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WWE Raw Hits and Misses 6-24-13

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Overall Score: 6


Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton I:
I liked how this kicked off Raw on Monday. Honestly I was shocked to see a match start Raw. I believe that Daniel Bryan should drop the weak link act. It's gotten kind of old by now and no one really believes him since he can take out all three members of The Shield on his own. I liked that Orton came out and told Bryan to just shut up and fight. A lot of heels could use that advice. The brawl was nice to set up for later in the show and shows the universe that these two really want to beat each other.

Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio: These two had a really good match. A lot of back and forth action and great chemistry between the two. I love the ending where both men countered each other's submission finisher into theirs. I don't like that Ricardo had to interfere and get Del Rio disqualified when he was only in the Wall's for less than 30 seconds. I get why Ziggler would drop Jericho with a Zig-Zag since it's retaliation from Smackdown but I don't know. The crowd really didn't know how to respond to it and it kind of made Ziggler look heelish. I think they need to give him a mic and let hiim cut a promo to solidify his face turn better.

Cena Segment: I like these kind of promos from John Cena. No stupid jokes. No playing down the heel. No little kid voices. Very solid. I would like to see Cena say something along the lines of how Mark Henry is a serious threat to his title reign. I also liked that he brought up how disrespectful the fake retirement speech was to legends like HBK, Edge, and Ric Flair.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman:
Of course this had hit all over it when they stepped into the ring together. I like how they had Punk tell how he got to WWE and exactly why he is a Paul Heyman guy. I loved what Heyman had to say about why he never brought up a Lesnar-Punk tag team concept. A lot of people would love to see that but Heyman stated exactly why it would never work. I'm okay with Punk forgiving Heyman since it means this angle won't be over in like 2 weeks.

MITB Participants:
I think this will be a very strong MITB ladder match. You have CM Punk (which means Punk-Lesnar will happen at Summerslam. Great job.), Christian, Sheamus, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and RVD. I will give you my prediction right now. Punk will be about to win when Lesnar comes out and F5s him setting up their match at Summerslam. Then RVD will win. I don't believe Bryan will win because they're going to have him face Cena at Summerslam for the WWE Title and he doesn't necessarily need the briefcase for that to happen.

Mark Henry Segment: Mark Henry is just great on the mic. He knows how to suck the crowd in, when to use emotion, and scare his opponent. I really like that he said he will do anything to win the WWE Title. Not many heels will say they're going to cheat to win. They just do it.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton II in a Street Fight: This was a very good PPV match on free TV. It was also just a brutal match. Now many people say that the chair shot Bryan got to the head was inappropriate, but in reality it wasn't as bad as chair shots to the head used to be. I loved the spot where Bryan couldn't dropkick Orton off the apron so he just slid underneath him and powerbombed him through the table. The throw Orton gave Bryan through the other table was brutal as well because Bryan barely even landed through the table. I loved when Orton used the kendo stick to get out of the No! or Yes! lock, whatever it is now. The ending was really well done with Bryan stopping Orton from using it again and just using it to put more pressure on the No! Lock. These two have great chemistry and really should have one on one matches on PPV.


Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus and Christian: I don't like that Christian got attacked by The Shield on Smackdown last week and this week he's Sheamus' golf caddy. I just didn't care for this match at all. I will say that the implosion of Team Rhodes Scholars looks like it's coming and I say great because Rhodes and Sandow should just be single stars.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana: Well the diva's go right back to being a miss. AJ acting as Kaitlyn and stuff was funny but this match was just a waste of time. Also I hate Kaitlyn's music, and I had to hear it three times during this match.

Ryback vs. The Great Khali: I don't like that they had the man who just challenged for the WWE Title in a filler match. I will say that Khali actually looked okay during the match. I don't know why the commentators act so shocked when Ryback gave the shell shock to Khali. I've seen cena FU him, Henry World's Strongest Slam him, and Kane and Big Show chokeslam him. I do think Ryback vs. Jericho at MITB has potential and hopefully Jericho can make Ryback look good.

Tons of Funk vs. 3MB vs. The Uso's Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the #1 Contendership to the Tag Titles: God that title is long. Anyway I would have much rather them just announce The Uso's were #1 contenders. This match didn't need to happen. It was way too short but when the other teams are Tons of Funk and 3MB, I guess it has to be short.

Darren Young vs. CM Punk: Why is CM Punk facing Darren Young? I'm guessing the only reason is so they could set up Punk and Axel vs. PTP next week. This match was just god awful. These two had horrible chemistry and Young looked so bad out there with Punk. His moves were miss timed and it kept looking like he was going to injure Punk. You could tell Punk was not happy with the match when Young tapped out to the Vice so quickly. Be fore warned. If anybody comments and says that this match should be a hit, you will get yelled at. Keep it to yourself. This match was horrible.

Overall the show was okay. It had a lot to live up to since last week's show was amazing so I understand why this show was just okay. I've given up hope that every week Raw is going to be a 5 star show. Even a 3 star show for that matter. I will say this, if WWE can keep to showing the McMahons to a minimum like this week, it's going to be okay.

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