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Booking Summerslam 2013

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Hello everyone, this is going to be my card for this years WWE Summerslam 2013. This show has so much potential to be an excellent ppv, and one of the best in years if done right. I'm going to try to include as many guys as I can to make the show well rounded since it is the second biggest show of the year. Some notable guys left off will be Chris Jericho, Big Show, Mysterio and Mark Henry. I think show and Henry are virtually done with wrestling, while Jericho will be off touring with his band Fozzy in the summer. Mysterio just went in for more surgery which will sideline him for Summerslam. Nonetheless, here we go!

Pre Show-Tag Team Match for the #1 contenders for the tag titles: The Usos vs Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro w/ Zeb Colter
This will be a fun match to get the L.A. crowd going. The new team of swagger and cesaro (with manager colter) will win.
Winners: Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro

The Main Show

1) Singles Match for the U.S. Title: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Christian
After the shield attacked Christian on Smackdown, and ultimately cost him the MITB ladder match in July he will seek retribution by challenging Ambrose for the title at SS. This will be fast paced opener with Dean retaining cleanly.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

2) Singles Match: Big E Langston vs Ryback
Langston will turn face to set up this big man vs big man match that wwe loves putting together. Unfortunately Ryback will take another ppv loss as wwe is high on Langston.
Winner: Big E Langston

3) No DQ/No Countout Match: HHH (w/ Stephanie Mcmahon) vs Curtis Axel (w/ Vince Mcmahon & Paul Heyman)
The Mcmahon family drama will will come to a head at SS. The build up goes like this: With an ongoing power struggle in the family, HHH challenges Vince to a fight at Summerslam. Vince declines. Instead, he makes an offer to pick a wrestler to represent him and fight for him. HHH accepts and Vince chooses Axel. This match has been teased constantly on Raw and at Payback so it will finally happen at Summerslam. As far as the match goes, it will be an entertaining fight with a lot of interference and weapons. Hopefully HHH puts a young guys over.
Winner: Curtis Axel

4) Tag Team Match for the tag titles: The Shield (c) vs The Brothers of Destruction
This match was teased at Payback when Ambrose mocked taker and wanted to perform old school. The seeds were also planted on Smackdown when the shield took at Taker in the main event. Taker will return and re-align with Kane to fight the shield in a helluva match.
Winners: The Shield

5) Triple threat Ladder Match for the WHC: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler vs RVD
Ziggler will lose at MITB to Del Rio, in a cheap way thus setting up a gimmick match at Summerslam. RVD gets inserted into the match when he knocks off the champ on an episode of raw. After there triple threat ladder match was canceled from Extreme rules they will make up for it here. Rvd also adds more star power to the match and will result in more buys. Given 20 min this match will be bat shit crazy and steal the show.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

6) Singles Match: Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Orton has turned heel prior to Mitb and ultimately cost sheamus the MITB ladder match by Rkoing him off the ladder. Afterwards his punts him to take him out of action for 2 weeks. Sheamus returns and challenges Orton to grudge match at SS. Heel orton goes over and then goes on to fight Ziggler for the WHC.
Winner: Randy Orton

7) Singles Match: Cm Punk vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)
The build up is simple. Brock is a Paul Heyman guy, Punk is no longer a Paul Hyeman guy. Brock cost Punk the MITB ladder match at MITB to enhance the feud and prolong it for SS. This is a dream match that I cannot wait for. I'm torn on who will win (which is a good thing).
Winner: CM Punk

8) Singles Match for the WWE title: John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan
Dbry wins the WWE MITB briefcase and the next night on raw says he wants to cash it in a head of time and challenge Cena for the title at SS. He says he wants to prove he's not the weak link by beating cena in the middle of the ring all by himself. Cena accepts and the match is on. I'm praying they keep dbry face as he is the most over guy in all of wwe and rightfully so. He's the best worker in wwe as well. If I was wwe, I'd have make cena tap to the yes lock in the middle of the ring, but truthfuly I don't see that happening. I do see, however, bryan leaving L.A. as champ. This match will be a classic.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

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  1. lucidreamer's Avatar
    Great card. I left this person off my card too because I forgot and he's not on yours either; Jericho. I don't think he has anyone good for him to go against for SS yet
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    WWE title: John Cena (C) vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs CM Punk-rather have Punk/Lesnar at WM. So how to set this up? WWEs worst nightmare will come true at Summerslam when Brock Lesnar wins the WWE title. Punk however believes he deserves a shot more so than Lesnar because he is the best in the world. To make everyone happy, they make it a triple threat match for the WWE title. Cena retains after quick pin on Brock from behind after F5ing Punk.

    World title: Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Daniel Bryan-Why not? Ends in DQ to continue the feud and Bryans chase for the world title.

    Tag titles: Shield (C) vs Taker/Kane-3 on 2 tag match for the tag belts. I was thinking about doing it for both belt or do what Demolition did back in the day choosing between the 3 to compete. I think it is best to make it 3 on 2 just for the tag belts.

    Divas title: AJ (C) vs Natalya-Hart history at the event isn't mentioned enough.

    IC title: Axel (C) vs HHH-Bring more prestige to the belt with HHH challenging for it. Certainly don't want Vince vs HHH. This would be better for all parties. Axel wins!

    Sheamus vs Orton-Orton wins and looks to challenge Cena for the WWE or world title down the line.

    RVD vs Ryback-Ryback wins MITB and also costs RVD a chance to win his 2nd MITB. To help get Ryback back on track, defeating RVD would be good for him.

    pre-show Battle Royal: winner gets a shot at US title on Raw or next ppv. Loaded with the likes of Big Show, Henry, Barrett, among others.....should be a intriguing battle royal. Probably have Show win here and challenge Ambrose for the US title.

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