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Coffee Talk: The Impact of Wyatt Family's Debut

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Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. I've been away a few weeks. There hasn't been much to talk about. I don't think a whole lot of the, what many people call the double-turn with ADR and Ziggy. The Shield now loses back to back 3 on 3 matches. Them being a dominant force is slowly dwindling. Daniel Bryan is still regarded by many as being the most over superstar in WWE, which I'm not so sure about either. There's a thee-way power struggle in the McMahon/Helmsley family. The most intriguing thing to me is these wickedly disturbing promo videos. So I wanted to discuss the eventual Wyatt Family debut and what would be the best way to do so.

So grab your cup of joe, your espresso, steamer, latte, betty crocker cake frosting, whatever your poison is, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

For several weeks now, we've been seeing promos for The Wyatt Family. Some mountain hillbilly group that reminds me of the movie Wrong Turn. They're freaky, disturbing, psychotic, and honestly, I cannot wait for their debut. But let's talk about this debut and go over some of the various ways they can do this.

1)I think it's clear they're going to be another heel faction. So, they can come out and do an attack on someone to make an impact. But the problem with this approach is, it's always done this way. How many times have we seen someone come out to make an impact on someone like John Cena? In fact, everyone seems to do either a return, a heel turn, or a debut, on John Cena. Also, they've done this with The Shield, taking out Ryback more times than I can count. But as they pushed The Shield, every top superstar fell victim to them. So, if they go this route, I think it needs to be someone different. Someone who hasn't fell victim to The Shield. But that eliminates just about everyone...everyone except...HHH. I think HHH would be a great target for the Wyatt Family. Perhaps he wins this power struggle around MITB time, and while he's making a speech the next night on Raw, here they come. Run.

2)Another option they can do, which seems a little less enticing, is they come out and attack a newly crowned tag team champ, The Usos. Let's say The Usos win the titles at MITB. So they come out the next night on Raw to see what kind of promo these guys can cut. Bad or good, we're waiting for The Shield to come out and either attack or mouth off...when suddenly, here comes The Wyatt Family. They come out and lay complete waste to The Usos, lighting a fire in the tag team division. These guys come out, destroy the Usos, cut a promo, and of course, The Shield will need their rematch as well. So what gives?

3)An even less appealing option would be they announce the Wyatt's debut and one of them has a single's match against Justin Gabriel or Zach Ryder. Or even a tag team match against both Gabriel and Ryder. They win in destroying fashion, then Bray cuts a promo where he talks about how he's God and yada yada yada. Let's really hope this doesn't happen.

4)Finally, and this is how I would love for this happen, if they're not going to do the HHH attack thing, a preferred option would be a major swerve. Let's say The Shield keeps the titles over The Usos at MITB. The next night, they come out and cut a promo...minus Dean Ambrose who has to defend his IC later...Suddenly, here comes the debut of The Wyatts. They come out and a short brawl ensues that ends with The Wyatts laying The Shield out with some killer tag team finisher. Then they cut their debut promo.

I'm sure there are a number of ideas out there. That's why I opened this door. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas on how The Wyatts debut should go down. I really hope WWE doesn't blow this opportunity. I really don't want to see Option 3. Option 2 wouldn't be the worst. I prefer option 1, and I can deal with Option 4 as well.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee Talk. Have a great weekend and a great upcoming Holiday. Be Safe Everyone!

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think they should interrupt the Shield, make a real moment out of it.. No feud right away though, just the future implication. They can come out and taunt them after a match then circle back to the feud around SS or right after.
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Let's hope the build up isn't a let down ...wyatt family v sheild with the wyatt family as tweener instead of straight out heels or faces .. Matches would bring a lot of prestige back to the tag titles
  3. scribblerking's Avatar
    Frankly I would like to see them go after different kind of prey at first...anyone but a full time wrestler but relevant enough to make a impact...have the group go after Lilian, the time keeper, referees, the announcers, the tv guys...not to hurt them but just stalking them trying to "educate them on the hypocrisy of the mechanism that is the WWE!" Bray can say "stop being a cog in the machine people...come be the grease with me that keeps the wheels flowing!"
  4. weems's Avatar
    Random thought on the Wyatt Family: With Bray always preaching, I see this as an opportunity for the Wyatt Family to not just make foes but also attract some followers. Similar to how the Taker recruited Mideon and Viscera to the Ministry, I would not be overly surprised if the Wyatt Family become a larger stable 6 months from now. Curt Hawkins is not over with the crowd whatsoever but is a good worker. I would love to see him get a gimmick change and be involved in something other than squash matches. If 3MB don't last much longer, I could also see Heath Slater as a possible recruit since he is definitely a southern guy.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses guys. As a follow up, it seems they went with the worst option and announced their debut. Now the question is, what will their debut be?
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    You're right that was the worst option. The only way to make it worse is to announce before a commercial on Raw that "the Wyatt family debuts next!"

    Im guessing they'll interrupt someone at the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd hour. It's gotta be the Shield or a big name face. Punk or Cena would be nice and the latter could allow Henry to pick up the scraps.

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