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Gimmick Transitions: Better or Worse part 2

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I believe it was last week I posted part 1. I can't remember because I've been busy with work and making music. And I will say what I always say but this time I will emphasize it because I will be doing some big names: THIS IS ALL IN MY OPINION

CM Punk when he first debuted in WWECW didnt really have a noticeable gimmick partly because the "masterminds" didnt want him to last this long. I like this no-gimmick because he just went out there and did his own thing. Fast forward a few years and here he is as the straightedge World Heavyweight Champion. From the no-gimmick to this straightedge gimmick i give it an A+ simply because the SE gimmick was unique. Never seen before. And then when he started the SES i was uberly excited to watch Smackdown every week because i have not really like a stable or faction before. Just this one. He had the greatest feud ever with Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy as a straightedge. Him and Rey were like real enemies. And Punk and Jeff were literally exact opposites and thats what created the feud. Then he goes on to lead the Nexus. I thought this was stupid so i give this a D-. He had his pipebomb moment which reignited his spark. Then won the WWE Title in a Chicago Screwjob and "quit WWE" for two weeks. He came back as the greateat Wrestler in the World. I give this a C because we have already seen this from Jericho. Nothing new came out of it except his feud with Jericho. That was also the greatest feud i have ever seen.
Overall Grade: B
How to Improve: Reemphasize the Straightedge factor

Triple H
I have not seen it but when he was Hunter, i guess he was some royal kind of a guy? Again i dont know. But blah blah blah he went on and became the leader of DX. I loved this version of Triple H because he had a really amazing theme song with some good title runs and feuds. I remember the DX feud with the Big Show and the Triple H-Rock feud where Rock gave H a Rock Bottom through a table. Epic. I give this Transition a B+ because this was the only time I liked Triple H. He teams with Stone Cold, gets injured, and comes back as The Game. I remember his first return and man was that epic! Everybody was screaming left and right to see who gets the pedigree. I liked the return but this gimmick was trash. I know he needed a run on his own two feet but he just wasnt interesting to me at all as The Game. He won the WWE title a few extra times and then had his last full time feud with Sheamus. I give this transition a C. He comes back as the COO and became a barely part time. Had a perfect feud with Taker the third time around. Had a horrible feud with Punk and Lesnar. I give this transition an F.
Overall Grade: D-
How To Recover: None he's done.

What was the first gimmick I remember from him? Wasn't it a piercing on my penis? OH YEAH!!!!! Prince Albert! So damn horrible. 'Nuff said. Then he switches out to Albert and wins the hardcore title and maybe European title a few times. Then he teams with Test (R.I.P. to a great wrestler) and forma my favorite thing on a girl: T&A. I'm pretty sure he won the tag titles once or twice. He kicks Test's teeth down his throat and they split. I give this a C. Not entertaining but good team. He then teams with Scotty Too Hotty. Oh God no! Not another dancing Albert!!!!!! Nothing good came of this. Guess what he did? He kicked Scotty's teeth down his throat and became A-train. I give that gimmick an F. He now becomes A-train. Good ass gimmick. I can't remember what he accomplished from this but he was actually entertaining. So i give this upgrade a B. He leaves for a while and comes back as Tensai. He was built to destroy. But then he ran into Cena. And you know what Cena does? Turns Tensai into a jobber. He is now teaming with Brodus Clay. Horrible thing to see. I didnt like to see him dance the First time around. Why the second time? Just no.
Overall Grade: D-
How to recover:Kick Clay's teeth down his throat and people will hate him. Gives a chance to repackage both Tensai and Clay

That is all I will do for now. Let me know what you think in the comment section And remember its in my opinion.

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  1. owenhart4life's Avatar
    What a HORRIBLE blog because it was full of lots of mistakes. First off Albert and Test NEVER won a tag title. He never won the hardcore title and he never won the European title. He won the Intercontinental title.
  2. blink's Avatar
    Let us not forget how horrible of a job he did covering hhh's hof career...
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    if you expect a blogto be taken seriously dont fill it with mistakes which have already been mentioned if you were unsureatleast check wikipedia(not 100% but atleast its somesort ofreference) somethings i agree with some i dont but you lost credibility at the end

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