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Lord Cookie

The Shield

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hey everyone, it's me Lord Cookie and this Blog is basically about The shields next opponent(s). I know many of you moan that my Blogs are crap. And you know what? They probably are. If you don't like my Blogs, don't read them. And once again, i'm sorry if my grammar is wrong. I'm trying too improve my english since i'm German.

New Age Outlaws & Triple H
I would love this. Just imagine it. The Shield vs.The new Age Outlaws. But, wait? A 2 on 3 handicap Match? No. Triple H is the answer. That could Headline a Ppv. Remember when Vince Mcmahon said that he was, secretly, a fan of The Shield? You can use it as a Storyline. Imagine Vince (pretending to) handing over The Wwe. Then before Triple h can sign the Contract, The Shield attack him and Vince laughs his Ass off. Triple H wants to fight The Shield But needs help from The New Age Outlaws. This feud could go on for a while since you could book some other Matches: Seth rollins Vs. Billy Gunn, Triple H Vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns Vs. Road Dogg. And naturally The six man Tag-team Match.

Triple H (Vs.Dean Ambrose)
This would be Epic. Trips already having Beef with The Shield, this Match would make perfect. And let's say Dean Ambrose is The Mr. Money In The Bank. Then you Could Put Ambrose's Money in the Bank briefcas eon the Line and Triple H's Career on the Line.That would make it far more exciting. Imagine Ambrose Vs. Triple H as the main event of the Survivor Series. I know it would be Old But you Could Make Triple H lose via Screwjob. And yeah Vince would be responsible.

CM Punk
At Summerslam CM Punk defeats Brock Lesnar. Then he isn't a paul Heyman Guy Anymore and turns Face. That explains it all. Heyman sends The Shield, to Hurt Cm Punk. Ut Punk fights them away which is quit shocking 'cause nobody has never really managed that. We could Maybe even see a Traditional Tag-Team Match Between CM Punk, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena Vs. The Shield, Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel (w/ Mr. Mcmahon and Paul Heyman) as The Main-event of The Suvivors Series.

There are many Possibilities But Those are the First That Come to My Mind. Part 2 is coming out soon. Rate This Blog and Drop a Comment!

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Triple H or CM Punk vs. Dean Ambrose would work nicely. I'm currently not a fan of Ambrose, but WWE isn't helping him with the opponents he has, and I believe Punk or HHH could really help that.
  2. Itsonlyleggy's Avatar
    I like the idea of the Shield taking on a trio who actually have history together, and hell, everyone loves a DX reunion.

    Don't agree with putting MITB on the line. I hated it the first time they did it, and I'd hate it again. It cheapens the briefcase. Career on the line at Survivor Series? No chance, it'd have to be at wrestlemania or not at all.

    The whole CM Punk paragraph confuses me. How can Punk turning face explain it all? And how can he possibly fight 3 guys off at once? If they can destroy super Cena, they can certainly bury CM Punk.

    Say Punk DOES turn face and tries to take on the shield at Survivor Series, in a traditional tag match, who on Earth is going to help him, after the way he's acted over the last year? His teammates would drop off the apron and walk away so he'd get a kicking!

    I appreciate the effort you've put into writing this blog, but I disagree with most of your points, sorry! Oh, and I'm not trying to be nasty, but I'd double check spelling and placing of capital letters before your next post, it was a little distracting!
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Brothers of Destruction is likely at Mania or Sheamus and Orton according to reports. Who after that, possibly that group that is getting ready to debut. Wyatt Family!!
  4. Super monkey's Avatar
    Punk already is face
  5. AJ1981's Avatar
    @ Lord Cookie

    Don't know if you've seen this it's CM Punk vs. Dean Ambrose from a FCW live event in 2011
  6. Voice of the Voiceless's Avatar
    I as well like the idea of Triple H and the New Age Outlaws taking on The Shield. This could work well with the current build of a potential match between Triple H and Vince McMahon at SummerSlam. Triple H defeats Vince McMahon at SummerSlam but is attacked the following night on Raw by The Shield. Later in the show we see Vince walk past The Shield and looks at them, smiles and says "Good job tonight" as Raw cuts to commercial. After a few weeks (to sell the beating), Triple H returns to Raw while Dean Ambrose is in a one on one contest and attacks Ambrose. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins charge to the ring but Triple H bails before they are able to get there hands on him. The following week, Triple H calls The Shield out. The Shield enters the ring and begins to attach Triple H but the New Age Outlaws charge to the ring for the save to setup a DX vs The Shield match for the upcoming PPV.

    As for one on one matches, you could definitely have Triple H face Ambrose one on one on Raw to help build the on going storyline and give Ambrose the win over Triple H to help push Ambrose. You could also have Reigns and Rollins defend the Tag Team titles against the New Age Outlaws, if they are able to retain the titles after facing the Brothers Of Destructions at SummerSlam that is Lesnar.

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