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How They Can Change : Drew McIntyre

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I'm a new face to this site, but I've been lurking. I decided, like so many before me, to start my own 'blog post series' and have some fun.

So, this series I call "How They Can Change" and will center around certain superstars, particularly ones who are so far in the dark or in jobber-land they're forgotten. This is my 'creative thoughts' on how they can become more relevant, create a new identity or get some of their former glory back.

First on the list is someone who I appreciated when he first showed up. He had talent, a semi-unique look and attitude.


Inspired by MikeyA's post "Gimmick Transitions: Better or Worse part 1" I got an idea how Drew could go from "air guitar" to "superstar". Wouldn't be too hard, really.


Drew, with 3MB, enter the ring. They do their air guitar stupidity. Drew is set to job to another wrestler. Doesn't matter who, he's always jobbing.

During the match, Drew is actually doing well. However, for God knows why, Heath and Jinder jump in to 'help', costing Drew the match. He's frustrated.

Next week, Heath is in a match - jobbing. Jinder and Drew jump in to help but in the chaos Drew get's hit but Jinder or Heath. Heath loses, naturally. Drew is angry and storms off.

Following week, 3MB is in the ring and Drew is less than ecstatic. Heath and Jinder are all goofball "rock star" but Drew just walks around. Heath and Jinder approach him wanting to know what's going on and a heated debate ensues.

Jinder pushes Drew.

Drew boots Jinder in the face.

Heath rushes Drew, who answers with a future shock out of no where.

Drew drops down and screams in an unconscious Heath's face "I'M THE CHOSEN ONE!"

This sparks a small rivalry between "Two Man Band" and Drew McIntyre. I would also look to add a partner and they could form a tag team for this feud. Someone like Justin Gabrial would fit. I would recommend a non-American to compliment Drew's Scottish heritage. They could call themselves "The Future" with Drew being "The Chosen One" and Justin could take on a dark horse, underdog persona.

And that, ladies and gent, is one possible way for Dew McIntyre to recover. Doesn't have to be title shot.

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  1. Vandarius's Avatar
    I can actually see this happening!
  2. Greekcian's Avatar
    It's a fine way to split him from 3MB, however it does solidify him as a face and I'm not sure if I'm liking that. Now we've never seen a face McIntyre and he could be good at it, it's just that his heel work was so phenomenal.

    Good idea though, maybe bring up Adrian Neville from NXT as his partner (since he's a face from England).
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Nice blog. Well thought out and written. I do agree with Greekcian in that I liked McIntyre as a heel and don't see him as a face. Honestly, when he first came in I always saw him as the next HHH (and really hoped after 'serving' his time after the spousal incident would get the same second chance). It's funny how many people seen to support McIntyre to get back to being 'The Chosen One' hopefully WWE will listen eventually
  4. Voice of the Voiceless's Avatar
    I do agree that 3MB needs to disband but my thoughts are a little different on how this should be done. I think all 3 need to remain heels however so one or two turning on the other just doesn't work for me. I would lean towards a storyline injury for Heath Slater which would allow McIntyre and Jinder Mahal to go there separate ways.

    I would like to see Drew McIntyre for a tag team with Wade Barrett and see them with a long solid run as the WWE Tag Team Champions. McIntyre and Barrett could bring prestige back to the Tag Team titles especially if they were managed by William Regal, who would make a great mouth piece for the team. And if you wanted, you could even go ahead and add a heel Sheamus to the faction to be the leader if you wanted to form a strong solid heel group to give the faces a run for their money.

    As for Jinder Mahal, I would rebrand Mahal to a gimmick similar to that of Muhammad Hassan and begin to push Mahal as a major heel. Mahal's in ring work has improved and will continue to improve over time, however I think his in ring work would be over looked to an extent due to Mahal being an Anti-American which if done right would make the crowd overly hate Mahal. You could even have Hacksaw Jim Duggan on an episode of Raw and have Mahal attack him to gain some major heat. The anti-American attacking an old Pro-American Hero. From there Mahal could attack Sgt. Slaughter and from there the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. Have Mahal run on a path of destruction, attacking Pro-American Legends. And maybe put Mahal into a feud with John Cena (after Cena loses the title) where Cena can put Mahal over. I'm sure there are others Mahal could be put into a program with where he can gain some additional major heat before moving onto a major program with Cena or another main eventer.

    Anyways, that’s all for now. Just sharing some thoughts.

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