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Lees mitb 2013 predictions

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My first Post on here and couldn't think of a better way to start than predictions for the upcoming MITB 2013 PPV - 16 days to go ....

Jericho vs Cryback
Winner - Y2J - Walls of Jericho

Really cant stand Ryback and honestly think AND hope he fails in the WWE! Just another green guy who is boring as paint drying! Jericho will win after being beaten down for the first 10 minutes or so - he will then come back in classic Y2J style and make Cryback tap out!

Del Rio vs Ziggler (WHC)
Winner - Del Rio

As much as i love Ziggler - i think Del Rios heal turn will be set in stone at the end of the match - most probably by DQ! This feud will continue into Summerslam, where i hope Ziggler will take his deserved Title back!

Winner - Daniel Bryan

This guy is the best in the company right now and has all of those up and comers watching him closely! (according to JR blogs) He is on fire and more over than ever before! He will win and maybe announce on RAW that he wants to cash in at Summerslam! Cant wait for DB and JC to work with each other on the Mic/Ring and build a feud! Daniel may even win at Summerslam! I hope!!
- RVD will get a huge pop (just like during the vignettes) and we will probably go down as a memorable moment of 2013 - for both his return entrance itself and a high flying move off a Ladder! 5 STAR FROG SPLASH!! .. THROUGH A TABLE!!
- CM Punk will be attacked by Lesnar and screwed over as he is grabbing for the Belt, or during the match!
- Christian will be the man to watch as a veteran and the guy who set the bar on Ladder Matches!

John Cena vs Mark Henry
Winner - John Cena

Cena will win this match and continue the feud into Raw the next night for another match (cant see it going further than that for now at least)
Henry deserves an Oscar though .. maybe even the Title for a BRIEF time only. Wouldn't it be funny if Daniel Bryan cashed in on another big man, just like he did Big Show in 2011!

Hoping for some backstage segments from the McMahon's too! I can see these 2 having a match at Summerslam!

Let me know your thoughts!


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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I believe they ruined Ryback putting him in all those big matches and having him lose every single one of them. He has been defeated by all the best talent he has faced, Cena, Shield, and Punk all over recent months. Hell, he even lost to Mark Henry which I'm still scratching my head about. Why have him lose to him only for him to go on and lose to Sheamus? Makes 0 sense. I like Ryback because he brings something different to my tv screen. Hate the Ryback rules thing though. Love feed me more a helluva lot better. number of wins for Ryback on ppv in 2013=0!!!

    I hope Ziggler wins it back, but I doubt it. I'd prefer him not to if all that is going to happen is that Swagger cashes it in to add another time to his resume.

    Cena and Bryan will win.

    Who do you think will win world title MITB?
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    Rybacks improving...slowly, give it some time n ryback wull have a world title

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