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My Money In The Bank 2013 Card

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Daniel Bryan vs Jericho vs CM Punk vs Ryback vs Big Show
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Story: Brock comes out and does a big spot with CM Punk; DB wins on top of the ladder, YES YES YES, to end the PPV

John Cena (c) vs Mark Henry
Winner: John Cena
Story: Cena wins clean over Henry with a huge AA

The Shield (c) vs Kane and Randy Orton
Winner: The Shield
Story: Kane and Orton fumble as a team and The Shield take advantage

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Story: ADR makes Dolph tap with a modified submission that involves his injured head

Curtis Axel (c) vs The Miz
Winner: Curtis Axel
Winner: Wins with the Perfectplex

MITB World Title
RVD vs Sheamus vs Wade Barrett vs Jack Swagger vs Big E vs Cody Rhodes
Winner: RVD
Story: Tons of big spots and RVD goes over big in his return

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Christian
Winner: Dean Ambrose
Story: Ambrose wins dirty over Christian

Pre Show

Fandango vs Antonio Cesaro
Winner: Fandango

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The Divas title better be on the card. I'd take Fandango vs Cesaro off that card as well.

    I'd like to see the Usos face Shield at MITB. As it looks right now, doubt it is happening o.

    Why is there only like 5 guys in the WWE title MITB? Usually 6 or 8.

    Hopefully Dolph wins back the world title

    RVD winning the MITB would make that crowd go insane. However, RVD can get a world or WWE title match without that briefcase which is why I wouldn't do that. I'd have someone like Barrett or RVD to push him off at the last second getting a real good heat reaction to begin a feud with one of them at Summerslam.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    This is wayyy too straight forward of a ppv, MITB is notorious for surprises, you have included zero. Realistic card though except for the heel vs heel preshow.
  3. lucidreamer's Avatar
    There was only five in the WWE Title MITB last year

    I'd have either Cesaro or Fandango on the Pre Show; One or the other

    I don't see too many surprises at this years MITB; I think we all know Daniel Bryan is going to win the WWE Title MITB; I'm assuming RVD is going to win the other but if it was anyone else I would let Big E win it
  4. Sleven_xi_77's Avatar
    I think that if you're gonna have Daniel Bryan win the MITB for a second time I feel like you should have Mark Henry beat Cena, Cena turn heel and AA Henry and have D-Bryan cash in the same night. Then you can go on and have Cena and Bryan fued. However it's very unlikely that this will happen. Also CM Punk should not be in the MITB match but rather have him fued with Heyman and Axel but he's going to face Jericho.

    I've seen a few people saying Orton should win but I don't think it's his time. I want Dolph to win a title clean only because his first win was a joke and the second is a cash in that he JUST used so let him win clean it will give him the credit he deserves.

    I like RVD but he is a part timer so he should not win the case. If he came back FT I would say to have him be a heel an cash it in the WHC only because Smackdown needs a heel after Henry defecting to the WWE title.

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