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Tyson Kidd will win World Heavyweight Championship

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Hey it's mr.onemanband here and today I will be starting a new blog trend cause my last one didn't go over to well. So here we go, my blog is*

** * * * * Mr.onemanband's bold prediction*

Alright so for my first bold prediction is this.
Drum roll please.....

Tyson Kidd will win the World Heavyweight Championship at least once in his career.

Now you may ask why I think he will?

Let's take a look, Kidd was the last of the hart Dungeon. Many great wrestlers have been trained by the hart family.*

Secondly Tyson has become part of a family in which has deep roots in wwe. Tyson himself has proven that he has been able to wrestle in the ring and is well liked backstage. I mean when your top wrestler says you are a workhouse that is saying something.*

Tyson may not have the mic skills to get over but look at some of the people that have won the Whc with little to no mic skills.
The great khali, jack swagger, Alberto del rio first Whc run. These guys were able to win it so whose to say that he can't.*

Thirdly Tyson Kidd could be the modern day Rey mysterio underdog wrestler who keeps winning no matter odds stacked against him. Before he was hurt , he beat tensi and was entered in mitb he was also very well wrestled in that match.
Tyson has all the tools needed now you can make the argument he's mic skills aren't that great he lacks charisma but he could get a mouth piece until he gets over rather it be bret hart or Natalya or even Paul hayman . So there you have it my bold prediction number 1.

Tune in next week for bold prediction #2

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Tyson Kidd, I hope wins a midcard title when he returns. If he wins a world title, I'd be shocked.
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    Hhahahah. Good job.
  3. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    I agree tyson needs a mid card title then even a mitb win nxt year
  4. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Long shot buddy; we all have dreams for the WWE and only some come true. Good luck with your prediction through!

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