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Gimmick Transitions: Better or Worse part 1

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I read in the forum about putting Drew McIntyre back in his Chosen one gimmick and I stopped and thought of all the horrible and amazing transitions that either broke the character or helped the character. In this blog I will talk about the ones I can remember. Ones like Mark Henry, Kane, Drew McIntyre and others.

Drew McIntyre
Most people remember this guy "debuting" at Smackdown attacking R-Truth. I happen to remember him in the range of "Night opener to no one knows this jobber" about three years before this. But when he came back and started feuding with Truth and JoMo, he was my favorite wrestler because he had a great character and even defined it in the ring. He was using the Chosen One Gimmick and pretty much everybody thought this would shoot him up to the World title after he was one of the best ones to hold the IC title today. Somewhere down the line and falling down the drain he returned playing a damn air guitar and rolling around on the mat with a ginger and a...... whatevet race Jinder is. We were all raking Drew seriously but when we saw him playing the air guitar, all credibility went out the window. Imagine this: Michael Myers chasing you down. He stops to play the air guitar. Let that sink in.
Transition Grade: F
How To Recover: I don't see a possible way

Big Daddy V
Yes, Big Daddy V. The fat guy in WWECW that had whale tits. And could be taken a little serious. But before all that, in the attitude era I remember him stalking Tori when she was Kane's manager. Thats all I remember about him from that era because I was about 5 or 6. Fast forward to Ruthless aggression and now he is a sex fiend with Charlie Haas as his partner. I apologize but I can't take a sex fiend serious when he says he will beat the hell....... nevermind........ Fast forward to WWECW. We have whale tits. He destroyed Boogeyman by smashing him through a blackboard. He also had a feud with Taker at Royal Rumble. He did horrible at No Way Out. And because he did nothing important here, I cant remember what he did at WM. But he was gone shortly after.
Transition Grade: C
How to Improve: If he goes to TNA or returns to WWE leave a shirt on

Badass Billy Gunn
I like to kick 'em! I like to stick 'em! Cause I'm an ass man! I started watching WWE when DX was formed (HHH, X-Pac, Chyna, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn). And from what I remember, whenever he came out for a match, he would flash the audience. I've never heard him talk on the mic though until Raw1000. But I did see him compete. In my eyes he was the complete in-ring package. He had speed, toughness, strength, and technicality. He won the tag titles with Road Dogg a few times as well as the IC title. Its a shame that he never won the World title. But that was attitude. Fast forward to ruthless aggression and we get...... BROOOOOMANCE! With Chuck Palumbo (I will do his gimmicks in part 2). This went on for quite a while and they even had a wedding. I can't remember what happened there though. And they won the tag titles a lot in the short time they were together. I won't lie I liked their theme song. You look sooo so good to me. In my eyes at the time I really did think he was gay. Maybe its just me but Id be embarrassed if i got beat by a....... nevermind...... wrong choice of words. And honestly I did like this transition but not by much.
Transition Grade: C
How to Improve: Nobe. He's done.

That was part one of this blog. I hope you liked this blog. Please give me feedback in the comments section. And this is all in my opinion. Comment who you think had the best or worst gimmick transitions.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with everyone of them.
  2. temencer's Avatar
    I think Drew could recover.

    3MB comes out for a Drew vs [insert big name he's jobbing to], start doing their guitar solo crap ... Drew does it half hearted. He's doing pretty well, surprisingly, but his 'bandmates' try to help out and get him counted out. he's upset and walks off leaving Heath and Jinder all puzzled.

    Next week they all come out again, Drew not excited as they do their 'thing'. This time, Heath is jobbing. At some point, Heath or Jinder accidentally hit Drew.

    Next week, they come out and Drew just stands back and Heath and Jinder look like idiots. The two clowns turn and confront Drew and push him where he snaps into his former anger hitting Jinder with a big boot to the face and then Heath with a future shock. He then drops to a fallen Slater yelling "I'M the Chose One! Not you!"

    Drew and 'the Band' then have a mini-rivalry for a short time, getting Drew back into the flow and out of jobber-land.

    Or that's my hopes because I always like McIntyre.
  3. MikeyA's Avatar
    Wow. That recovery sounds kind of good to me.

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