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Leading raws up to mitb

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Hey it's mr.onemanband and I will be making some Storyline in my blog today starts the first series. Now this take place with current champions and you will see title changes and turns so enjoy.

Raw after payback

John Cena - the champ is here.after going through hell last night I walked away with this wwe champion make no mistake it doesn't matter if your ryback rock or whoever I will defend this and hold this title.*

* punks music hits*

Punk - cena it's been awhile
I mean 2012 was a hell of a year for you and me
And 2013 was feeling like Deja vu except i was you I couldn't beat rock at the royal rumble . I couldn't recapture it at ec so I decied I would go after something as covenant as that title around your waist , The undertakers streak and I felt as I had it in the bag I was in his head something most superstars could never say they were in his head and I went to wrestlemania put on one hell of a match and fell just shy of it. You see that I'm not gonna lie 400+days as champ attempting the streak it takes a toll and I thought I was down flashfoward couple months later and I see you and ryback put on a clinic you two nearly killed each other and you walked away as champ as a technicality but neither the less. You had the title . I started to think well if cena can turn his year from utter failure and disappointment why can't I . It's all coming back round you see John you know what the next ppv is right? Something I'm quite familiar with money in the bank I mean I'm a two time mitb winner and 2011 mitb I walked away from it with wwe title and changed wwe. So to be honest I feel like it's my ppv just like Chicago it holds a place in my heart .*
So cena at mitb how bout cm punk John cena for the wwe championship?

Cena- punk your back and you look like wolvrine or maybe you just forgot to shave rest. You want to challenge me for title ?
You are on!

* excuse me**

Vickie and Maddox Walk out

Vickie- cm punk cena we run the show here
And I don't care if you think you earned or Desrve title shot you will not be getting

Maddox- whispers something in her ear

Vickie- you sure? Yea sounds like great idea !
Ok punk I'll give you a wwe championship match
If if you can win a number 1 contender match tonight against this man!

*feed me more*

Vickie - tonight cm punk will face ryback in a #1 contenders match in main event in a3 stages of hell match.
Lumberjack tables and a falls count anywhere

Vickie - cena tonight you will be in action as you team up *y2j and a mystery opponent to face del rio axel and big show*

Returning from raw

Wade Barrett last night I lost my int title and as upsetting as it may seem I believe it's greener pastures for me. so tonight I announce, I'm entering the mitb match and will win I'll show you what the Barrett Barrage is going full steam ahead.

* team rhode scholars theme*
Cody Rhodes - wade I totally agree with you greener pastures you see but that's for us the most gifted up and comers in the wwe so we announce our entry's into the mitb world title match
Damien sandow - your welcome from the future world champion
* sheamus music hits*

Aye fellas you seem to be missing something mighty important here that Im a formor Whc and wwe champ also kotr us champ and I'm entering mitb match and I'm kicking all your arses and walking out *as mitb
* Christian music hits *
Say aren't you forgetting the man who revolutionized ladder matches was in the 1st mitb who is a former Whc int tag team I mean this is my comfort zone this is my show

lights go out

Video promo for RVD When he won
Shows him cashing in and winning
Then says RVD MITB
All in ring silent*

Return from raw

Action Seth Rollins of the shield
To face Randy orton tonight now

Orton vs Rollins

Typical tie up Rollins gets upper hand dominates must of match orton gains hand
Out comes reigns to ring but is caught off guard by bryan who accidentally cost orton match trying to explain orton hits rko and sets up for punt kick but walks away

Cesero makes his way out to the ring as he is set to go one on one with sin cara

Cesero Is warming up in ring as zeb colter is on commentary explaining his new relationship with him*
Sin cara in the ring match starts

Cara vs cesero*
Cara gains upperhand until he goes for springboard*
For a crossbody gets caught with uppercut*
Cesero hits cara with finisher

Cesero wins

After match cesero and zeb start destroying cara

Mysterio hits ring and sets up cesero for 619 colter grabs him away

Divas action next

Aj lee out to the ring as she is set to face Natalya*

Aj vs Natalya*

Natalya hits couple closelines body slam and even goes up to top rope to hit a elbow drop misses and aj takes advantage hits her shining wizard*
Goes for pin 1 2 she then starts laughing to herself and picks up Natalya and puts the op on taps and holds on after and refs try to pull her off as
Kaitlyn in for save aj runs off*

Santino is back everybody he is set to go one on one with dean Ambrose

Squash match

Wyatt family promo
Family values*
Bray rocking in chair

Paul h with punk speaking about Plans
Punk says that he loves Paul but he needs to do this alone
Punk leaves and Paul makes call

Punk vs ryback next

Lumberjacks to the ring hey Alex Riley and hunico

Punk starts up match as ryback starts hurting him bad overpowing him throughout the match punk gets caught in corner ryback throws him to outside
Heels attack him throw him in he gets caught with*
Meat hook set up for shellshock punk reverses hits gts 12 ryback kicks out hits meat hook again shellshock 1,2,3
Ryback 1

Lumberjacks head back and tables match is up
Ryback starts hammering punk goes hits a military press and goes for a table*
Finish him ryback goes to pick him up reverse punk kicks him in head lands on table punk goes for elbow ryback up going for suplex gets blocked up top ryback attempts a shell shock jumps off and crashes through table ryback celebrating but doesn't know he went through table first
Punk hurt on ground ryback furious says start third and hits another meathook goes for pin 12 punk kicks out ryback throws him to outside head first into steelsteps into barrier goes to attack again misses punk corner knee wizard sets up ryback for gts*

Lesnar music hits
Crowd goes nuts punk confused
No lesnar anywhere
Ryback picks punk up shellshock 123
Ryback wins*

Ryback celebrates and out comes Paul with a worried look toward punk checks on him punk
Is livid yells what was that Paul?
Storms off

Cena getting ready backstage runs into ryback
They have choice words main event next

Heels make way into ring
Del rio axel and big show waiting

First out is y2j big pop
2nd cena usual
Whose the third *
Kofi Kingston returns with crowd excited to see him

Kofi starts match out with axel good back and forth tags into y2j and del rio then show and cena*
Match breaks down del rio yells to Ricardo to grab title he goes to hit y2j dz comes out and runs at Ricardo whose running away del rio chases cena aa to big show axel in ring hits prefectplex y2j and kofi start attacking axel double teams kofi hits boom drop gets y2j to hit starts up
boom boom*
Trouble in pardise to y2j kofi has disturbed looked in his eye and face*
axel can't beleive it and Trouble in pardise to axel.*
Kofi puts axel on y2j*
Axel wins*

Cena shocked looks at kofi
Kofi strikes cena and*
Raw ends looking at kofi
As crowd in shock*

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