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Sudden Impact Special: TNA's Cost-Cutting Measures

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Hey fans. Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. No jokes, no cheapshots at the other company. This is actually sad. TNA is cutting down their roster and as the list stands from the latest update according to this website, Christian York and Joey Ryan have just joined Sam Shaw, Taelor Hendrix, and Madison Rayne as notable that have been released. I've got the website up on another screen and I'm hitting refresh in case there are more updates to add before I complete this blog.

First, let's talk about the cuts that they've made. We have some names here that not only have an opportunity to bridge TNA into the transition as their core wrestlers get a bit older, but they've done some building with these wrestlers and it doesn't seem to make sense. Remember how long of a build the Joey Ryan thing was? That was great television and I couldn't wait for the next gut check to see what he would do. How about some of the matches Christian York put on involving RVD and even Jeff Hardy. I didn't see York a great X Division guy but certainly a mid-card talent that could've been utilized.
And Taelor Hendrix? Hot, talented, and with a depleted Knockouts Division, it could've been very easy to get a story going for her. Madison Rayne remains to be seen. I'm sure if she returns to wrestling after he pregnancy, TNA will welcome her back with open arms. And Sam Shaw, well, I didn't see much of him but with that said, I'm going to breakdown some of the issues as I see them. This is mostly due to personal preference but hopefully it'll stick.

When The Novelty Wears Off

I concentrate on one person when I think of this. Joseph Park. That novelty has worn off so bad that it's annoying now. He's IN the BFG Series and Matt Morgan isn't? Worse yet, he's involved in storylines that are meaningless for the most part, yet, TNA can't find a place for Joey Ryan or Christian York? I get the fact that they don't have to pay Chris, you know, Abyss, double for doing the Joseph Park thing, but go with Abyss, or go with Park. So much quality match time and backstage segement time is wasted on him/them. He comes out as Joseph Park and while he's somewhat over with the crowd, he's not exactly WOW'ing anyone with promos.

When Much Becomes Too Much

How much Bully running around backstage, cutting a promo to start the show, and cutting a promo to end the show, following some extended A&E beatdown on someone, do we really have to be subjected to? I'll be honest, I like Bully as champ and I like the concept of Aces & Eights...well, to a degree...but it has seriously become exactly what the NWO was in the Nitro days. Nobody really doing anything, gang beatdowns, the shows ending the same way each week, etc. I always said in my pro-TNA blogs that they gotta do more, go further, and have more meaning behind the A&E storyline. They really haven't. Every since Bully won the title, it's been screw job win after screw job win. It's been gang fight after gang fight. It's been backstage segment after backstage segment. So much time is wasted on Bully and the A&E concept. Couple that with the constant segments involving Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan, and you get probably half of a two-hour show dedicated to a storyline that's completely flatlined. There's really no more intrigue left. If Bully and the Hogans are gonna dominate every episode of Impact, they need a direction for the story. Not just, A&E taking over TNA, and Hogan has to be the savior. Who the hell does Hogan think he is? I'm the Savior. LOL.

The Desperate Need For New Upper Management

I don't know, nor do I pay much attention to the backstage minds behind wrestling. There's too many rumors and too much speculation for me to worry about such things. However, it's pretty evident that Hogan has a major hand in the goings on behind the scenes in TNA. He's not just an on-camera figure. And Dixie Carter, president of the company, has this misguided notion that Hogan is still big time in the wrestling world. When I think of Hulk Hogan now, I think of sex-tape scandal, Hogan Knows Best, and Howard Stern Interviews where he reveals he needs to sit down to shave because he can't stand for long periods of time due to his deteriorating back. That's what comes to mind with Hulk Hogan. Not as much the guy who made it possible for us to enjoy wrestling today. Legend? Yes. Major Impact on today's wrestling world? Not a chance. Is he over with the TNA crowds? Yes. Would they miss him if he wasn't around? Doubtful.

