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Blade's Experience: Wrestlemania Dream Card

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Welcome to another edition of Blade's Experience. In my last blog, I made blogged about MITB 2013 Prediction's.In this blog, I will have a Wrestlemania dream card that should happen. Some matches would never happen but others are realistic so get ready for another edition of Blade's Experience. This blog will also feature the first meme of the day; here's another Blade's Experience.

Wrestlemania Dream Card
Announcers: Gorilla Moonson, J.R, JBL
Attendance: 90,000
Theme Song: Unretrofied: The Dillinger Escape Plan
"Dreams indeed come true!"

Pre-Show: Gimmick Battle Royal
I always was fond of the first gimmick battle at Wrestlemania X-17. It was an amazing battle royal which saw the Iron Sheik win it. This battle royal can see others who didn't participate at the X-17 battle royale.

Wrestlemania Dream Card

1) Andre the Giant vs Big Show
This would be an excellent way to start off an monumental Wrestlemania with two giants starting off the big events. The Big Show vs Andre the Giant: Who is better?
Duration: 10 Minutes

2) Randy Orton vs Jake the Snake Roberts
The crowd has just erupt. The returning Jake the Snake Roberts takes on the Viper! The legend killer is back and his next meal on the list to reach to greatness once again is Jake the Snake Roberts who cost Orton the WHC mutiple times.
Duration Time: 15 Minutes

3) The Miz vs Rowdy Piper
My list nearly resembles the list from WWE All Stars. This match pits the loud mouth from Cleveland Ohio against the Rowdy one Rowdy Piper. Who is the better loudmouth and who can back it up in the ring?
Duration Time: 10 Minutes

4) Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne (Ladder Match) (U.S Championship)
Evan Borne is back and he wants a payback at Matt Hardy! A ladder match for the highflyers who can prove great in the ring and throughout ladders!
Duration Time: 20 Minutes

5) Danial Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler (Ironman Match) (WHC)
This was recently on my Wrestlemania 30 Match card. An Ironman match which Danial Bryan needs a victory!
Duration Time: 30 Minutes

6) Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho has challenged the Undertaker for his streak! Was this a foolish decision or will the Undertaker streak end to the Best in the world>
Duration Time: 25 Minutes

7) Jeff Hardy vs Edge (TLC Match) (WWE Championship)
Edge is the man! Jeff Hardy wants to take that away from the champion and silence the critics and win the WWE Championship!
Duration Time: 30 Minutes

8) The Rock vs Shawn Micheals
The Rock wants HBK to his added list of defeats at Wrestlemania. Was this a foolish decision on the part of the Rock or will he get the best of the Showstopper?
Duration Time: 30 Minutes

9) Stone Cold vs C.M Punk
C.M Punk is determined to beat Stone Cold. Who is the better wrestler? Who is the better mic worker and the better superstar of WWE?
Duration Time: 25 Minutes

10) John Cena vs Hulk Hogan
John Cena is the best WWE Superstar ever! Hulk Hogan who also carried that right in the 80's wants to prove that. Is Hulk Hogan too much for John Cena or will the Cenation leader prevail as the greatest WWE Superstar of all time?
Duration Time: 25 Minutes

Hope everyone enjoyed enjoyed another edition of Blade's Experience. Please give me feedback at the comment section and too all my fans keep tuning into Blade's Experience!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'm saving my ultimate dream card for Blog my shock, only a few of mine are on your list. 2 to be exact! 1 of them are in my honorable mention.

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