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My view: Why King of the Ring should return!!

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Now days, we call the "The Big 4" aka 4 best or biggest ppvs of the year Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Summerslam, and Wrestlemania. However, it used to be "The Big 5" with the King of the Ring as the 5th. Why isn't that ppv still around? Memorable moments(check out top 10 I did recently), name recognition, and a tournament surrounding the ppv. Not only that, but it was a platform to launch new great champions. Of the 10 King of the Ring winners crowned during the ppv era, over half of them became world champions in the WWE. Of the 10, 8 of them are either in or will be a WWE hall of famer(Don't know if Shamrock or Mabel would make the cut). If you add on the other years King of the Ring winners, hof list without question when talking about Don Muraco, Harley Race, Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Tito Santana, Sheamus, Booker T, and William Regal. Those are some good stats folks. King of the Ring helps make stars, world champions, main eventers, and hall of famers!! Why should King of the Ring return?!?!

The answer to that question is obvious: To create new stars!! I like the name as well being the king of the ring. I also love me some tournaments that are not done that often in WWE. It makes for some great TV and make matches more meaningful for TV. Have qualifying matches to make the tournament than the matches themselves. Don't need to have 3 matches on one ppv or even 2, just do the Finals at the ppv along with some championship matches. No need to always have the winner add the King to its gimmick every time. I'd add on to the King of the Ring winner that was used on a selective basis, winner faces World or WWE champion at Summerslam. Here is how I would have booked King of the Ring 2013 in June based on what happened at Extreme Rules:

pre-show: US title: Dean Ambrose (C)vs Christian-I know I'm bringing Christian back earlier, but he was healthy enough to compete. So I booked him here, reason I dropped US title to preshow because of the Finals of King of the Ring took its place. What should be on the ppv? Axel winning the IC title on Father's day or Ambrose retaining. I think this is pretty obvious.
Tag titles: Shield (C)vs Kane/Orton-I got Bryan in the Tournament Final which is why I just put these two as a team. Bryan beats both Kane/Orton to get to the Finals. No one else really made sense. Having Orton off the card isn't a good move which is why I just tried to make the most sense out of it just having him and Kane team. Obvious result Shield retaining!!
Divas title: AJ vs Kaitlyn(C)-AJ wins of course.
triple threat IC title: Barrett (C)vs Miz vs Axel-Axel wins like he did at Payback.
Punk vs Jericho-Same thing as Payback.
King of the Ring Finals: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan-This would really help Daniel by winning the King of the Ring by defeating the same guy who beat him in 18 seconds. This time Bryan does the same or in less time to win the King of the Ring. Mainly due to time because of the 3 stages of hell match. Bryan goes on to main event Summerslam facing Cena for the WWE title.
World title: Dolph Ziggler (C)vs Del Rio-I'd have Dolph retain here, I think the trio of Big E and AJ is ending way too soon. Just doing it to keep Swagger in the world title picture. He isn't worth it!! Prediction for MITB, may be a spoiler, Swagger wins MITB match and does that triple threat match possibly at Summerslam. I fear that will happen. Hope I'm wrong!!
WWE title 3 stages of hell: Cena (C)vs Ryback-Same as Payback with Cena retaining.

There you have it!! Why King of the Ring should be brought back along with card I would have booked. How would your card look? Who would have won your King of the Ring? Did you like my card? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.onemanband
    In any mean it Kind of puts a lot of pressure on young stars
    When u have to live up to Austin Bret hhh etc I mean granted in recent years you don't have to much to live up to
    Cause king sheamus was bad and king regal was bad as well
    I could see ryback winning it or axel but in all honesty unless they are given something for its not gonna do anything like punk said though we will never see King Kofi Kingston lol
    A lot of the reason was because Sheamus was a midcarder at the time same as Regal. He was facing Morrison for goodness sake. Regal was used as a jobber for years. His best run was probably when he did the power of the punch and used the knucks to win matches vs the likes of Edge. That was in like 02 or something like that. How can you recover from being jobbed for like 6 years. What did Regal do of anything significance during that time period except being paired with Eugene?
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