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When Ziggler wins back the World Heavyweight Championship...

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Hi Guys, I just wanted to create this blog stating my top 6 people I would like to see Ziggler feud with when him wins back the whc. I believe these 6 with Ziggler could really bring back prestige to the title.

Honorable mentions - bryan and punk ( i see it happening but for wwe title), cesaro (not quite ready), barrett (needs to reestablish himself first, kind of a joke atm), seth rollins (too early)

1) Cody Rhodes - Here is a match from a couple of years ago: it was a fatal four way between ziggler, rhodes, ryder and bryan. This was a great match and shows the potential of a feud between these two as they continuously tried to out do each other. Rhodes if my top pick to win whc money in the bank as i see him ready for that main event push now. Hes put on some great matches with the likes of mysterio, orton and bryan to name a few and really brought credibility back to the IC championship during his reign. These two are the future of the wwe and feud could really elevate the title to once again rival the wwe title. INSANE potential for this feud. This cuols work as both a heel vs face feud or a face vs face feud.

2) Kofi - Whenever these two face off the put on a show stealer. Kofi has done enough jobbing over the years and deserves a world title shot but here's the twist. I see kofi as the heel in this feud. With the close falls and reversals and all it will show how far superstars are pushing to be world champ. Not just wwe.

3) Orton - This would've ideally have happened at summerslam if ziggler didn't drop the belt at payback. Ziggler needs that big star feud to establish himself as a world champ and has this in orton. These two have proved before that they can do some amazing things inside the ring and feud again would give the title a huge push in the right direction to mean something again.

4) Kidd - Once Kidd returns from injury he needs to get a huge push as a heel and play to this workhorse persona. workhorse vs show off, just imagine. Makes my mouth water. Even though I don't believe kidd is ready to be world champion yet a push in the right direction will surely pay its dues for a future win.

5) Sandow - This guy is hilarious and unbelievably talented. I wish they would start putting him over Sheamus. Also before feuding with Ziggler I see him feuding with Rhodes if Rhodes wins mitb with him becoming jealous of his success. He is though my second choice to win. After feuding with rhodes and getting over sheamus would really set up this feud nicely. Whatever happens it would sure be entertaining.

6) Big E - This is inevitable to happen one day soon but with Ziggler going face/ tweener I see Big E attacking Ziggler causing the split of the stable. I like Big E and his potential. I enjoyed his little feud with del rio recently and I can now see him as a future whc champ. The interesting thing is where aj lies in all this. This is Ziggler's underdog feud even though he is the teacher here can he overcome Bige E's power and great athleticism?

Well there you have it guys. Please provide me with your feedback and let me know what your top picks are and why. Hoe you enjoyed!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Kidd won't be put in that position when he returns. I hope however, he wins a midcard singles belt when he does so.

    Orton as a heel vs Ziggler with that punt kick and his recent concussion would have fans on the edge of their seats.

    I want Kofi to turn heel as well.

    I've lost my confidence in Cody Rhodes. I think Sandow is a lot better and feel as if Cody has held Sandow back since they began their team. Huge Sandow fan(top 3 fav).

    I want to see Kofi as a heel.

    Big E turn would be cool, but I believe it is too soon for the title.

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