix stance. Hopefully this is fixed.

There are finishers that need to be re-animated. Such as:
[B]Trouble in Paradise -[/B] NO KICK! Nuff said. Also, I think it should be a Running Move from now on. Even if its not a running move, just NO KICK!
[B]The Neutralizer - [/B]Have Cesaro pick up the opponent the way he does on TV
[B]Sweet Chin Music - [/B]Have a new quick super kick. Like what HBK does literally out of nowhere. A quick 1 second move. Also, a new corner Sweet Chin Music. I hate the animation where the superstar taking the move does a 180 spin and takes about 3 seconds to fall to the mat. I like the older ones where they fall backwards to the mat like the were just kicked unconscious.
[B]The 619 -[/B] Have a new one introduced where Mysterio performs the move and then stays on the apron. From that point, what you do next is up to the player. Perform a Springboard move, go to the top rope and perform a Diving move or just simply re-enter the ring and pin the superstar or continue the pain.
[B]W.M.D. - [/B]I hate the animation. He stalls, makes the fist, hypes up and then just punches them. His opponent just stands there and takes the punch like it is nothing. I think the move should only be the punch its self. Use the hype up as a Wake Up taunt.
[B]Cross Rhodes - [/B]When has Cody Rhodes ever swung his arm out like he was about to do a Reverse Twist of Fate? I haven't ever seen him do it but I'd like to see it...but anyways, he doesn't swing his arm out, at least not now, he holds his opponent's arm, twists left and then spins right to perform the move. Hopefully they update his finisher move animation or at least introduce a new version of it.

[B]Custom Logos - [/B]Only two things. One: I think that you should be able to create more logos than you currently can and Two: I think that you should be able to use more than two of a different type of logo.

[B]Create-a-Finisher -[/B] We have Front Grapple, Corner and Top Rope finisher creations. I think that this time, the player should be able to create a Corner vs. Ground finisher. The superstar might be able to create a new Spear, Super Kick, or even a running boot or a running clothesline.

[B]Create-a-Moveset -[/B] Add some new Leverage Pins. Add ones from the ground as well as new standing pins. Ground pins may include the Oklahoma Roll, the Jackknife Pin and La Magistral (Arm Wrench Inside Cradle). Standing pins may also include another version of the Jackknife Pin, where the wrestler uses a double leg takedown and performs the move, the Backslide Pin and the Sunset Flip


[B]Steel Cage -[/B] I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has played a cage match in WWE 13 and realised that the only way to win in a proper steel cage match is to escape over the top or out the door. You cannot pin your opponent in it, unless you have a normal match with the ring surrounded by the cage. I think that they should have the original stipulation, and that is you can pin, submit or escape.

[B]Royal Rumble -[/B] I would like to see new elimination features in the Royal Rumble match. Have it so you can actually TOSS your opponent over the top rope with them hitting the floor. Make it a short mini-game. When your opponent tosses you over the rope, have ONE button come up on the screen and press that button quick enough before you get eliminated. If you're successful, you will hold onto the rope. If you're unsuccessful, you will go all the way to the floor and be eliminated. It shouldn't come down to how damaged a superstar is in order for them to be eliminated. Even have the most worn out and fatigued guy throw out a new fresh guy.

[B]Special Guest Referee -[/B] Whenever the referee gets 'too involved', an official referee comes out and you get kicked out of the match. I think they should put in an option where you can turn this off. That way, you can wreck havoc as much as you want.


[B]Tag Team Turmoil -[/B] We have one on one Gauntlet matches. I would love to see Tag Team Gauntlet matches. In other words, the tag team turmoil.

[B]Ambulance match -[/B] There have been a couple of Ambulance matches over the past year. I would like to see the match introduced into a game.
Three Stages of Hell -[/B] We have a 2 out of 3 Falls stipulation in the current WWE game. And it will most likely be in WWE 2K14 as well but I would love to see the return of the Three Stages of Hell match. I love the idea of being able to choose a 2 out of 3 falls match with major stipulations for each fall (TLC, Cage, No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, etc.)

[B]Triple Threat Tag Team - [/B]I love the three corners tag team match. I don't know how this would work out but I would like to see it in a game.
5-5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team match - [/B]It would be good if you could have the 10 man tag match. I've seen a few on TV, plus the traditional elimination match at the Survivor Series PPVs. I would love it if this match could make a debut in a game. Also, even if you have to do it the same way the did it in WWE 12, where six men are in the match, and everytime someone is eliminated, another partner hops onto the apron.


[B]Editing Championships -[/B] I like the feature that you can edit the WWE Championship belts. You can make a silver version of the World Heavyweight title, a gold version of the Divas Championship or even give the WWE Title a pink strap. But I think you should be able to take it to the next level. I think you should be able to edit the colours of the WHOLE belt. This includes different parts of the main plate, the side plates, the strap and even the medallions.

[B]Superstar Threads - [/B]Not much here, except for the fact that you can only edit so much of the superstar's attire. For example: Ryback's attire in WWE 13. You can't edit his actual singlet, only his knee pads, boots, gloves and arm bands. I think in WWE 2K14, you should be able to edit the colour of every piece of clothing that the superstar wears. Also, extra save slots. Be able to create five alt. attires rather than just three.


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  1. wsm1996's Avatar
    Yeah lots of shit needs improved in wwe games
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I would love to be able to change the superstar's default attire in alt. threads. Other than that, I agree with your list
  3. Jay Danger's Avatar
    More CAW's!
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like new match types except for ambulance.
  5. TheMizIsMichaelCole's Avatar
    Make pins harder to kick out of online?
  6. rhyno535's Avatar
    Good points there. The only thing i want is GM Mode. If they include that i will pre order the game faster than anyone else does.

    And i hope that they include REAL MUSIC in the game. Remember songs like Firefly or Survive? Why not bullet with a name on it or everybody down? And who can not forget the last night on earth intro in SDvsRAW. I want a very nice soundtrack in the game that pumps me up while playing the game. Thanks to the GM modes in 06,07,08 i almost know every single word in my favorite songs in the games. I dont want to hear Ortons theme song or Miz "AWESOME" theme, i want a good song like Riot from three days grace. A couple of rock and rap songs, or else let us change the songs in the game.
  7. wsm1996's Avatar
    I'm thinking 2k14 will have lots of the music in it that nba games do, ya know with out lil wayne n bball themed music
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