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TNA vs WWE; One Possible PPV idea

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So recently I was criticizing someone else’s blog on a potential WWE vs. TNA PPV for a lack of incite involved on his matches. While I am in the camp that believes WWE has nothing to gain from such a merger and feel as though TNA’s talent as whole is a step below WWE’s, as a wrestling fan I, like most, have thought about many ‘dream’ matches. So with a little extra time to burn and seeing as how it’s been a while since I wrote anything, here goes my take on what I think would make a good TNA vs. WWE PPV.
First off, I would if such a PPV were to take place, I believe the best time would be at the end of the year. To put it on at a WM would be a huge travesty in my opinion. Second, I would have it play out like the original ECW One Night Stand PPV. Keep the promos to a minimum and just focus on the matches.
PRE-SHOW - Abyss vs. Kane

One of the ‘dream matches’ would see 2 ‘similar’ big men duke it out.

How it would play out
- Nothing fancy, just a typical match from both. In the end Kane would get the Choke Slam for the win in this too quick of a match.

Run Time
- About 10 min

NO DQ FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE - Bully Ray vs. Sheamus

- Arguably each companies best brawler would be primed for what Good ol’ JR would call ‘One heck of a SLOBBER KNOCKER!’. I think it’s only fair as TNA Champion Ray has one of the ‘Co-Main Events’ and know Sheamus can give as good as he takes.

How it would play out
- No frills in this match, just pure mayhem. Sheamus would start out on top until the weapons start coming into play giving Bully Ray the advantage. Plenty of brawling through the arena. Fighting spills into the back and Aces & Eights gets involved and works over Sheamus. This prompts Orton, Miz, and Christian to jump in. Numbers still favour A&E though when suddenly The Shield jumps in and JUSTICE IS SERVED! Sheamus manages to get Ray back to the ring and hits White Noise, Sheamus is feeling it and set up for the Brogue Kick but Devon is in for the intercept. Double team on Sheamus and Ray tells Deavon to ’Get the TABLES!’. Orton down for the save but Anderson cuts him off. 3-D by the Brothers and that’s all she wrote.

Run Time
- about 20 min

TAG MATCH - Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs. Rhodes Scholars

- I would actually like to have made Roode and Aries vs. Kane and Bryan, but know people would like to see Kane vs. Abyss. So deciding to pit one ‘cocky’ team for another.

How it would play out
- Typical tag match with plenty of show boating. Aries and Rhodes steal the match with some great technical wrestling. Back and forth until a miscommunication between Rhodes and Sandow leads to Aries scoring the pin.

Run Time
- about 15 min

GRUDGE MATCH - Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk

- History. If there is one feud that defined indie wrestling in the last decade, it could be this. Many still talk about it this day. It could easily be the show stealer of the PPV and give any who never experienced the original a chance to see one hell of a match. It would be set up with an interview with Punk asking if he will be at the PPV. Punk’s reply is that ‘there is only one man in that company worthy of facing him. One man who pushed him to his limit more than any other. So how about it; PUNK/JOE 4!’.

How it would play out
- A wrestling clinic with both men leaving everything they have in the ring. After a couple early attempts by each man to nail their respective finishers only for the other to slither out, we would be treated to a swift paced match featuring classic wrestling. A few high spots would see Joe fly over the ropes only for Punk to side step. Punk sets Joe up on the announce table and flies off the top turnbuckle with an elbow. Joe makes it back in but he’s hurting as Punk stays in control until Joe catches him the charging knee in the corner with an STO. A little back and forth before Joe surprise Punk with the Rear Naked Choke. Punk close to tapping but manages to roll over and out. Both pop up and Punk quickly with the GTS but doesn’t have the footing and Joe crashes onto Punk for a 2 count. Joe in control and sets up for the Muscle Buster but Punk counters. Diving cross body and roll through into the Anaconda Vice. Joe ready to tap but manages to work his way out. Both men in the corner, Joe staggers Punk and climbs up the ropes only for Punk to catch him. Punk calls for the Pepsi Plunge. Joe throws Punk down and hit’s a senton, but only gets the 2. Shots by both but Punk catches Joe with a buzz saw kick laying Joe out. Punk up on the turn buck and calls for the Savage Elbow but Joe pops up and catches Punk in the Muscle Buster and nails it for the 3 count.

Run Time
- 40 min

Velvet Sky vs. Kaitlyn

- An easy way to feature the Knockouts and Divas.

How it will play out
- The 2 women will lay into each other with Sky getting the upper hand until Kaitlyn uses her power toss her out into the Divas. After a little ganging up the Knockouts manage to get Sky back in. Kaitlyn with the uper hand until Sky tosses her out to the Knockouts. Knockouts get some shots in til the Divas break it up. Sky and Kaitlyn both in going back and forth. Sky tries to toss Kaitlyn again but Kaitlyn drags Sky with her. All the Knockouts and Divas get in on the action as the match is tossed out.

