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Why Chris Jericho has to win The Money in the Bank

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Money in the bank is just around the corner and with all the buzz around Rob Van Dam, it is time to focus on another. Chris Jericho has to win the money in the bank breifcase to save his career.Keep reading to find out more or stop reading now.

Chris Jericho has been a huge character in every brand he has been in, WWF/E,Smackdown,Raw,WCW. Chris has had his career because of his rivals and his persona. But as the times have changed so has the WWE. We've moved on to Fandango and other midcarders who,are a joke, will be the future of the buisness. Y2J has been pushed to the side to highlight John Cena, Ryback and CM Punk(The only one of the three I like). If WWE does not start putting Jericho in main events, I fear he will wash up and retire. It dosen't seem he will get a title shot anytime soon, so the only way to get him as champ and in the main event is for him to win Money in the Bank.

Possible Outcomes:
Chris Jericho wins the Money in the Bank and cashes it in at Summerslam. Now as champion I would like to see him verse Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, The Rock and heck go ahead and throw Cena in there. I don't expect his reign to last 434 days but I would like to see him get a few rematches in extreme stipulations. After that he should be fine, but if he does fall into the midcard again it will be time for him to hang up his boots.

Note: I loved Jericho as Intercont. Champion but with the current roster I don't see it working out to well. This may sound crazy but I would want to see him verse Undertaker sooner rather than later.

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  1. mr wrestling fan's Avatar
    well thats because there is only 1 reason jericho is back and thats to put over new talent, not to hog the main event like cena, hes not back to be world champ
  2. Rude Awakening's Avatar
    I could see Jericho being set up to be the first person to win MITB and lose clean to the champ.
  3. kakarot786's Avatar
    I love y2j and have gr8 respect for what he has done and is doing in the industry. Though i don't see this working out. He is suppose to be touring for a few weeks with fozzy around summerslam time so it would make no sense to give him the briefcase as it wouldn't get any exposure. He definitely deserves it and i believe deserves one more wwe title run (not whc) as he has only won it once. ATM is looks like bryan is set up to win it and cash in at summerslam but I believe bryan is credible enough to challenge at summerslam without the briefcase. He is the most over superstar by far on the roster so he doesn't need it and has already won it. I believe that wwe should have new winners each year to create new stars and the whole point of mitb is to cash in at the most opportune moment when no1 suspects it. This is what keeps it fresh and exciting. With regards to punk winning it twice just makes it unique to him that someone actually achieved it. Everyone else should win it once. Jericho would be a great choice but with his commitments i'm not sure it would work . It might, if he could make his return secret like he did the royal rumble. Also it would be a waste for him to have a quick cash in and short reign. he deserves better.

    Things I'd like to see jericho do in the near future:

    . Win wwe Title
    . Beat Punk clean
    . Face Lesnar
    . Face Taker at WM
    . Win a money in the bank (if not this year then nxt)
  4. deano_x's Avatar
    Jericho is on the road with Fozzy starting in Aug
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Jericho can get a world title match without MITB. No need for MITB victory at all.
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Typical John Cena Mark.

    Keep on dreaming fanboy, because that will never happen.

    Like Dwayne, he's actually got a life outside of WWE with FOZZY. So I don't think he'll be around anytime soon to be involved with MITB.
  7. Cross's Avatar
    I really want Jericho to win MITB as well, considering he came up with the concept. Plus he has been in multiple ones. I think the best way to do this would have Jericho win it and then lose the MITB contract to a younger talent in say a ladder match at Summerslam. Although to some this sounds pointless, it is nice to have surprise victories like this. And this did happen between Mr.Kennedy losing his MITB contract to Edge.
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