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Thom Hodkinson's Pointless Opinions IV: MITB

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Welcome once again to another blog of my utterly shite musings on the World of Wrest... Sports Entertainment...
This time around, I have decided to go through the WWE Roster and see who'd be ideal for working the Money In The Bank's namesake match. There's no particular order to be had here, and I shall not group the individuals into different matches, this is just a list of guys that I think would be great for this year's competition.

This one is OBVIOUS. Having Rob Van Dam back in the company on the night of MITB is genius. The fans are psyched for the man to be returning and it's clear to see that putting RVD in such a high-octane ladder match like MITB would be a highlight of the year, no doubt. OK, so the guy is 42. So what? In 2007, he was fitter and healthier than most 20 year olds! He's still got the moves and can make a huge impact!
Would he win: To me, no. I'd love Rob to show off his mad skills, but a younger contender claim the prize. I don't like the idea of a former superstar just walking back in and being handed everything. It's not wanted by anyone. To see the Whole Dam Show earning his spot... now you're talking

The "creator" of MITB and one of the most exciting Ladder match participants of all-time, Chris Jericho could be a great choice for this year.
Ok, yes He's the same age as RVD. Yes, he came back some years ago and was handed a title shot. Yes, he also spends a lot of time touring with Fozzy. But tell me, wouldn't it make you delirious with joy seeing RVD & Y2J trading blows at the top of a ladder in Philadelphia, the spiritual home of ECW?
Would he win: I think so. The beauty of Y2J is that he can very easily miss long periods of competition to go on tour, then be welcomed back with open arms. Remember how psyched we were for seeing Chris Jericho enter as No. 2 in the Royal Rumble this year? Imagine if he took time off, buried away, then came back at Wrestlemania or Extreme Rules and cashed in for one last run as the WWE Champion! You know you want it as much as I do.

Time for some young blood in the shape of the second generation superstar. He's already been an Intercontinental & Tag Team Champion and a MITB Briefcase could really boost his stock, like Ziggler & Punk before him. It could be said to be a case of the boost coming too soon and he could end up like Jack Swagger, getting lost in the wilderness, hoping for the push he really needs.
Would he win: Personally, If I were booking WWE, no doubt. It'd be the chance he always wanted & needed, the ultimate opportunity to be a Triple Crown Champion at the age of just 27! While some may be more deserving, there is no doubt in my mind that Cody Rhodes should be competing for the World Heavyweight Title. Because god knows, Randy Orton's much needed heel turn is taking it's sweet time and I don't want to be watching Swagger, Del Rio & Ziggler play pass the belt all year long.

D-Bry is prime candidate to pick up a briefcase this year, his second all in all. The one they call "Goatface" is hotly tipped to win the match and cash in a month later at Summerslam to face WWE Champion John Cena in an effort to prove he is not a "weak link". Plus, having the greatest Technical Wrestler in the World competing in one of the most anticipated contests in the Wrestling Calender is just smart business.
Would he win: Durrrh! Of course he would, and he should. Daniel Bryan is brilliant enough to carry the company. He carried plenty of Indie Promotions in his time, so to be the top dog in the WWE is Bryan Danielson's destiny. No doubt.

And what of the other half of "Team Hell No"? He has a rich history in Money in the Bank matches, competing in 6 and winning one, going on later that night to cash in and win the WHC. Having a powerful big guy like Kane is a no brainer, he can mix things up from all the high-flying offence of his opponents and provide some brutal blows to wear everyone else down.
Would he win: With a 1-5 MITB win record, not likely. But with partner Daniel Bryan favourite to win, wouldn't it be a shock to see the Big Red Machine pick up the win? If he were to win, I could actually see Kane being the second ever MITB winner to lose the cash-in. Kane is a man who has done it all and won it all so having him pick up yet another WWE title seems a little pointless. Kane would be best suited as IC or US champion right about now.

I know, I know. He's the One Man Botchamania. He's the blind luchador. He's not even been on TV all that much since Rey Mysterio was put out of action. But think about it. This kind of match requires a speedy luchador and Sin Cara is exactly that. Ok, so he's not the perfect performer we were hoping for, but he could add some amazing moments to the match (so long as he doesn't get powerbombed through something)
Would he win:..... Please..... He's not going to win, he's never going to win. He's not there to make up the numbers, but he's not there to get his hands on the main prize either

An odd choice, I know. A lot of fans haven't taken to the British Patriot like I have, but I think adding a strong competitor is vital to these kinds of contests. Since the Nexus divided so long ago, he's struggled to find himself in the ring, despite a few IC title reigns. Maybe it's just the Englishman in me, wanting a fellow Brit in the fray but, and I must stress this, these are merely my opinions.
Would he win: Not yet, no. From what I can gather, Paul Levesque likes Wade and, in time, will build him up and give him the dream run, perhaps even picking up MITB. But not this year, sorry.

The Viper is in serious trouble here folks. Randy Orton hasn't been on the WHC or WWE Title scene in a very long time and is getting frustrated by his current face run. So what could be better to reinvigorate this former Main Eventer than picking up the Ultimate Opportunity? He's competed in 2 in the past, so perhaps 3rd time really is a charm. A quick interview backstage later on in the night could even see him turn his back on the WWE Universe and get him back to his best
Would he win: Most certainly. I may be an optimist here, but Randy Orton can still be the big Heel in WWE and really needs a big push to get back into the Main Event frame. A MITB win could do both of things. For god's sake, something needs to jolt his career back to life.

