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WWE's Hits and Misses

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Now I have not been blogging for awhile as I have been on hiatus. For whatever reason, when I do blog they never seem to make it on this website. I had stopped really paying attention to WWE product after WM as it was not very interesting or even entertaining. I have begun to follow it again as they have improved their product. First let's start with the misses.

This first one is no real surprise. Cena as champ is ruining that title. He does not need it nor does it bring anything to the table as champion. He has done exactly what the Rock did with the title....jackshit. Say what you will about Punk but at least he wrestled as champion. Cena has had bad matches against Ryback with lame finishes to make Ryback still look strong even though he loses his last 7 PPV or whatever number it is. Also, Cena does not come off as a more credible champion when his challengers are unbelieveable. Did anyone really think Ryback was going to win? If you did, you are a moron. Next Mark Henry who has some heat for taking time off and I loved his retirement promo but we all know that he is not going to take the belt of off Cena. Why is it that the Champ only talks now and never defends the title, say what you will about Punk's reign but he was out wrestling all the time not giving lame and stale promos over and over. How much more can we take of hearing about how the WWE universe is getting rewarded now from Cena because they believed in him. A reward would be for him to stay out the title picture for a long time. This reign will be remembered for how much talking Cena is doing rather than elevating the title. WWE title is really a prop now since any prestige has been stripped of it.

Another miss is why they even have a tag team division, right now there is no team that is even legit to try and take on the Shield. Hell, Team Rhode Scholars can't even beat Sheamus consistently. This division needs to be re built with a push to making it what it could become as there is talent there, Usos, PTP if given credible pushes could make for great matches. Even throw in Cesaro and Swagger if Swagger is not in too much trouble with his court case loss.

There are more misses (Vince vs HHH, done so many times but with different pieces, Vince vs Shane, etc) but this blog was not meant to be all negative. The best hit WWE is doing right now is Daniel Bryan. I don't know why it took so long to give this guy a major push. He is the most over wrestler right now as every arena is backing him in all his matches and even his promos. He has nothing but top notch matches weekly and puts on PPV caliber all the time. His mini feud with Orton has been great and all matches have been terrific even the ones that get stopped and that was not booked that way. Even more impressive is his outburst with HHH about having his matched stopped which shows his passion and dedication. I am glad that he is going to headline SS against Cena and I think should really win the tiltle and have a decent run.

Another hit is having Punk back. I am a homer but he really does give great interviews and his in ring work is unmatched by many. His PPV match against Jericho was unreal and that is coming off the best match at WM vs Taker. Now Punk can feud with Lesnar and not do what most do and go right in the title mix. I really think that Punk should go on to win the RR and then headline WM next year as he is the more over than Cena who has to agree with fans that Punk is better so he can continue his brutal promos. Plus, Punk and Heyman are gold in the ring and telling true stories about behind the machine of WWE. His matches on Raw are very entertaining and he puts on PPV style all the time.

WHC is interesting with Ziggler having to chase now since he did get a concussion. He should be champion again because he was over with the crowd and again is one of the best workers they have. His time is now and he can carry the Smackdown brand by making his opponents look great. ADR is better as a heel and can draw heat to make Ziggler that much better as a challenger. It is nice that title can still be relevant. Once Ziggler regains it, probably at SS, there are many avenues that they can go and build many new feuds.

WWE has made a great hit with pushing younger talent. The Shield is still going strong and will continue to do so as they put on great matches and their promos are solid. They all could go into the WHC or WWE title picture at any time with Ambrose probably most likely to get the first shot. Another younger talent is Curtis Axel, Henning's son, who with Heyman as his mouth piece is really a smart move. He can wrestle and tell a story while Heyman promotes him as he is so smooth on the mic. This could be a bright future for him as he continues to grow.

Again, many will disagree but not everyone is a easy mark. As always, You're Welcome.

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  1. Heavy's Avatar
    This isn't just to you but it's only because I read your blog right now, but why do most of the IWC only talk about the same people being good.. Shield, Punk, and DB, I mean I get it their good, but all the IWC seems to do is just be on their sack, and I mean why do y'all even watch WWE? You only like 4 people and that's because of their past accomplishments, don't get me wrong punk and Bryan are doing good right now but idk I mean I liked your blog that question just popped into my head.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent blog. I'd have to disagree with the point of Cena taking credibility away from the WWE Title. When in fact, he's really the only credible champion in the organization. There is no star power to match him. So if he's not champ, what would you have Cena do? I know it's the IWC's dream for Cena to go become a part timer, but then arenas would slowly empty, buy rates would decrease big time, ratings would plummet...etc. I know people love Punk and love DB, but to think that either of them can actually carry this company the way Cena has is absurd.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I disagree DK. WWE can build another Cena anytime they want to. How easy would that be to do with Daniel Bryan making him the underdog who defies the odds all the time to win. Watch the crowds in his matches vs. Cena's matches. I'm shocked at how over Daniel Bryan is and I think they should do a better job of capitalizing on it by booking him to the top.

    The only thing missing from Bryan and Punk is the merch to sell, but that could change if you started marketing them to kids.
  4. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    With respect to merchandise, Punk does great as he at one point was the top seller in the WWE during his title run. He was outselling everyone including Cena. I agree that Bryan could sell more merchandise if he is better packaged in that respect.
  5. Cocop29's Avatar
    Could have just shortened the first paragraph to 'I hate Cena' just to save some time

    Think I have read these 'opinions' numerous times before. Maybe just group the IWC opinions into one blog to save my time
  6. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    EO is very close...there are far more misses than hits! Punk is the Best in the World...Cena and the Rock suck...McMahons are becoming Hogans and there is nothing new anymore. I am a long time fan...bored and fed up! It is the same thing week to week, channel to channel, WWE to TNA! Where is the element of surprise...I think it is time for the wrestlers to create and promote their own gimmicks again...let the fans and match makers decide who succeeds, not the writers who live in yester-year! CM Punk is the Ric Flair anti-hero of today! Ride it out with new feuds, a few alliances and turns!
    This blog is better than most. The hits and misses are all valid. I would have to disagree with JohnnyV123 and agree with DK Wrestling Savior. I doubt they can build another Cena that easily. In fact, how many unsuccessful pushes have there been in the past year? Cena is the man and in the words of the RF " To be the man you have to beat the man". I believe that he might lose a match or 2 but only a select few beat his reactions whether positive or negative.

    Painful Summary: The Enlightened One finally found us and we have been Enlightened. Hope to see you soon

    Painful Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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