More changes in the upper management come from the ones who handle the contracts of these wrestlers. Brother Love being the VP of Talent Relations, the accountability falls on him, ultimately. But who else is involved in the development of talent? Who's creating gimmicks? Who's making the decisions to release talented assets likes Joey Ryan and Christian York. Are they main eventers? Probably not. But are they solid mid-carders that can work and do good things for the secondary foundation of a show? Of course.

Weight Deader Than What They Cut

When talking about dead weight, is it really smart to go to the OVW developmental roster to get rid of people? Taelor Hendrix and Sam Shaw, who never even got much of an opportunity following their gut-check performances, are now gone. However, if I'm not mistaken, there's plenty more dead weight that are less essential to TNA that are around, and going nowhere soon. One name that stands out is, King Mo. A man who hasn't been seen, heard from, or even promoted in anyway, on Impact television. He's doing the Bellator thing and I get that. But is TNA still payrolling this guy? Two other names that jump out at me are Robbie E and Jessie from Big Brother. These two are used so sparingly that unless they come out, I forget they even exist. I've heard enough "Bro" and "Dude" from these two. Jersey Shore isn't even a show anymore. Drop the act already. And Big Brother? Never even heard of it when Jesse did debut. Sure haven't heard much from it now. Repackage both these guys, or send them packing.

It's clear I'm a bit passionate about some of the moves that were made. These 4 big releases were all Gut Check people. Yet, didn't they just have a gut check two or three weeks ago? They get rid of Taelor Hendrix but they kept that oversized useless chick who didn't even win her gut-check match? Why the gut check people? Why make what was intriguing close to a year ago, a complete waste of our time? I stress, bad management, bad talent relations, bad planning, and bad execution. I'm mum on TNA right now.

I just refreshed and now Crimson has been released. Wow. I'm not exactly sure where TNA is going from here. They need to worry more about grooming their talent. I see a report about their relationship w/ OVW. Not sure how much clout is behind that report. We'll see. Another update, it looks like Taelor Hendrix requested her release. That's a shame. I liked her and I will let her know that on Twitter. And it seems Sam Shaw hasn't been released. Well, I guess there's some good news.

If TNA is releasing people because they're not making money, then they need to hit the breaks. Go back to what works. Get off the road and back into the Impact Zone. I admit, here and now, that I was wrong in my assumption that TNA would do better being on the road. If they go on the road, they should just do compact road trips, but stay central to a certain area. For example, do a south and north Florida tour for the next several Impacts. Stick to the small college campuses. They have Bound for Glory in San Diego, so the few Impacts leading up to that event should take place in places like Phoenix, LA, etc. They shouldn't be in Texas one week, Michigan the next, PA the next, then down in Alabama the next. It's poor planning, poor focus, and poor money management. Business 101 teaches people to run things better than TNA is currently being run. I hope this isn't the beginning of their demise, but faith is starting to disappear.

I hope you all enjoyed my rant. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what's happening in TNA.

Be Safe and Have a Great Holiday.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree here with all of what you said. By the way, happy holidays!
  2. Jay Danger's Avatar
    In order for TNA to succeed, it needs to no longer be the place where WWE wrestlers go to die.
  3. searle's Avatar
    Gotta say think your spot on with joseph park, the joseph park thing is just stupid and really annoying me now, i dont see point to it, where its going or if its going anywhere at all and i agree with bfg series, why isnt matt morgan in there, all those weeks of building the guy up when he was giving hogan shit and nothing come of that either, a complete waste and i think they could do alot more with him too, shame really, hulk hogan, where do i start, guys way past his sell by date, shits getting annoying with him coming out jabbering on all the time, theres no need for him to be there, him and brooke need to eff off, just let sting and mem come out and do promos against a&8s
  4. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Haven't seen what Ryan did in the Indies, and his start in TNA was good, but that character, wasn't doing it.
    Sure York had a good, not great match against Hardy, but his moves were slow, like he just didn't have a clue in what to do in the match, and he never improved. The loss of those 2, not really a problem with it.

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