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My Top 10 WWE Superstars (Current and Retired)

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10. Kane
I think that WWE should include Kane a little more in the shows, like they used to. He's a great wrestler and deserves to get title shots and be in main event matches. He used to be unstoppable, but now WWE has pushed him aside. He still has matches, but not the kind he should.

9. Shawn Michaels
Shawn, also known as "Mr. Wrestlemania" has also been around for a long time, although he retired a couple years back. I miss seeing him wrestle, but I understand that he's pretty beaten up. He's had incredible matches during his career, including some during Wrestlemania, which is where he got his nickname from. His last match, against the Undertaker, was really good as well. It was a pretty close match, but in the end, the Undertaker won. I really like how Shawn Michaels keeps coming back to be ringside during his good friend Triple H's Wrestlemania matches. It's great seeing him at all, but I miss him actually wrestling.

8. John Cena
I think that people should lighten up on John Cena. He's very hated, but he doesn't deserve that. He's a hard working, nice guy. He's also a great wrestler, and he's had some impressive victories over wrestlers such as The Rock and Brock Lesnar. He's also a eleven time WWE champion, which is pretty impressive. Plus he's won other belts, besides that one.

7. Mick Foley
Mick Foley has had a long, fantastic career. He's even in the class of 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame, which he really deserves. He wasn't just a great wrestler. He was very entertaining, especially with Socko. I loved when he teamed up with The Rock, but he also had a great solo career. I miss Mankind in the WWE.

6. CM Punk
Punk is my favorite current wrestler, who wrestles most shows. His recent title reign, which lasted 434 days really impressed me. That's the longest a current superstar has held the belt. He even beat John Cena's time. Besides that, Punk his just easy to like. He makes a great heel, and can easily push your buttons.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin
A lot of you are going to disagree with me, because he's only five. I had a hard time figuring out where I should put him, because I honestly love him. The things he's done over the years are hilarious. I loved his rivalry with Vince McMahon. It was probably one of the best segments there ever was, because it was so entertaining. Even though Vince was basically always a heel, I found myself feeling bad for him at times. WWE needs someone like Austin now. I miss him a lot.

4. Triple H
He's another person who's had a long career, and will defiantly become a member in the WWE Hall Of Fame in the future. He was apart of my favorite WWE group, DX. Besides that, he did a lot on his own. Triple H is always so determined to win. Every match he has is great.

3. Edge
I miss Edge so much in WWE. Edge and Christian was a great tag team, plus I love Edge's solo career. My favorite part of it was his rivalry with Matt Hardy. I think it played out perfectly, and it was so personal, since Edge stole Lita from Matt. Edge is a great heel and face. He's just incredible.

2. The Undertaker
I've never met someone who doesn't like The Undertaker, even though I'm sure there's people out there who don't. He's been around forever, and has had incredible matches. When he finally retires, I can't even begin to tell you how upset I'll be. I know he probably will retire soon, since he's so old and beaten up, but until then, I know he'll continue to face the best and have great matches.

1. Jeff Hardy
I love and admire Jeff so much. He's more than my favorite wrestler; he's my role model, hero, and inspiration. Honestly, I miss him in WWE. But I still love seeing him in TNA. The Hardy Boyz is arguably the best tag team in WWE history. But I think they are, tied with The Brothers Of Destruction (Kane and The Undertaker). Plus Jeff has won multiple belts on his own and has beaten some pretty tough people. I also love how much he cares about his fans, the Creatures of the Night. It really impresses me.

Agree? Disagree? Think someone should be included that I don't have? Please comment!! I'd love to hear what you guys think. Also, please don't say mean things about me for choosing these people. This is just my opinion. Just politely state yours a give reasons. Thanks!!

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  1. kakarot786's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    If you ask me about the Mysterio situation, I believe it was stupid. They shouldn't have held a tournament at all to declare a new WWE champion. This is the exact reason why he has so many damn reigns in the first place because the constant give and take.

