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Bad push at bad time good push good time

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I'm still working on the brad maddox miz effect article so now I'll go to my next one I had

Hey it's mr.onemanband here and before I go on to begin my blog today I like to say thank you to those who read and enjoyed it.

Today in the latest addition of my blog I am talking about bad pushes at bad times and good pushes at good times.
The first will be a bad push at bad time and it goes to the real American Jack Swagger now if you remember at Wrestlemania 26 Jack Swagger won the money in the bank but if you weren't aware jack swagger was not slated to win the much as the winner was suppose to be Jeff Hardy. Jeff had been suspend at the time for the wellness test failing. Jeff would of not only went on to win mitb if he would of won it he would of came to cash in and either cena who was wwe champion at the time or he would of cashed in on y2j and start a feud with him and edge over the title. If you look at it either way would of been a great feud.

All right back on track , Jack swagger as we now know went on to win the title and cashed in on y2j to go on then on a terrible title run.
His first defense against Randy orton had no build at all and was a last minute effort the match itself was forgettable . He then went on to feud with big show , Kane , and Rey .*
What made this a bad push at bad time was a number of things. First being he won mitb by default and wasn't ready at the time.
2nd smackdown at the time was ran by a lot of heels and honestly more than desrving others to have had won it MVP or drew would have been my choice.*
3rd he really had no credibility he won the ecw title he beat Matt hardy and finley who aren't really the biggest names sure he faced a returning Christian but he lost the title and kind of lost steam if any that he had .
So in the end Swagger was bad push at bad time.

So let's look at a good push at good time.
Now looking at it there's been lots of them but I'm going to go with one of recent memory . I was going to go with John cena as he first earned wwe title but I'm going with Dean Ambrose.

The us title had lost steam I mean sure it was somewhat prestigious when dolph had it but before that you had swagger and santino r truth before heel turn and numerous others who I can't remember besides Ryder ( WWWYKI) anyway dean was a wrestler who just had that ligament feel about him someone who you could say yeah that guys is the future.
It was a good push because a he was able to win it cleanly. B because he now give the shield it's concrete cores in the wwe and C.the fans were interested he showed compassion in the ring out of it.
He defended against kofi he's had matches against undertaker Daniel Bryan Kane Christian hes proven he's got what it is.

Do you agree disagree tell me what you think.

Next blog*
Daniel Bryan shouldn't win mitb and shouldn't be in title pictures*


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  1. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Secondly look at my next blog No! Daniel Bryan push yes! Just not now blov
  2. WarMachine22's Avatar
    This blog has a big flaw which makes it extremely hard for me to take things you say seriously and evaluate your opinions with neutral feelings.

    First of all (and I can't believe I'm the first to notice this) Jeff Hardy wasn't even part of WWE at that time. He had left in 2009 and was with TNA in 2010 (January), so even if Swagger was the last minute pick, your statement of Hardy being next in line and feuds with Cena and Jericho are very much out of context. Even with Swagger being last minute pick (if true) there was a 4 month gap in which a MITB winner had to be chosen. Having the statement about Hardy (while possibly true, but I have my doubts) is out of place and hurts the validation of your opinion.

    While I agree that Swagger was pushed too fast too soon, a lot of it comes from the fact that he cashed in so fast. If given the right amount of time to build himself as a MITB winner it could have worked.
  3. Jay Danger's Avatar
    I couldn't finish this because the spelling and grammar were so bad. If you aren't good at the mechanics of writing, ask a friend to do a quick edit for you.

    Other than that, I agree that Swagger was poorly handled and Ambrose was well handled.
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