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Booking Wrestlemania XXX to be the best mania EVER

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Hey everyone! This is my WM 30 card that is partially dream and partially realistic due to the fact thats its 10 months away. I have listed the matches in the order I see fit with the match times as well. Some notable talents that are not present are Big Show and Kane. This is because i see them retiring very shortly.HHH is also not on the card due to his age and soon to be control of the company. Also Jack Swagger fall to the lower-middle card due to his drug use and recklessness in the ring. This is why he's on the pre show. I aslo tried to balance out heel/face wins to make the show enjoyable.

Preshow:Over the top battle royal
Winner:Jack Swagger last eliminates Santino Marella (8 min)

The Main Show

1) Singles Match for the World Heavyweight title: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Daniel Bryan (19 min)
I see this match opening mania and possibly stealing the show. Ziggler will be the champion heading into mania after he regained the title from Orton at the Elimination chamber PPV. Bryan wins the rumble, thus leading to this much anticipated match. DB wins after making Ziggy tap
Winner: Daniel Bryan

2)Fatal 4 way Tag team match for the tag titles: Primetime Players(c) vs Evan Bourne/Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio vs Christian/Chris Jericho (5 min)

This will be a highflying very quick matchup with a lot of talents involved. Jericho and Christian will reunite and challenge for the titles while Rey and Del rio form a team as well. Unfortuanetly, Christian and Jericho won't have bigger roles in Mania but so be it.
Winners:Evan Bourne/Sin Cara

3) Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Damien Sandown vs Miz vs Wade Barett vs Ryback vs Mark Henry vs Antonio Cesaro vs Curtis Axel vs Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes (15 min)
By this time the MITB ppv has been cancelled and the MITB tradition has returned to mania where it belongs. Ryback is in this match because he has returned to the upper mid card while Reighns has left the Shield by now
Winner:Antonio Cesaro

4) Singles Match: Randy Orton vs Sheamus (13 min)

Orton vs Sheamus will not take place at SS but rather on the grandest stage of them all. At the EC ppv, Ziggler win Orton's world title after sheamus eliminates orton and zigler rolls up sheamus in the elimination chamber. This sets off Orton who procceds to punt sheamus after the match thus turning heel. The two have a match at mania which exceeds expectaions.
Winner:Randy Orton

Singles Match for the unfied IC and US titles: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Seth Rollins (c) (11 min)
Rollins will turn babyface after Ambrose is the cause of revolt against the shield by their own members. This turn leads to a match. Seth Rollins wins the Ic title some time down the road while Dean holds the US title all the way to Mania. At WM these two will put on an absoulte wrestling clinic.
Winner:Dean Ambrose

Singles Match: Undertaker vs John Cena (25 min)
This is and wil be the most anticipated match of WM history just because it has the "what if" factor. Many people including myself will think that Cena has a chance of ending the streak just becasue hes John Cena. This alone will sell the match and make it an all time Classic. Taker will win after hitting a third tombstone in a 25 minute specatacle
Winner:The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match: CM Punk vs Stone Cold (21 min)
This also will be a match of the night contender and with the no dq stip it lets austin have a better match with punk. The feud begins the night after the rumble when Punk is ranting on how he is the best in the world. He says he's beaten everyone and then BANG the glass shatter and SCSA comes out and cuts a promo as well. Its simple ; its one of the best talkers of the modern era vs the best talker of the attitude era. And maybe, just maybe we'll get some blood.
Winner: CM Punk

Singles Match for the WWE title (23 min): Brock Lesnar (c) vs the Rock
Lesnar wins the title from Punk at the Royal Rumble, while Rock wins the Raw elimination chamber match to determines who faces brock at Mania. The initial beginning to this feud started on Raw when Brock sstared down the Rock RR poster. Anyone the feud intesifies after EC as the two exhange promos, staredowns, contract signings and finishing moves on one another on Raws leading up to Mania. The match itself is a hardhitting fight with numerous near falls.
Winner: The Rock

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The fact you have two matches such as Taker vs Cena/Punk vs Austin w/neither being in the main event tells me you don't know how to book. Especially if your booking Lesnar vs Rock. Who wants to see Rock vs Brock again? I'd rather see Brock vs Punk or Ryback. Why not Rock vs Orton? 2 matches everyone wants to see doesn't finish the show? Rock vs Brock has happened on a big stage unlike the other matches. Poor use of Jericho.....part timers as WWE champion....poor decisions.
  2. mrfunk's Avatar
    awful just awful, just shockingly terrible, the guy above me has a clue, you dont have a scooby.
  3. Kashdinero's Avatar
    I highly doubt that Kane and Big Show won't be on the card, and as for HHH? Baring injury, he'll play a prominent role. I'd go as far to say that he's probably already decided who he'll be facing.
  4. Veer's Avatar
    many dream matches, I guess having the wwe title match should be punk (c) vs austin which should also be the main event.

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