    Eddie was only a main event talent for a year and a half. According to the rumor mill, he was scheduled to win the belt back before he past.

    HBK didn't want the world or WWE title. He wanted to put over talent during his last run in WWE. I believe he did that.

    Who says I believe Cena should be an 11x WWE champion? Austin was a 6x champion in like a 4 year span. Cena was a main event talent for 8 years. If Austin and Rock wrestled longer, they would have won more WWE and world titles.

    Flair couldn't and shouldn't have been WWE champion when he returned in 01. Other than that he was around for like 2 years in WWE.

    HBK won his first WWE title in 96 at WM, his career was over in his prime in 98. He came back in 02 and won the world title which was exclusive to Raw at the time. He didn't want the WWE title. He wanted to put over talent.

    Hogan held the WWF title 1 damn time 4 years!! Don't sit here and tell me about Hogan sharing the WWE title. The likes of Andre, Piper, Perfect, Rude, Jake Roberts, among others failed to achieve that brass ring because of being in that era. If Cena held a title for 4 years, he wouldn't have that many title reigns neither. Held no one in the era would have many reigns either.
    OMDs just wanted to say loving your little to and thro between you azure. It's quite hilarious. With regards to the sting and hogan repetitive mark azure i think he was being sarcastic.

    Now back to your reply to me. Yes I agree with the stupid mysterio situation is a particular cause of this number of reigns. I mean really mysterio vs punk at summerslam 11 would've been off the charts.

    With regards to eddie I was just using him as an example of who the belt could've gone to if he was still alive and yes he was scheduled to win the world title against orton and batista.

    With regards to hbk yes he came back to mainly put over talents but again I was just using him as an example of who they could've given the title to instead of cena constantly winning it back.

    Yes rock and austin would've won more if they wrestled longer but the pace at which they won those title would've slowed significantly. if anything they'd win a couple more each and put over new talent. Even with out the title these two were and still are super hot. it just seems wwe believe that cena is irrelevant without it.

    ok yes i agree with flair comment but i put him up there as a comparison of all the gr8s to hold the title just to compare to cenas reigns though he did have 14 wcw title reigns so maybe he wasnt the best example.

    Lastly hogan is a douche bag as well as cena. and i didnt mean he shared the wwe title. I meant his reigns are split 6 wwe and 6 wcw and sure sometime in the future he'll somehow make himself tna champion. Now you can argue that there only split cos he went to wcw but if you remember he started getting boo'd in his 5th reign as champ and then dropped the belt to yokozuna after only a month or two reign and ran as fast as he could to wcw as he knew he had plateaued if wwf/e. So if he had stayed i don't believe he would have many more reigns yet the same thing has happened with cena for the last 3/4 years and the wwe continue to shove him down our throats.
  2. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Excellent card it but you should of put John Cena in a higher
    placing and HBK because they are excellent wrestler's!

    Blade's Take: 10/10: Excellent; continue good blogging!
    Quote Originally Posted by azure
    'Like Cena's matches are the only ones that have been repetitive. Guys like Hogan and Sting never ever did repetitive stuff in their matches.

    I'm brainwashed? You are the one who is on here having a temper just because he has Cena on his list. I'm a sheep? This explains why I tune in to NBA Finals, Monday Night Football, and so forth when they are on over wrestling. I also find it hard to believe you tune in to watch decent matches on Raw and smackdown because most of the matches are less than 7 minutes long. TNA is entertaining to you? If you call what Hogan/Bischoff put out there is entertaining, I'd love to see what you would have said about TNA before they arrived because the product was a helluva lot better up and down.

    Cena isn't even a fav of mine at all. I bet he is of yours because any time you see his name you go nuts like a Cena fan girl'

    Wow what an overly pathetic response, here I'll humour you on your reply since I find you somewhat amusing.

