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Blade's Experience: EWN Internet Champion

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Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. In my last blog, I gave my predictions to WWE upcoming PPV MITB 2013. To start off with another monumental week, we will introduce the new EWN Internet Champion. Yes, I know it might seem shabby but in my opinion, this website needs to add a little more flare to it's blogger's and do us the fans justice. Many of my fans would believe since I am the creator of the luxurious championship, I should be the inaugural champion. While, it will not work that way as I pick 16 of the best bloggers on EWN to fight for this prestige award in which they need to defend it every month alongside an opponent who I rank the best in blogs throughout the month and appears in my new segment "Blog Wars" every Thursday evening. For those who are new to champions; here is a brief info on how it works and the contestant that battle for these EWN Internet Champion!

The Beginning
I know this might seem a little sketchy but the champion should be the best. The person who fights for this inaugural championship is the best on EWN and deserve an inaugural championship. The games begin on July 1st 2013!

Here are the list of topics that contest will consist of. It will be picked at random by me!
1) WCW: The Downfall
2)WWE: C.M Punk vs D-Bryan
3) TNA History
4) NWA Title
5) Jeff Hardy
6) Matt Hardy: ROH
7) Who is better: John Cena vs Randy Orton
8) WCW War Games
9) WCW Clash of Champions
10) WCW: Why it Failed?
11) WWE vs WCW: Who Really Won?
12) WCW: After Hours
13) Who Is Better: Eddie vs Rey
14) Tale of a tape: Backlash 2004
15) Tale of a Tape: Summerslam 2010
16) Tale of a Tape: Wrestlemania 8

*If Bloggers are assigned to Tale Of A Tape and haven't watch these events are going to do a 10 question quiz. If bloggers get all ten correctly, there will be a tie breaker of an EWN question.

Bloggers who will Participate

1) Assassin Blade
2) The Enlightened One
3) Tommy Thunder
4) Hurtts101
5) Robstar
6) TheGreatOne
7) Playboy Stevie E
8) little. Jimmy
10) el gabo
11) mrbluto
12) akbar
13) Cabers
14) Y2JLionSault
15) jelle1809
16) wrestlingfan66513

*Good Luck and if you are unable to enter please PM me by June 28th 2013.


1) wrestlingfan66513 vs akbar
2) Cabers vs jellie1809
3)Y2JLionSault vs mrbluto
4) URATOOL vs little.jimmy
5) Hurtts101 vs Robstar
6) Assassin Blade vs el gabo
7) Tommy Thunder vs The Enlightened One
8) Playboy Stevie E vs The Great One

Till next time thank you for reading another Blade's Experience.

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  1. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Hey; Assassin Blade. The tournament starts on July 1st and we will kick off strong with an inaugural speech from yours truly and then a interview with TheGreatOne. The main event will be as followed as Cabers and Jelle1809 clash in the tournament of the greatest bloggers of all time. Stick tune to Blade's Experience for continuing coverage of the event and post show reactions.
  2. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    How do you know if someone cheats for tale of the tapes and wheres my name lol

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