Just like with Randy Orton, The Miz needs a serious boost if he's to ever reach the Main Events again. As a former MITB winner, he has the history and could really do with a change. His current feud with Curtis Axel for the IC title could distract him from this, but I actually think The Miz can do better than this and truly deserves to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase for the second time.
Would he win: If he doesn't, I can't see him ever doing it again. The beauty of a MITB ladder match, much like a Royal Rumble, is that it can change fortunes and provide swerves and turns that people didn't see coming. I don't think many people can see the Reality TV Star reaching his former success, but this could be the night to do it.

Why? Because he's the BEST IN THE WORLD!
Nah, seriously, Punk could pretty much walk right back into the title frame at this point, but it's obvious that he's going to facing off against Brock Lesnar this Summer. If you ask me though, Punk would've been better off coming back at MITB, winning the match, cashing in fairly soon after, THEN getting into a feud with Lesnar. Throwing the WWE title in the mix could/would/can be an added bonus, and it puts the feud above all others, eclipsing John Cena's PPV Dominance (I'd hope)
Would he win: To steal from Daniel Bryan "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES"

"What? REALLY?" Yes, really. As much as I dislike the clean-cut personality of the Air Bourne (Although his rap sheet suggests otherwise) I am a fan of this incredibly talented superstar and I'd love to see him back with a bang. And where better than the most awesome, chaotic ladder match in the biz? His aerial moves are amazing and the idea of seeing him flying off a ladder makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (Should I be worried about that? Seriously, who do I talk to about this). While RVD's return will be the most hotly anticipated, who's to say that Evan Bourne can't be a wild-card addition, much like Tyson Kidd last year?
Would he win: No, of course not, but a good showing at MITB could kickstart his career again and get him running for the US or IC titles, maybe he could even team up with NXT favourite Adrian Neville and become an awesome High-Flying Daredevil Tag Team. I would pay good money to see that!

As for others, take your pick. I think adding in a Ryback or a Jack Swagger is inevitable, as is Christian, perhaps even The Shield (Please God, let The Shield tear up MITB) but the list of gentlemen above is a wish list of Stars who, in my Pointless Opinion (See what I did there) could make one of the Greatest MITB Matches of all-time.

If you've read this far, congratulations. Thank you very much for reading this idiotic entry, and also thank you for those who comment in each post of mine, I am very appreciative of your not-so-pointless-opinions. If you want to voice such things, comments are below and, while you can't like me on Facebook, you CAN follow me on twitter: @ThomHodkinson.

I'll be back soon with my Pay-Per-Review of the MITB event, until then...

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. wsm1996's Avatar
    Orton is one of the top 3 guys that r rumored to win the match, I hope to god he does
  2. Sleven_xi_77's Avatar
    If Orton wins and they proceed to turn him heel, then that would mean stealing another title away from him.

    I like CM Punk, while I don't think he is the best in the world. He is a great wrestler/performer. He shouldn't win the case. It's looking that if Punk gets in the title picture he'll be the next Cena.

    RVD shouldn't win and while I think Jericho should win I say he makes a return and the Royal Rumble and win that instead.

    The way it looks I feel as this years actual MITB match isn't gonna be great besides the spots.

    Daniel Bryan won the case already why should he win again? He should beat Cena clean with a tap out. Most likely not but he should get an opportunity to win clean not without the case
  3. azure's Avatar
    Personally I see Daniel bryan winning money in the bank as yes it's been tipped for him to fued against cena for the title at Summerslam.

    However as for CM punk winning? It IS a possibility that he could win but I'm gonna call it right now and say he won't simply for the fact of the fued he's building with brock lesnar. I see Lesnar interfering in the MITB match costing Punk his chance at the briefcase, literally pissing Punk off more then could ever imagine and using that as further pure motivation to go after the 'next big thing' at SS.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I don't think they necessarily need to fly in Brock to make Punk lose. The odds are already against Punk so he doesn't really need to have the match ruined. Plus they would advertise it if Brock's gonna be anywhere near a ppv.
  5. ThomHodkinson's Avatar
    OK guys, thanks for all the views and comments, I appreciate it.
    Now both of our MITB Ladder matches have been confirmed, allow me to assess the contenders in both

    CM Punk
    Daniel Bryan
    Randy Orton
    Rob Van Dam

    A good mix of talent here and quite a few of the guys I listed earlier. Bit concerned to see Sheamus earn a spot, I just don't think he's all that. Anyway, my favourite to win is Daniel Bryan

    Dean Ambrose
    Cody Rhodes
    Jack Swagger
    Wade Barrett
    Damien Sandow
    Antonio Cesaro

    Quite a surprising list of contenders here. Swagger could claim is second briefcase, which might be interesting. And having Cesaro, Sandow and Rhodes there will definitely give the fans some good spots. But those spots will be nothing compared to the twisted one, Dean Ambrose. I'm so in love with that guy, I'm literally thinking of asking him to marry me. I think your winner for this one will be Cody Rhodes. He's ready and seems like the most likely choice in the list given

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