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Making The Case for Each MITB Participant

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WWE has actually decided to add a curveball to this year's Money In The Bank Pay-per-view: unpredictability. Last year's winners were John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, two obvious choices. But this time, they are making us guess at who could win, why they should win, and whether or not curveballs will be thrown. Also, we have, for the first time, a Money In The Bank ladder match with all heels. I don't know about you guys, but I'm actually excited. Let's get straight to it shall we?


CM Punk: Coming off a 434 day reign with the WWE Title, I'd think its safe to say that he is going to be off of it for a while. Considering the fact that he has also been thrown into a program with Brock Lesnar, the WWE Title would be somewhat of a distraction. I will tell you this though, Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk for the WWE Title would be something worth watching. I see virtually little to no shot of Punk winning the title. That is unless of course, WWE wants to put the WWE Title on the line in the bout.

Odds: 30 %

Kane: Kane's days of being a top dog in WWE have surely come to an end. I cannot see him winning something as prestigious as the WWE Title ever again. To be quite frank, if Kane somehow wins this match, it would be one of the greatest upsets of all time. But right now, it is too late for Kane now. He is moving on to bigger and better things in terms of his political career. He has no time carrying around the company's top title.

Odds: 5 %

Randy Orton: So apparently he is a RAW superstar now. Oh well, we'll have to deal with it. Randy Orton has just put over Daniel Bryan via submission (if only Cena or Triple H can learn from him) and will be looking to win his first ever MITB ladder match. Unfortunately for Orton, the odds really don't stack in his favor. Orton winning doesn't really make sense at this point, considering that WWE is already booking Daniel Bryan vs John Cena for the title at Summerslam. If Orton did win, it would signal a heel turn and we would have another heel Orton vs face John Cena program. The WWE's version of Goku vs Vegeta. It wouldn't be necessarily bad if he won, but don't expect him to win.

Odds: 35 %

Christian: Now here's an interesting throw in by WWE. Christian is similar to Kane. Though it hasn't been THAT long since he won his last world title, the door is closing on Christian as a main event draw. He is much better off putting over heels in the mid-card as of right now. He JUST came back and it would be way unfair to younger superstars who deserves it more right now. Christian should have been given more shots at the WWE Title in the past. It's far too late now. And by the looks of it, he may be feuding with Dean Ambrose and the WWE Title would only make it a useless distraction. Another unreasonable pick here.

Odds: 5 %

Sheamus: Another supposed Smackdown superstar that is now on RAW. The last time Sheamus was WWE Champion, he was feuding with Cena and Randy Orton, as a heel (ah, the good old days). But now i think he was just thrown in there as an extra body. I cannot see Sheamus winning the title right now. I think he will hold it again one day, but just not now. Now's not the time.

Odds: 5 %

Daniel Bryan: Now here's the pick of the day. Daniel Bryan has just proven that he is not the weakest link and he is looking to win his second MITB ladder match. Bryan is a shoe-in for a match against Cena for the title at Summerslam and him winning here would be the first step into making that a reality. Bryan is the favorite to win this match here, so there are no surprises. A Bryan vs Cena match would be a wrestling gift.

Odds: 93 %

Rob Van Dam: I thought he would never return, but i should really learn to never say "never". Rob Van Dam will surely entertain as ladder matches are one of his specialties. He will be sure to entertain, but if he will win is another story. It would be interesting to see RVD vs Cena again with Paul Heyman accompanying Van Dam but Bryan is more likely to win it. But i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they picked him over Bryan. They would have to explain it to me though.

Odds: 65 %


Now, here's the fun part.

Fandango: Fandango to me was a very interesting pick considering that he has only been in two PPV matches and does not have a lot of TV time. But i see the logic and reasoning. Every one of these superstars competing are young, underdeveloped talent and he is one of them. It is too early to give him a push for the WHC, considering that he was also billed to win the IC Title at Payback. Fandango will have his chance, just not now.

Odds: 25 %

Dean Ambrose: If Ambrose wins this match then I would be very happy for him. But it's not likely for him to win either. At least not yet. Right now The Shield are dominating the upper mid card and they should continue to do so, at least until Night Of Champions where they would inevitably break up and pursue singles careers. I believe Ambrose will have the most success out of the three. As I said, don't expect an Ambrose win here, but if he does, boy would I be a happy person. He may have the easiest cash in. All he needs to do is have The Shield beat the guy up and he could get the pin.

Odds: 40%

Wade Barrett: Now here's a guy that could really use a big win. Barrett is the undisputed worst Intercontinental Champion of all time. That led me to believe that the WWE doesn't have faith in him. Or, maybe they were just fooling us so that Barrett can have a bigger future in WWE. Barrett is 32 years old and his ceiling is coming sooner rather than later so the time is now. He is one of the favorites going into this match, so don't expect any surprises if he wins. If he loses, however, I don't know what else is left.

Odds: 85 %

Cody Rhodes: If WWE was smart, they would let him win. A lot of people last year were picking Rhodes to get the win over Ziggler but he didn't. Now is the time. He is 27, and is a fresh, young talent. And maybe this may signal a face turn from him if he breaks up with Damien Sandow. Rhodes just has to win this match. I cannot see anyone else who deserves it more than he does. My pick is Rhodes for this one.

Odds: 96 %

Damien Sandow: Once again, we have a case of too early. Sandow WILL be a future WHC, but right now isn't the proper time. He is doing fine as it is. Perhaps not being a jobber, however, could be a great welcome change. Him winning wouldn't be a bad thing, but once again there are more people who deserves it. And besides, I'm not sure how much confidence WWE creative has in giving the likes of him the WHC this early in his career. We will have to wait and see.

Odds: 25 %

Antonio Cesaro: Antonio Cesaro has been made to look like a fool the past couple of months, yodeling and what not. It's good to see him shapen up his character joining a stable with Zeb Colter. His in-ring skills are beautiful, and his potential is unlimited. But the time for the World Heavyweight Title isn't now. He still needs time to develop his character before he gets gifted with the WHC. But IF he were to win, he would likely be engaged in a feud with Swagger. A Cesaro v. Swagger match can be a good old-fashioned amateur wrestling match, but that's not going to happen. Not now at least.

Odds: 20 %

Jack Swagger: I feel bad for this man. When he came back, he had a brand new look, epic music, and even a mouthpiece that he desperately needed to hide his lack of charisma. But one weed-filled night and an arrest this past week later guarantees him that he won't be winning World Heavyweight gold anytime soon. There is no one to blame but himself as he simply stank up the joint with his poor decision making. Now we have people chanting "WEED THE PEOPLE" as a spoof of what his actual catchphrase is. Poor Swagger. The only thing keeping me from giving him no chance of winning is the fact that WWE has been notorious for throwing us curveballs in the past that we wouldn't think of and if there is any secret pick out of these young superstars, Swagger is the person.

Odds: 2.43 %

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Looking at the world title participants, I believe unfortunately that Swagger will win. I hope I'm wrong!! I'd be ok with Sandow or Barrett as the winner. Daniel Bryan is a lock for the other.
  2. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Bryan or RVD mitb
    And world
    Dean or cody
    Dark horses

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