Run Time
- about 8-10 min

- Sting vs. Undertaker

- Because it’s every fan boys dream even if 10 years late.
How it would play out - experience of how to put on a show. A very back and forth match with both men dishes out the best that they have left. Highlights would see it starting out with Sting chopping Taker only for him to shrug them off. Taker throws bombs to Sting only for him to do the infamous chest pound. After some back and forth Sting lands the Stinger Splash, but on a second attempt Taker catches him with a Choke Slam only to get a 2 count. Taker goes for Old School only to see Sting drop him into the Scorpion Deathlock. Taker easily reaches the ropes but gets up into a Scorpion Death Drop. Near fall kick out by Taker. Surprise Hell’s Gate by Taker only to see Sting reach the ropes. Taker in the corner as we see Sting go for another Stinger Splash. Taker catches him setting up for the Last Ride. Nails it, but instead of going for the cover does the throat cut and nails Sting with the Tombstone for the 1-2-3.

Run Time
about 25 min

20 MAN BATTLE ROYAL - AJ Styles, James Storm, Christopher Daniels, Kaz, Chris Sabin, Eric Young, Magnus, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Randy Orton, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Brodus Clay, Chris Jericho

- just the easy out on getting as many talents on the card as possible.

How it would play out
- Match starts out with everyone jumping on Anderson and tossing him out. After that TNA stars partner off with WWE stars. Order of Elimination would be:
1) Anderson
2) Young
3) Cesaro
4) Kaz
5) Christian
6) Barrett
7) Clay
8) Daniels
9) Magnus
10) Miz
11) Sabin
12) Del Rio
13) Bryan
14) Hardy
15) Styles
16) Ziggler
17) Jericho
18) Orton
19) Storm
Winner - RVD
My original thought was have Storm win. But then thought, what if it was kept secret RVD was back with WWE? Have him turn at the PPV giving WWE the victory.

Run Time
- about 25 min

- Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

- Obviously John Cena is the face of WWE and would/should main event any such PPV. While I believe Styles is the face of TNA, let’s face it, Kurt Angle would make the most credible opponent. Add to the fact they could play up how Cena’s first match was against Angle and the story writes itself.

How it would play out
- Power vs. Technique. Angle would bring the best out of Cena showing Cena can wrestle a match if he wants to. There would be no finisher - near pinfall - finisher - kickout - etc like we often see in Cena’s big matches. Angle would get the Ankle Lock on 2 -3 times only for Cena to refuse to quit. Cena would go for the STF only for Angle to reverse out of it. In the end, Cena would go for the AA only to have Angle reverse it into crucifix pin giving TNA the stunning upset win.

Run Time
- about 30 min

So I gave the overall win to TNA as they could use it more. Fallout sees RVD back in WWE. Angle beating Cena could set up a return as well. Perhaps some sort of talent exchange would come from such an endeavour. No real promos other than each companies next PPV and perhaps a short verbal exchange between Vince and Hogan through the show. I know it’s not everyone’s ’dream’ card, but hard fitting everything into a 3hr PPV.

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  1. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    This is definitely another dream card. A cross corporation PPV will never happen! I read this blog and was amazed on the matches you picked. Most of these matches I want to see because who wouldn't want to see a re-run of John Cena vs Kurt Angle. They put on excellent matches and excellent PPV Buyrates. Am I the only one that does not want to see an Undertaker vs Sting match? Sting is sluggish and he is not the same superstar he was 10+ years ago. The match would basically be carried by the dead man because in my opinion (here comes the IWC bashing) Sting is a bad wrestler! This is pretty much an excellent card and hopefully it happens one day!

    Blade's Take: 8.5/10: Excellent card; would've gotten a 10 solid if Sting vs Undertaker was not included because Sting personally is a bad wrestler!
  2. thongman's Avatar
    Here's my problem with this - Why? Everyone is writing a card for this PPV that has no reason to happen. TNA is a bush league, a glorified indie as much as their fans like to deny it. They struggle to pull a 0.9 rating. If you're going to put so much thought into the card, I'd like to see thought as to what position each company is in, and how (if at all) it could possibly benefit WWE.
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thongman
    Here's my problem with this - Why? Everyone is writing a card for this PPV that has no reason to happen. TNA is a bush league, a glorified indie as much as their fans like to deny it. They struggle to pull a 0.9 rating. If you're going to put so much thought into the card, I'd like to see thought as to what position each company is in, and how (if at all) it could possibly benefit WWE.

    If you read my opening I did say I can't see such a PPV happening as, yes, TNA is below WWE. The reason started this blog was in to show someone else how much better it is if you put a little time, thought and effort into such an endeavour. Anyways, doesn't matter. Ever sport has its fantasy and dream scenarios and wrestling is no different. Lighten up and just enjoy things
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