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The Daniel Bryan Title Hunt

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This blog aims to address the current on-goings with Daniel Bryan, interspersed with a rabbit hole or two that were dug before this intro. As always, any input is welcome.

Daniel Bryan Storyline
It is apparent to me that the WWE is going to prematurely nut the boner that is Daniel Bryan. This may be a positive thing to some of you, but not to me. I have an issue with the flavor-of-month approach to which the WWE has been conducting itself as of late. Now DB has obviously been a fan-favorite for several months now. I am not calling him a flavor of the month per say. However, I am worried that his upcoming WWE Title chase will be. I am a big fan of DB and like many of you folks, want to see him become an established future franchise player.

Personally, I am against DB both winning a briefcase and defeating John Cena at Summerslam for the championship. I would prefer to see him chase the title through the fall, which often happens to be the slowest part of the WWE season. If they insist on having Cena-Bryan headline Summerslam, I would like to see Cena win, possibly from DB passing out from the STFU, WM 13-style. September and October PPVs are usually riddled with rematches, so you could fill in the blanks yourself.

Who is to blame?
To discuss the root of the issue, if I had to place the blame on someone, it would be on the new generation of wrestling fans. This new generation of kids and teenagers demands instant gratification, whether it be wrestling or what have you. You wanted to see a movie in the 90’s, it may have taken you a couple days to finally go out and watch or rent one. If you want to watch one nowadays? Click. I blame the fans and not the WWE because the company, although it can “tell the people what they want”, ultimately must conform to the evolving wants and needs of its customers.

My issue with Randy Orton in general:
In my personal opinion, Randy Orton has been an eye and ear sore for a while now. I understand that DB and Orton’s feud is a springboard for DB’s upcoming title chase, but I just do not find the feud amusing. I say send Orton to the mid card to set up feuds with Swagger and Cesaro, then after a possible heel turn, have him feud with Ziggler and Sheamus. When I heard a while back that WWE signed Randy to a long term contract, I immediately knew it would have an adverse effect on my interest in the product. I find his promos to be monotonous and his range of acting comparable to that of an adolescent baboon. He is always bland and emotionless, God forbid he ever smile or display some iota of emotion besides anger.

The Rock was also a third generation guy, but he did not act as privileged and bitchy. He did his own thing, played some football, and got himself a National Championship, later going on to transcend the sport of wrestling itself. What did Orton do on his own except disgrace the USMC? I’m not saying he hasn’t worked hard or been successful; it’s just that he has done nothing for me since his John Cena feud. I feel that the Orton-DB feud was stale from the jump. We were all anticipating a feud with Kane instead, but were robbed. I think DB should’ve started picking feuds with various big men within the company to cope with his little man syndrome. Hopefully, RAW closed the book on the feud that I never wanted to see.

Moving forward…
Looking ahead, I can only hope that the Rise of DB is booked at least somewhat intelligibly. He has been a big reason for people tuning in every week as of late. I don’t want it as straight forward as DB winning MITB and beating Cena at Summerslam. This would leave only a few weeks from when DB announced his intentions to go after the WWE title and his title win. What happened to the good old days? Hell, HBK chased that thing for years and when he finally won it, it was arguably the greatest title win in the history of WWE, UFC, or boxing. I am big fan of DB and am looking forward to a long future of him within the company. I just want to see this storyline play out well. They are going to give DB the strap, I just hope it truly means something when they do.

I hope I wasn’t all over the place. Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts with the upcoming Daniel Bryan title hunt?

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