    As I've stated before and several times in the past Cena is quite frankly our modern day hulk Hogan. I've said It, so have many others so it doesn't just boil down to me on this. The prime difference between Hogan and cena on this is that people growing up in the 80's fans loved hulk Hogan for his charisma, size and 'albeit' wrestling ability. There was a magic there to anyone coming into wrestling that made it believe and Hogan likeable.

    However with the WWE re-hashing that formula in the form of john cena to be the companies modern day hulk Hogan, that magic certainly does NOT exist for me nor do I find it believable, actually as I've stated before more stale and rather boring.

    Now as for Hogan and sting as to when have they never been repetitive? Sure they have, their no different then cena or any other wrestler for that matter. But there are certainly more wrestlers out there willing to turn it up a notch and willing to do more in the ring then whats asked of them in WWE, TNA and most definetly in ROH.

    I don't watch your NBA finals or your Monday night football because I'm british, your current tv show schedule in the states doesn't interest me in the slightest. It may be your preference but certaintly not mine, when I have other things to watch and to do to keep me interested.

    Oh and please in what part of my statement did I ever say I watch tna for Hogan and bischoff? I watch tna/roh/wwe for watching athletes that I admire do what they do for this business, they WRESTLE! I don't watch TNA to see 2 old superstars try to sell promo after promo and push what talent they want to show on TNA to bring ratings in. If I don't like it, I switch the channel or do something else.

    Cuz contrary to what you may think 'ohgreatone' I actually have an opinion and something called a personality.

    Something your clearly lacking and probably lost when you were conceived from the womb.

    Just as the person who wrote this blog wants cena in his list, he's intitled to his freedom of speech and opinion on anything. It doesn't mean I'll always agree with what everyone says. And as I've stated before Cena wouldn't be on my list because I don't like him being the face of company, constantly shoved down our throats to the point that we as fans and viewers have to accept it.

    But the thing is fans won't. As times are changing so are the opinions of wresting fans around the world. The E's constant formulas of who they want us to cheer and hate anymore simply don't matter nor in my mind quite frankly exist. When fans start cheering for heels and booing the faces, that's when it becomes a problem for the E because we choose who to cheer and hate, we have an opinion on it, whether vince McMahon and his suits really give a shit or not. It's all about choice or rather free will.

    Do I like john cena: Nope. Do I hate cena: dislike but not hate. I just don't like him being the constant face of the company of what a wrestler is or should be. Quite frankly he can't wrestle a lick to at least 50 superstars past and present that come off the top of my head.

    Don't get me wrong, I respect what he's done for 'make a wish' and doing THAT for the business and for fans, but as a fan of wrestling growing up till this point, it doesn't matter if cena is the face of the company or one day decides to finally turn heel and becomes the heel everyone loves to hate.

    He may make merch for the company, be the face of the company, be everything that supposed to define WWE in their eyes. But not mine. If I don't like it I simply don't watch those that I don't like or approve of the direction of that shows going. You either like cena or hate em, simple as that. Switch on or switch off.

    You say I should be embarrassed for having an opinion on seeing things differently to your views? I think it's embarrassing that you look it so one sided. My opinion is my own, just as yours is yours. But hey I'll go one better since you want to take a jab in my direction, i'll throw another so you can mull on that for a while:
    I think It's embarrassing that your parents didn't consider wearing a condom before having sex, but hey what can I say, it's called having an opinion.
    What's happening here...Are you posting a blog? Please post rants to blogs.

    Cena is not as bad as you might think. He has carried the E for longer than anyone that comes to mind recently. I get the fact that some of his jokes may be dated but I painfully think that he will be one of those superstars that will be missed tremendously when gone.
    This is your top ten list and is an...ok blog. I didn't like the elaboration here. There wasn't enough detail. Are these the only reasons why you justify them as your #1-10?

    Painful Summary: If they are #1 then show it...add detail

    Painful Rating: 4.5 out of 10
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